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Episode Notes

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan delves on the topic of heedlessness or Ghaflah which is the attitude of doing something without realizing what you’re doing, not really thinking about what you’re involved in, not really thinking or caring about how you’re time is spent, or what comes out of your mouth, or what actions you perform, or how your actions impact other people, or how they impact your own self, your own personality. This sickness is the sickness of “Ghaflah”.

So how do we prevent this state from overpowering us? It’s inevitable it will come upon us once in a while and how do we consciously attack this state? How do we consciously appreciate how to overcome Ghaflah and instead of being people of Ghaflah we become people of Dhikr?

The recitation of Quran, the listening to Dars of Qur’an should be made into a habit which was actually a legacy of the Sahaba. This is the means by which they don’t let Ghaflah sink in. The longer it’s been since you read Quran and reflected on Quran or learnt something about Quran, the worse off you’ll feel inside your heart. This existence is that of Ghaflah. 

We must have an uninterrupted relationship with the Quran and turn it into a habit so that we remain awake throughout our lives.


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