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The Prophet At- Messala's wrath is punishment, causing people to lose their jobs, chaos, and their lives. The message of Islam is not true and is not a good excuse, and actions made by him could result in punishment, punished actions, and prevented from entering people's homes. forgiveness is essential to protecting one's parents and respect for their loved ones.

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Santa Monica

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam o Allah alayhi wa sallam in the first rock I recited from solitude

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and solitude, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah mentions stories of

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some of the previous nations

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how they were destroyed

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for what they have, what offenses that they had committed.

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And the last story that is mentioned, is a story of Musa Raisa, or Allah because I just, you know, briefly mentioned,

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so ALLAH SubhanA, Allah says at the end,

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what can barely get out of the water beaker either pour over here volume,

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Such is the punishment of your Lord, when he ceases, the towns are meaning not the towns but

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those who

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inhabit these towns, the citizens of the towns. You know, sometimes in the Quran, you know, there's this figurative speech to you say this. This town is an evil town what makes the town evil or good is what

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the actions and the culture of its people the lifestyle of its people. So Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah azza wa jal takes these downs or destroys these people. And Allah subhana haves after mentioning different punishments, Allah says, such is the punishment of your Lord once he ceases

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these wrongdoing people, right. So the Prophet SAW Allah They said I'm commenting on this idea. He said the following statement on the authority of Abu Musab SRA and others.

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The prophesy said and said in the law her to Allah or in Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah

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indeed Allah subhana wa to Allah, the blessed and the most Hi

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Liam Hallo live volume

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in Allah terracotta Allah Yom Hallo, a Umali the volume

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gives respite

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gives postponement

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sometime, right, doesn't happen immediately. Sometimes it does. But normally the Sunnah of Allah subhanaw taala is that it doesn't happen immediately. Right? Live on him,

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to the oppressor or the wrongdoer, ALLAH SubhanA. Allah gives

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extended respite and

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some room

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had either as a whole

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let me fleet

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and but once Allah subhanaw taala ceases the wrongdoer.

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There is no escape.

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They can't escape.

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And once the punishment arrives, once someone's hand over to Allah's wrath arrives, there is nothing to to protect anyone from it. No one and those who have been

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designated to be the recipients of the punishments will be punished. They won't be able to escape. And the famous story that we just mentioned, the other day, we mentioned how no how they set up, tried at the very last moment tried to save his own son.

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We essentially BMP motion can devalue another no hurry. He called upon his son he said Erica mana, jump on the ship.

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The Ark there is still some room there is still a chest.

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He said no. He refused, though his father was desperately trying to save him. Right? He refused. Well, hello Boehner Han motif Academy, no more pain and he was he was amongst those who were who perished in that flood.

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So, so no one can can escape the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala once it comes, right. And Allah Subhana Allah Quran talks about, there's more than one story in which when they see the storm, right, that is about to destroy them coming approach them.

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Many of them didn't even take heat.

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They couldn't, they didn't know. You know, they didn't even turn to Allah subhanho wa taala. But even if they do, once they see the punishment coming. It won't do them any good. It's too late. Right? And this happened with Pharaoh in particular. Subhan Allah is interesting how Quran is mentioned in the first

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I'm in the Surah

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Surah today and in the second archive when we were reading in the Bucha Rebecca Shaheed that the punishment or the wrath of your Lord is severe. And this is also

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attack a hadith you know for our Northam, which is mentioned in the Quran very frequently, you know, the worst offender in history Annie after a bliss. He's the second most mentioned wrongdoer in the Quran.

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Around at the very last moment when he realized that he was drowning,

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what did he say?

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I'm into, and no La ilaha illa levy MLSP, but always right.

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He said,

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Allah. He said, I went to a no La Ilaha illa Allah the Amira, three Benoy. I bear witness that there is no God worthy to be worshipped except the one that children of Israel have embraced. And he didn't even have the okay when you're drowning. How much time do you have?

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Yeah, this is a long statement, right? Get to the point. Say, I believe in Allah. Oh, Allah save me. La ilaha illa Allah is so shortest, but because of because it didn't come from a humble heart. And he was not. He was not honest. He was not truthful. He's still struggling with himself. He's like, you know, okay, I believe that there is no God worthy to be worshipped except the one that the children of Israel have. Like as if this is a spell that will somehow magically save him from his fate.

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Gibreel said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Oh, Muhammad, he said, You should have seen me. Do you believe you believe the angel you should have seen me stuff his mouth.

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With with the with the sand of the of the, you know, so that that he wouldn't finish the statement.

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I was afraid that Allah subhanaw taala may show him mercy even at this last minute.

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Obviously Gibreel was given what degree he was given the command to destroy them. So Gibreel was just doing his job Palestina. Right. So, so he said, You should have seen me stuff his mouth with with dirt so that he wouldn't, he's not able to speak right, maybe Allah subhanaw taala.

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So, this is this is. So this kind of Eman or this kind of faith or this kind of response at the very last moment, or once the person is taken, or once the person is exposed or punished for their offenses, saying sorry, at this, at this point, doesn't doesn't do the person any good. And that is exactly why the prophets, I seldom share this hadith of the Sahaba so that you and I can actually

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take opportunity of the time that we have the extension that we have,

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and really hold ourselves accountable and say, Wait a minute, have I committed any offenses? Have I wronged anyone? Have I done anything that could come back and haunt me?

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And if I have, because there are different forms of injustice that we can fall into? Then we can redeem ourselves and say, You know what, let me let me you know, let me make sure that I take care of this in this life before it's too late for Allah Subhana Allah holds me accountable. Last point that I want to make is that my dear brothers and sisters, there are certain offenses that Allah azza wa jal hastens the punishment for the person for in this life.

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And of course, well as I would ask you, why should the punishment of the Hereafter is worse, but there are certain offenses that a person will be punished for in this life.

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And one of these offenses is what

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wronging one's parents?

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Your ideal Allah subhanaw taala

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dunya a person who offends or disrespects or abuses his or her parents will be punished for it in this life.

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And on top of that, they will be prevented from entering Jana, that whole janitor app.

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So this is this is serious business. Right? And this applies to all of us because we're all we're all someone's child, or we may have committed some some things that we regret. And we should ask Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness, and if you have your parents around, you still have some, you have a chance to actually redeem yourself and you have a chance to ask them for forgiveness and you have a chance to honor them and ask them to pray for you. And ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive you. Right

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But this is something serious. And I want to say this to many of our martial law, we have some of our youth here as well. You know, I know that sometimes you get, you know, the wrong message when you're told you're just young, you're just a kid, it's okay.

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No, you're going to be held accountable. If you're at an age where you're where you have to pray, then you're going to be held accountable for your offenses. And everything that you do to your parents will be done to you, and you will suffer its consequences. And if you're good to your parents, and obedient and thankful and respectful, Allah subhanaw taala will bless you, and ask anyone from the people that you see around you that are who are successful or who, who are doing well in Allah Subhana Allah is blessing them. Tell them what is your secret? I bet you most of them, if not all of them will tell you.

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My parents do

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my parents being pleased with me.

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Right? I personally have not met anyone who has, who has what I say successful. I'm not talking about someone who's just, let's say, who has you know, certain achievements in this life? No, I'm talking about someone who is righteous, right? And at the same time, mashallah, they're doing very well.

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Their needs are met, their needs are taken care of, they're doing very, you know, Allah subhanaw taala is blessing them. When he when I asked them mashallah, you know, what's, what's the one thing 99.9% of the time, they will say that you are of my parents, well, my parents being pleased with me. Right? And I've seen people who have suffered miserably in this life, they suffered and in spite of their talent, and their great brains, and many of their skills that they have,

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because of what they have done to their parents, or because they were not patient with their parents, or because they were not wise with their parents. So keep that in mind. Insha Allah Allah may Allah subhanaw taala protect and guide all of our children may Allah subhanaw taala make them obedient to their parents, may Allah subhanaw taala bless this community in sha Allah Huhtala

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you know, may you all have a safe return to your classrooms inshallah time