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guys, what I want to say to you is that sometimes we're in a situation where people are stressed around us or it's a stressed situation, something's probably gone wrong. People are probably worried you probably on a journey, you probably together in a family situation and things are not looking too good. You might not believe it. But what I do in those times, sometimes not all the time, okay, sometimes what I do

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so I'm talking about a situation not like death are not like something horrible or an accident. I'm not talking about that I'm talking about a situation. I'll give you an example in a while. But in that situation, what I normally do is try to make people laugh, or try and make people cheerful at that time, and you might think I'm like crazy. But seriously, it's, it's worked a few times I've done this. Once I was in,

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we were in hajj, and on the day of Hajj, we're going back from Makkah right way to to Mina Mecca to Medina. And it's basically became a very long journey. In a vehicle, the vehicle while you know, not moving, we're stuck with 1000s and 10s of 1000s of vehicles, all vehicles, I've got the engines on the fumes coming in, you can't put the I mean, this vehicle didn't even have AC. So you can imagine the windows were down, the fumes are coming in hours and hours, it took us about four hours to get from Makkah to Mina. Normally, it's like, you know, 10 minute route, 15 minute route or something, but because of Hajj. It was it was crazy. And we're in the middle of this and there's no way of

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going forward or moving back. And people are getting stressed out with about eight of us on the on the vehicle. And you know, why did I always have time? You know, I did just to cheer everyone up, because I actually made everyone say, let's hire that vehicle. Let's go over, another blend is going to be coming amazing that you're the one you're the man who told us to do this. And also, you know, well, let me just do something here. I just cheered everyone up with jokes. I said first certain thing just made them laugh. And the whole journey of another two and a half hours, all the way to Mina all the way was cheerful faces. They were happy that you know, we had a wonderful time together

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except for one guy who you know just just wasn't having it. It just didn't want to smile or didn't want to laugh. But this is what I want to say to you is that some people

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you know, this is sad people, some people are stressed out. And if you're one of those and a joke is taking place or sometimes even when someone's sending a joke. Some people go go crazy. It's like they don't want to laugh. The sad people they want to sit like scientists with the goggles on them and sit there trying to you know, dissect the whole joke. This is not funny. She's not funny. dissect out No, no, no, it's not funny. Don't laugh like that. Yeah, I'm having a bad day. You should have a bad day like me to remember why is wrong with you, man, if you let people live if people if people want to be you know, happy and they want to be joyful, let them be well, what's

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wrong with you? Okay, fine. You're having a sad day, go and sit in the corner. Have you sat here, right? Let people let people be jolly. So we got these people, sometimes they just want to be down and they want to put other people down. And I tell another time, I was in Spain, and we were going on the mountain we are lost no GPS system. GPS is not even working. Middle of the mountains is really scary. It's nighttime by two in the night. If we slip we fall to do some serious damage. There's about good, none of us in one van none of is another van. And I just took it on myself that you know what, I'm just gonna make everyone laugh because if you were moody at that time, God knows

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what things you would have bought in your mind. Oh my god, genes are gonna get us this is gonna happen and that is gonna happen. And you know what? We had a wonderful laugh. Yeah. Because the thing is, you just cheer up the whole mood. Everyone takes the mind off the, of the situation. So I've done this sometimes even with my wife, you know, when when I might find that she's a bit down or things are not going well. And sometimes we won't get an argument and in the middle of an argument, I'll make her laugh. I'll make her laugh. And she laughs and she says you this and you that how can you make me laugh when I'm when I'm when I'm in this mood. And then she loves the

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shape, she changes the mood and then and then we both back to normal again. And I've done that a good few times. Why? Because it's a very good way of snapping people out from negative mood into a positive mood. Now don't do it all the time. Guys, don't get me wrong. And I'm not always sort of joking and laughing and so on. But it's a mechanism you can use to make people happy. And I just want to say this that please don't you know if you're a person who brings sadness inside you, you'll be sad. If you bring happiness inside you. You can create happiness, just where you are. You can have all the things going around, you know, wrong around you. But if you want to create happiness

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inside you, you can create the happiness inside you. It's all in

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How'd you I think it was

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even a senior who said he said if you sit in it against the wall and you lean against the wall and you kind of say to yourself when you're really good and healthy you say to yourself I'm not feeling well I'm not feeling well

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you know what within minutes you make yourself ill within an hour you'll be ill if you carry on doing that yourself until your mind nowhere in the world and he Messina said the same thing he said the opposite he said if a person is ill, and they say to themselves that you know I'm okay you know, I'm okay I'm okay I'm good, I'm good and I'm trying to make themselves feel good. They can take themselves out of an unhealthy situation to unhealthy situation but just by making themselves feel happy and positive about themselves. I just want to tell you brothers and sisters, it's all inside you. It's inside your mind case inside your mind. And if you want to make yourself happy, you make

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yourself happy. If you want to make yourself sad, you make yourself sad. It's up to you which one you want to do, but I personally found that even when situations are going wrong, just Just be happy. bring you out of this out of yourself you know be joyful and inshallah the situation will be joyful inshallah you will enjoy you will change your mood and the things around you will look different. Does that mean la Fado said I want a

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cat Hi.

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