Mohamad Baajour – A Trait that Allah loves, Do you have it

Mohamad Baajour
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Just a quick brief reminder in sha Matata about a hadith that I read recently and I wanted to share it with you

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and have you heard a lot of the Allah Han called kala rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in Alain de Tulum we're in normal him with the Hello.

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Well my year to work on fire Yatta OMA yet official yo club. Okay my colleagues salatu salam

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ala Rasulillah Salam said, knowledge

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is by learning.

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And Helen, which is the closest translation is forbearance is by cultivating forbearance and by training yourself to be forbearing and so ever

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seek higher will get it and also ever try to avoid evil will be protected.

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Allah subhanaw taala told us

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Halaqaat comfortable Tony in Omaha to come let and I'm gonna show ya.

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When we were born, none of us has any knowledge.

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And we started learning.

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Until we are now doctors and lawyers and engineers and accountants and it and all fields of of this life. So the learning the knowledge was acquired by learning.

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And there's no better knowledge than the knowledge of

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My concentration will be on the second part.

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And help is by the * loan.

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Forbearance is by training yourself to be forbearing.

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What does helm mean?

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is when you have the power and the authority

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to punish.

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And you held back

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because of your manners.

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Helm is not just I'm not gonna do anything to him because sometimes you cannot even do anything to him. You are the father, you are the Imam, you are the president, you are the leader, you are the judge. You are the teacher and you can

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impose damage on that person and the person deserves to be punished. He did something that deserves to be punished and you held back then you are Haleem and that's why one of the names of Allah is an Haleem

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we sin day and night and he keeps giving us chances Imagine, imagine that every time I sin instantly you get punished.

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What book Allah for the Rama? No you don't be mad kissable that gentleman either below him or he don't let me as you do in Dhoni, hemo Allah and Allah subhanaw taala sofa for so merciful, if he punishes us, every time we sin, then we will be doomed we will be done.

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So this helm

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is it something can it or can it be born? Can we be born with him Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam very famous Hadith he told the law says you have to habits that Allah loves.

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He told him you have two characteristics that Allah loves and him well Annette forbearance and slowness. You take your time to make a decision.

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So he said yeah rasool Allah is that something I trained myself to have or I was born with it, or Allah gave me that gift. He said you were born with it.

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So it could be a gift from Allah. But unfortunately, many of us do not have that gift. We have to train ourselves to be Helene. Some of the stories of Helen start by saying

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala

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Rasulillah Salam

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was walking and a man came and grabbed him from his job

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and said to the level that the marks of the third were on his neck,

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give me from the wealth of Allah, mature wealth

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that Rasul Allah say seldom say, Do you know who you're talking to?

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I am Rasulullah I am this I am that. Do this to him do that to him. He smiled and he said, Give the man some money.

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This is him. He could have an omelet by the way you immediately pulled up his sword

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He wants to cut his head. He could have told him take care of the guy. Right.

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And the soloists SLM was very well known with this character. And he there was a woman in the medina that she was not all there. She was not normal. And every time she sees her solos I said, and she used to take his hand and walk all over the Medina and talk to him, you know, and he never told her, you know, I'm busy And subhanAllah this is a sort of loss is

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another story.

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There was a man named

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Anna Phil case, he was very, very famous for his health.

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And he was the Sayed, of his tribe, Benny Tamim.

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It was said that, if enough get angry 100,000 souls will get angry without asking a question. This is how big he is. And he was very well known of his Helm. So his people told the guy, they told him, if you can get the angry, we will give you this, this and that.

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he left his home, going to meet his people. Let's say his home is here and by Kroger is his people. So as he's walking, the guy came and start cursing him.

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cursing, cursing, cursing, cursing, cursing, and then he got almost there. He said, Are you done?

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Because I was able to bear this but I'm not sure if my people will let you go without killing you.

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So if you finish finish it now before we get there.

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This is how Haleem he was gonna jerseys for the Allah on Florida. One time he walked in the masjid at night. And there was somebody sleeping on the floor, but he did not see him. So he stepped maybe he hit him or touched him. So the man immediately I mentioned Nolan, and

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are you crazy? And of course is his gods are with him. He was the Khalifa.

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He said no. The people immediately came and wants to beat the guy. How could you say this to the Khalifa? So what are you doing? He asked me Are you crazy? I said no. Why are you why you want to beat him? Yeah, when

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I want to bring two very important points. Number one.

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We have to practice this home

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with our family.

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And specifically let me be open with our wives.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam Lend me your ears. This is the words of Allah say salam some of the sisters do not like this hadith, but be careful when you when you say I do not like this hadith, this hadith Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam Be very careful. So Salah salem said the woman is born from a bent rib.

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She is created from the bent

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If you want to fix it, you will break it

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its perfection or her perfection is by being crooked.

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Just like these ribs here. If they were straight, we will not be able to move. being bent is what made them perfect. And similarly the woman

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so the woman is bent and you are from a straight trip. When you come and you stay straight you see that gap. That's why there's a lot of fights.

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You have to bend

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in order to have harmony

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overlook few things do not pick on every single thing.

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Let's let's SLM Hadith in Sahih Muslim, the more or less to steal we Allah tariqa

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you will never ever be able to make a straight

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them. So you have to take what you get. We have problems because we are expecting perfection. This is where the problems take place. You are expecting perfection from that

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wife of yours. And you keep facing these difficulties. Because

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it will never be perfect. Allah said Rasulillah Salam told us it is bent. You have to live and take whatever you get. Sometimes they say things that maybe it's intended to be good. But you took it the wrong way. You have to.

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I'll give an example. One of our shoe he mentioned the story he said

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one of the headwinds

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his donkey died

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so he walked into the house very upset

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to the wife said

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what's wrong? He said my donkey Mr. Met my donkey died. So to Allah he's seeing you is better than 100 donkeys.

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The term does not sound right. You look

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after him and meet him.

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So that does not sound right. But you did not mean that you talk you say I'm Mr. You know, you could be easily getting upset and make a fight out of it and make a huge thing. Just like same thing which is my second point is road rage.

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Road rage, the main reason of road rage because we are not telling

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how many times you start to you know, he started he crushes you and then you go back and you follow and this and then it never ends good. Never one time the brother came and you know he made a mistake. So that guy would not take it he open the window and the other guy opened the window and he said your model. Can't you see more in the Arab world when you say to somebody Mariani, you idiot, you donkey

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is what the man, he was learning. He's a student of knowledge. And he learned that he's supposed to have Helen said, How did you know my name?

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Your name is Ahmad. He said, Yeah. And then he started laughing together and I think is ended. He could have said, Are you telling me okay, I'm gonna show you park on the side And subhanAllah that he it's just a second fraction of a second, a decision to be made. Helm Jaquan helm with our children, helm with our children. I'm the father bam, beating and all that Allah does not work. Him. It's a beautiful, beautiful characteristic that we should acquire. And try like a source I said and said, tell him how long you're going to train yourself. You're not gonna get up right now after this talk and become Haleem know, you're gonna be trying and practicing and training.

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To be a Haleem every time you're in a position, you can fire your the worker that you're working for, because you made a mistake, but you are Haleem You can scream and yell and and punish your son or your daughter. But because you are Helene, you give them another chance. And this is the name of Allah azza wa jal and then Allah sort of sat and sat down, so ever see good. If your intention is to have good you will get it and I'm sure ever tried to avoid even will be protected. May Allah subhanaw taala give us this beautiful characteristic of Helen May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who listen and apply. May Allah azza wa jal make our last deeds or best deeds and our

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last words Ilaha illa Allah Allah Subhana Allah Allah we have

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a structural cabinet two week

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one how you buy you home let that who seen senior to

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level math is

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the woman

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the hash power

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in in the lamp magazine ad him wanna follow fell home was

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born IV che in Italy in love Eema she

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was the outcome co host

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101 I am whoa Hey Flo.

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Well normally you love the

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