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And then the next one is what else sort of he says the origin of it while sort of have been our Yeah, the one who ended I had the one who was similar in the phaedo. He argued that we actually did at 190 or 100. Baba epi COVID simulator harpy does better than innocent LD Hamdi unhappy with epi EBIT de. Now he says its root causes desire format. So we get back to Palmer and doing works of worship to obtain a place in the hearts of others that's called the Rhea. Rhea is when you do an action, that's a quarterback. It's with the condition that it's a quarterback.

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In other words, something that draws you near to a law, right?

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If you do an action

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they are at law. That's the definition

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of Ria. If you do a right corba for other than Allah, you're moron.

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And the province of lightsome called it a shortcut, a shortcut alcohol. It's the lesser polytheism and in a hadith in Eben imagine the province of Litem said,

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I don't fear for you worshipping the sun the stars in the moon, right. But I fear for you the worship of other than Allah through Rhea.

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Rhea, and there's another Hadith Aquafina aha for other Almighty

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Ria, the thing I fear from my own the most is doing things for other than the sake of Allah.

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So it is hard now obviously, somebody who like if you're a really good shot, or an archer, or something like that, and you want to people are there and you're doing it, and somebody shows up, and now you're really going to show them that you can do it. That's it's much more moral attend? Not sure. And in other words, we have to differentiate between shady and moral in Islam model is something that you should preserve your human dignity, that something is blameworthy to do that

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because it is showing up, but it's not showing off in something that relates to a religious matter. So it's not a shirt with a lot like the other one is. So he says, the sources desire and also Ria, right? You want people to think better of you to gain a place in the hearts of others. And he says it's cure is also my cure for the latter disease. In other words, I have a cure for both of these.

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And he says, My cure for Bama is my cure for Ria also. So he says what Shamil? So roll up your sleeves get to work and set out for this tear of the root of all these diseases.

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Right. And Maria, get to work, because Maria has read Agent foma it's your desire, desiring something from other people, not from Allah. And he says, Get to work.

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Because I've got this cure. Right. And rpz Elvia T. Hill at Why is arkadelphia is the root academically, we're the one who's carrying the banner, you know, it's like the

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the one who began the thing, Arab se aka Dooley was the one who begin something so it's where it began.

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And so he says, I mean by that showing off in good works, Korea. And now this is really important here, look at this. The signs of area are three, laziness and a lack of actions for Allah sake when one is alone. So you don't have energy to do things when a laws alone, like you don't have energy to read the Quran. But when you're in the masjid, and there's other people around, you have all this energy to do it. That's a sign of real,

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enthusiastic energy and much action for the sake of a lot when people are present. So the opposite when they're not there, you don't have any energy. When you're there, you know, that you've got energy now that there's something that I think also to be careful about, even though it is a sign of Ria, what as NaVi said, Isn't,

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there's definitely something to be said for company. And that when you see somebody who's worshipping, it can sometimes stimulate you to worship which not might not be from reality, but it's just as the result of like esprit de corps, a type of, you know, because other people are doing it gives you an energy to do it. So that's not necessarily a negative thing, but the danger is that you're not for Allah.

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And then he says, increasing one's actions when one is praised and decreasing them when one is not praised. So you want to hear people tell you how wonderful you are and how much like the men praying and that people say, Mama, we always see him pray and it seems

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credible he just prays all the time. And then in his prayer, he says, What about my fasting to write the people that love to hear other people saying those type things, right?

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behavioral psychology is all based on that rewards and stick and carrot to get motivate people.

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In Sharia, it's not necessary. I mean,

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there's definitely something to be said for encouragement. In other words, the province lies and when you saw people do things good, he say I sent you did well, things like that this one is not wrong. And and there is a hadith that says if the moment hear somebody praising him, it increases him in he men. In other words, it makes him want to do more.

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With a law, you see. So it has the opposite effect. And this is why

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this idea of here is is that you're doing it solely for the praise. That's that's what he's saying is the dangerous thing, in terms of telling people. And also there's a difference in Shetty. Between metta. Right. flattery. And between, sign up, right medic is when you're flattering somebody where it's not true,

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right? Whereas what's permissible is to

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to tell somebody that they did a good job or something like that, you should acknowledge people not prohibited in fact, it's encouraged to acknowledge people to acknowledge what they do things like that. The danger for people is to desire the praise. And that's what the people have to work on in their own hearts. And that and there is a cure for it. He's going to give it in a second. We're almost there, people.

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Because I'd really like to get through this, you know, we should we should pray,

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though, do you want to come back? Or do you want to, you want to come back for about half hour after the whole, so we'll pray the whole and then come back.

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shala, there's not much more through here, and then we'll be caught up to where on?

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Because I arranged it so we can get through this during these 12 classes. Show. So I'd like to try to keep up with

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him. So he's dealing now with rianne we're looking at

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the thing that the signs of it.

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And then

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so he says as for its treatment and purification of the heart concerning it, it is to remove from the heart for things, love of praise, fear of lame desire for worldly benefit from people fear of harm from people. And

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he that now the way that's accomplished is one having europeen certainty that only a law can benefit or harm you. And that has to be done first at the level of our pizza, because that is a premise in our Akita. In other words, in the belief system, that that, that we're commanded biological believing, there's no harm, and there's no benefit except from a law.

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Right? Those are two names of Allah and Nadia will borrow. And if you really believe that, then you recognize nobody else can benefit you or harm you. It's an illusion.

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It's just an illusion. And so that, that will free you from this desire for praise and blame, or for something other people have. Because in the end, what you really want is a lot to be pleased with you, not other people, because it's a waste of time. So if all these other people are praising you telling you how wonderful you are, and ally is not pleased with you, it's a disaster. And the disaster manifests itself when you die, which is when you wake up. So the point being Don't be diluted by praise and blame. And then another thing to remember is

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people all over the world.

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There's like Muhammad Ali, there was a time when Muhammad Ali was,

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you know, he was the big man on the scene. Everybody was praising telling them how wonderful he is. Right? And then he's no longer the the guy that can beat people out. So larry king's not calling him he's calling somebody out and it's the nature of dunya praise and blame is all related to your worldly position, your ability in the world. When you

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It, people stop praising you. And in fact, some of the onomah, they said that

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one of the best signs of the truth of this is when you have nothing, it's very difficult to have friends.

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And the minute you start getting things, suddenly you have a lot of friends. And that's partly is the natural inclination of the world. I mean, that's the way people are, right? And so

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if you're not diluted by that, and recognize

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that then then you find and that's why, in fact, the ultimate have always said that knowledge, traditionally, in the Muslim world knowledge was, was something that people thought after because in fact, in the traditional Muslim world, unlike today, which is wealth oriented, it used to be it was knowledge that that was people wanted to, to be associated with, not with Well, I mean, it's really is true. In the Muslim world.

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There were scholars that

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achieved incredible status in the world simply because of their knowledge. And it's no longer the case now.

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It's interesting, I was reading

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Helen Keller's autobiography.

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It's very short into the made very powerful work. It's just I really recommend reading. It's just one of the most powerful things I've ever read.

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Because she was deaf, dumb and blind. And it's just her experience of

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her awakening her the awakening of her consciousness. One thing she said in that I thought was very beautiful. She said

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that her, she became deaf, dumb and blind from scarlet fever that she got in childhood. She wasn't born that way. And and it's interesting, because she said that even though she was 19 months old when it happened, she said the fact that she could still remember what a tree looked like, was enough for her.

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When she felt a tree, just that she'd seen it. One time in her life, she said, even though she was only

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less than two years old, and she could still remember that blessing of just having seen a tree. That was enough for that she'd seen it as amazing thing. Yeah, just the name of the eye, the human eyes, it's so awesome. Anyway, she mentioned in there that she said, there's no slave in this world that didn't have a king somewhere in his ancestry. And there's no king that didn't have a slave somewhere in his ancestry.

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So I mean, it's interesting, you know, people, the ups and downs of the world, right.

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You know, so everybody, probably somewhere along the line, right, have, you know, their great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather's that was the king of the roots. And now they're nothing more somebody who was who's now the king of the roof. At one time down the line, you know, they weren't there. One of their great ancestors was a servant in somebody's house, get this and get that, and this is dunya. So when you see the nature of dunya, is that nothing is permanent. And I'll tell you, when you read the history of the Arab,

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the vicissitudes of of, of Arab rulers is just amazing. And he read like,

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an advance for the history of almanzora was a holiday, he wasn't a halifa. Actually, he was a minister in in en brucea. And he was he was a mediocre student in the metadata, but he was very ambitious. And he ingratiate himself got into the palace, got this, one of the really strong women in the palace to one of the mothers of the

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Haruka to be he

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remembered himself of her, and she put him in these position. And there was one minister, who was the most powerful minister in there, that everybody fears, and amongst all succeeded in having him in the end in prison, and he was one of the wealthiest people in COPPA, and he ended up of popper dying in rags in the prison there. And you can imagine a life that man life, right and so it's just the nature of the the dunya is like that, that.

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So recognizing no harm and no benefit except from Allah. And then also that Likewise, if the whole creation of the army they couldn't last allow, wield it, and then if someone believes that with certainty, Riyadh doesn't occur to him because you always the reason

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People do react is to get some worldly benefit. You want a worldly benefit. So in, in, in the traditional Muslim world, because religious people were so honored, there was a type of showing off in order for them to get a position amongst people, right. And still, I mean, that's still a danger because the Muslim still do respect

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religious behavior, so people will do those things. Now.

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He says,

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I mean by that showing off in good words, one of calamities of the heart whose definition is to do an action of devotion for other than the creator's sake. Indeed, it was really done seeking some worldly benefit or praise from the creation, or to protect oneself from the opposite, meaning harm. In other words, some people will do it simply to get praise, because they enjoy hearing how wonderful they are. And these types of things, so that's why they do it.

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Then he goes on to give its various types, Alamo mechanical forests, and EDA then then

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can move the water and the Jana de naranja. Team in some manner, they don't need a region on top of cendana. So he says the words is that which is done as a way of displaying virtue in order to be entrusted with the wealth of an orphan, that's really bad. In other words, you use the deen for a

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sum sum to be put into

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an entrustment in which out of that, like an