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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of character in achieving success and profit. They share a reflection about hustle and bustle, where reputation is the foundation of one's life and character is what makes you successful. The speaker also mentions a person named Sir hidden in a cave and a woman named Missus Whoa who claims to have three names.
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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad. So every Islamic month that dawns upon us as believers we hope we wish we pray, and we aspire that it is a fresh moment for us to connect with our Creator, and that it can propel us in spirituality. allama Hillel Marlena bloom Newell Eman was salamati. Will Islam what tofi dilemma to Hippo wetheral Bob, there's a very profound quotation in the order language in which it was said, up near salco by delta who a man has solved bar logo Cuba Delta who had a cup, that probably you have observed the turn of the year, but I have been observing people changing throughout the year, some changing from vice to

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virtue, which is noble, and others, unfortunately, from virtue to vice. As believers if there's anything we need to really focus on, it is to improve and to enhance our character. Sadly, we preoccupy ourselves more with our reputation than character. reputation is the perception of people about us and character is what we actually are. In fact, someone said reputation will secure a job and get you married, but it is character that will keep you employed and keep you married. Now I want to share with you an amazing reflection of the character of hustle and bustle irredeemable law the greater Burien Holly bins of one Rahim Allah said I met Muslim I've been Abdel Malik and he said

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to me that Oh Ha Did you are a neighbor to Hassan bursary, Rahim Allah, why don't you share some of his qualities and salient attributes? So Khalid bin soft one Rahim Allah said I will tell you the following about Hassan Buster and again it's all about character. It's all about character. They say reputation is what you bring to a town when you enter it. And character is what you leave behind when you depart. So when Holly bins of one replied, he said in the Homer Ansari Rahu colony it when you look at the life of Hudson bursary, sorry Rahu colony at he, his internal and external, his public and private life is absolutely the same. What kolu Kathie Lee, he does absolute harmony

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between his utterances and his actions, his imrb murfin can Milanesi be he when he advocates virtue he is the first to implement it. Well either NASA and Moon garden can attract and NASA who and when he prohibits evil is the most distant from it. What occurred to him was Stephanie and Nina's. I found him that he keeps himself away from people in the sense that he doesn't hanker behind them material possessions, possessions, what are known as the Jena la that people were thrown around him seeking to enhance their knowledge and better themselves and improve themselves. What are some of the Jeana la Polly Bina marinda Whoa. So as he was narrating these amazing qualities muslimah Ibn

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Abdul Malik said, has Boca harlot has Boca Khalid? That is sufficient Oh, harlot cave lillooet Coleman Fie him Mr. ohada. How can that nation ever deviate the leaders of whom are people like Hassan busty Rahim Allah, I'll leave you with this quotation. They say a person has three names. The name he inherits the name his parents give him and the name he leaves behind the day, his eyes close.

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