The 99 Names of Allah – 020 AlBarr

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Unless of kinda guy that is

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the most kind. You see, he loves us. He wants the best for us. He is very kind to us. What he has prescribed for us is what's good for us. We make mistakes, but he forgives us. We do small deeds that he multiplies our rewards for us. We may slip we may fall, but he Subhanallah Dona unbundled the kind supports us. And so brothers and sisters, we should show that kindness, that gentleness, that softness, that compassion to those people who are around us in the next time, when we are faced with challenges and trials. We should understand that those challenges are coming from unbundle. Don't who is very kind, there must be some good at what ever is going on in our lives. If we're

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going through difficulties, there must be good in them. If we lose a loved one, when we're faced with financial challenges when we're faced with illness, when we're faced with trials and tribulations in our lives, we remember they're coming from a battle, the most kind and there's ultimately good at what he does. And when we think that way brothers and sisters, we only grow in our love and appreciation of the most kind