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Salam alaykum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah were buried. So guys, we are at verse number 12. of sort of millennium. Allah subhanho wa Taala continues. Yeah, yeah, yeah, hold the keytab that'd be cool. So now Yeah, and he Salaam is born. He's matured to an extent he's still young. He's still a young child. But he's matured enough that Allah azza wa jal tells him Hotel keytab be a poet take the book, meaning the Torah with strength, meaning commit yourself to Him. Well, I take him off sobia and Allah subhanaw taala gave him hokum wisdom or the ability to rule when he was a Serbia. Serbia is literally the name for a child. So it's very

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interesting because in other suitors like musala, he said him in so little puzzles, Allah subhanho wa Taala gives him wisdom and the ability to rule as he continues to grow and mature to a young adult. And the same thing with Yusuf Ali Salaam. But yeah, really his solemn is getting that ability getting the wisdom getting strengthened the ability to rule and to give authority. He's getting this when he's just a child. It's amazing. What Hannah and Mila done there was a curtain What can a topia, the word hi Nana is that somebody who is always attracted and addicted to the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala so somebody who is constantly like every time you make remembrance of Allah,

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and you pause for a moment you miss it right away, and you you just you want to do it more and more. And I usually compare Henan with the quarter and it's just like somebody who constantly and regularly recites pour and you know you missed one day of reciting you feel like your whole day is incomplete it's completely empty. You can't function you missile sada same idea. So that's what Henan is so yeah, Lee his Selim had this quality in him, that he was constantly attracted to the the killer and remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In the moment it paused. He felt that emptiness in him was a cat and a lie. So a gel purified him, What can I tell you? And he was somebody that was

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always the word Tapia t Yun, always conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala. While badrum Beware the day and he was also somebody that was pleasing and loving and respectful to his parents while I'm you can jump out and I'll see you and he was never somebody that was overpowering, and intimidating and sinful and disrespectful to them. What we learned from this a a brothers and sisters is that bedroom where the den is also a prophetic tradition, prophets and messengers had this. So when you and I, we are good to our parents, we are actually a reflection of the etiquettes of the prophets, Allah who was set out the prophets and the messengers, peace be upon all of them. And also what that

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means is that the fact that this is a prophetic etiquette means that when you are good to your parents, that is a permission given to you a blessing given to you from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So yes, brothers and sisters, the next time you are nice to mom and dad, or anything, anything that reflects righteousness to them, just keep in the back of your mind. That is something that Allah blesses you with your the ability to do because we all know in this day and age, there's it's very common to find children in this day and age who disdain age who are rebellious to their parents who disrespect will do all of the things that shouldn't happen to mom and dad. Right and that's the

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culture and the time that we live in. So the fact that there are still those who hold on to these morals and values when it comes to parents is a sign that Allah subhanho wa Taala his guidance is with you. And even if your parents have passed away, but you make dua for them and you do charity on behalf of them and you give on behalf of them, all of these things are still part of doodle wedding. So it's incredible that this is mentioned here about Yeah, he already sent him a look into his website and when I Li yo murwillumbah way omeo motorway only uberto here. Peace and protection is given to him. Set them on here doesn't just mean protection alone. It's also comfort given to the

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era and it has to them the day that he was born, the day that he's going to pass away. Why oh my you burn through here and the data T's resurrected because remember how he passes away he dies as a Shaheed and then he is also honored on the day of judgment as a Shaheed the Shaheed or the martyr has one of the highest levels or status in gender as well. So yeah, he said I'm in campuses and he will be blessed with all of these blessings. One of the cool features

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keytab Imodium. Now we are ready to talk about Miriam alayhis salam. Remember in the book The Torah again, of memoriam even Tabitha mineralium can and shall appear that she felt as though she was not worthy and time to time she would distance herself from her own family and go towards the east end of Palestine. So what's happening here? Medea, Marla has said them and scholars in general have this. They always the more that they increase in there piety and worship with Allah subhanho wa Taala, the less worthy they feel to him. In other words, your humility has reached to a point where you spend time with your family. But then there are moments where you just need time alone to go

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back to Allah. You know, you need time to just worship to remember him to reflect on yourself. Medea Miley has said, I've had this habit, you know, so she would be with her family. But at the same time, she would go and find her place her corner, or here more towards the east end of Palestine. And that would be her alone time with her creator. So even Tabitha here meant that she felt like she was nothing without Allah. So the moment she disconnected and she went to her family where she did her chores, or whatever errands and she went about her day, she felt that emptiness. And so she would run back to the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala. It's such a deep concept. And scholars in

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particular are the ones that still inherit this quality,

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continuous Fatah that min Dooley him he Jabba. So one day, what happened

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is that she went to a place and perhaps maybe in the same east end of Palestine, and she created a barrier, a hijab. So remember, just a side point here, the word hijab in the entire core and does not mean the hijab that the women wear on their heads or cover their heads with, but it's actually refers to a curtain or a barrier. The word for the hijab that's placed on the head is called him out. And the body cover is called GD Bab. But he jab here always is talking about a curtain or a barrier. So she placed this curtain or this barrier around her thought all of a sudden, la held or Hannah and we sent to her who ruhuna our soul. Now there are two interpretations of this. Some of

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the scholars say the soul that's being sent to medium here is the soul of Isa alayhis salaam in the womb, or in the stomach of Malia Miley has some other said no, the rule here is also one of the names of Djibouti gnarly Salim. So Allah has sent Djibouti lolly his solemn to millennium, Allah His setup. So both interpretations are there, the majority leaned towards that this is gibreel alayhis salaam that's being sent. Now for Timothy, Elijah her best shot on Serbia. And he came in the example of a bear showed just like people like like another human being. So he came just like anyone else on it in the ER with a beard, right, man, you know what happened here? Just imagine, just

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visualize this for a second. She has this curtain and she has her own, you know, privacy. And this man just comes in and he looks in and he says to, and he says, oh, I've been sent to you. The first thing that she says Now remember, Djibouti and Elisa is going to look pious. He's going to look proper, he's going to have the best morals the best etiquette the best conduct. You know, normally what would happen if somebody did that? You'd be like, well, you know if somebody walked into a Masjid and you know under in the sisters area or something, but like okay, well fine, you know, he works here or he looks fine. Doesn't look like he's a threat doesn't look like he's a problem. But

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the first thing that my family has said to him does when she sees this man, the first thing she says so Pinilla, she says, Are with a bit of men. You know, I asked a lot and a seek protection from a man. By the way, keep in mind, a man is mentioned very often in disorder. And Christians, when they think about God, what's the first thing they say about him? And the Merciful One, the kind one, the Blessed One. So in this sort of here, you're going to find out right man will come up very often more so in other sources. And he says, or she says pilot in the arrow is a bit raw man, he Minka in Quinta Tapia? I asked a lot to protect me from you. In Quinta. telethia if you are somebody that is

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conscious, if you're fearful of a lie, you're conscious of Allah, then stay away from me or May Allah protect me from you. Okay, call it in them and also Laura, because there's no no no, no, wait, wait. I am a messenger. I actually came here. I'm not here because I want to be here. I'm here because I was sent here. I have a job to do. So I am a little sore. I'm a messenger to you. I have a lucky hulan and zakia to give you the glad tidings that

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You're going to have a child a young boy that will be very smart Zakiya intelligent and smart. call it an akula hula moon listen to the story how this continuous soprano lump. She says to him then how I'm going to have a child a whole M. Williams destiny basher and no man has ever touched me. While I'm a Cobell here, nor have I been rebellious to anyone. Then Djibouti darlings Salaam continues and he says hi Luca there Leakey pilotto book Oh, it's going to happen on a Catholic pilot cuz Alec means it's already done. It's gonna happen. No matter how shocked or surprised you might be. It's going to happen. You're going to have a child and then he continues Carlota Baker who are la yeah

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Hagen for your master. This is something that's effortless. It takes no effort from Allah subhanho wa Taala to make this happen. Well enoggera Allahu ala to leanness you are 10 min. And Allah will place that this child beat and a miracle of Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is he said, this is Jesus Allah He sent him. This is the status that he carries for Muslims and in the Quran. He is an A, he is a miracle of our Creator subhanho wa Taala for all of mankind. Water metta min and he's also a reflection or a manifestation of Allah's mercy to all of mankind, what can and will not do and the matter has already been done. It's been decreed MK Li. It's been done, it's been decreed, it's in

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the books, there's nothing anyone can do about it. So how am I led to fantasma that became a Canon casia So guess what happens now? Her stomach starts to become heavy. The baby is growing. So what does she do? She carries the baby now. Okay, she's in the womb continues to grow. fantasma that became McCann and Cassia and she goes to a place that is a car that's far away from her community for a Jetta who my horrible allergies are in Nala so as so what she did is she probably climbed like a mountain or a hill somewhere and she found a tree a day tree and she sat under the shade there and she tried to rest and she started feeling these pains these are labor pains that are happening but

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they're different because look at what she says here conduct the late any mid to popular Heather oh my god how I wish I died before these pains. Now here's a side point aside mesilla a real l to wish for death. Medea Miranda, his salon wasn't wishing for death. This was an expression saying that I wish I was not the person responsible to cope with this kind of pain and struggle. That's what she's really saying. She's not saying Oh, like just make me die? No. But she's just saying men, I wish that my time would have come prior to me being the one in this position that I have to cope through with these pains. And by the way, labor pains in general. Ask any mother any mother out there

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describe to me labor pains describe to me what they what they feel like. And most of them would probably say to you they just can't find the words it is undescribable pain. And you'll see in a minute how Maria Maria his Salaam copes with this. And it's a reflection of how all mothers cope with labor pains and when they're delivering the child right. She says mental cobbler that will come to an SEM and sia and I wish that I could be somebody that was forgotten. ness Seon and men see it. It's like an adjective on top of an adjective. She's like saying, I wish that I was a forgotten memory. No one knows who I am. And this never happened to me. So that's the state that she's in. You

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know, just imagine, put yourself in her position for a minute, right? You all of a sudden, this man comes to you who is supposedly an angel. But you know, she doesn't know that at that time. And he says to her Oh, by the way, you're gonna have a child and she's like, What are you talking about? Nobody has ever been with me. I've never been with anybody else. How am I going to have a child? And he says to her, it's already been done. Well, can I'm gonna mop the there's nothing that you can do about it. It's been decreed it's over. And then she notices that her stomach is growing. There is a child in her. Now she's worried about what is the community going to say about me? Everybody knows

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me knows my family knows that we are, you know, the most pious and religious of the community. What are they going to say? So she runs away and she finds a corner in the east end of Palestine. And she climbs up this area or this hill or this farm area where no one can find her finds a tree and just lays on the floor there and just dealing with this pain. Pain after paid after paying

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And then it's so unbearable. That's what she says, God, I wish I could have just left this world before I had to cope with this. This is unbearable. I wish I was just the Forgotten memory. You know why she's saying that nesea dementia. She's also thinking about that. When this child does come, how is she going to confront her community? How is she going to go back to everyone? How are they going to look at her? What are they going to say? What are the rumors going to be like? And look what happens next? Fernanda her mentality her there was a call that came from beneath her. This is gibreel Ra, he said, I'm so somewhere down away from the hills away from the tree, somewhere down

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far away. You know, this is really interesting. Deborah Hislop didn't do what he did earlier in the sorta he didn't come in front of her Why? Because it would have been indecent. So he leaves her gives her her privacy and calls out from her and we've already tackled the word netta. From the debt. What did we say any debt we meant when you call out to somebody that's far away. So just by this word, net data, we know that Djibouti is not near her. He's respecting and giving her her privacy. Okay. mentality has a lot that has any he says to her, don't be don't grief. Don't be sad.

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You know, when you look at shows and movies, right in a show, like the woman is about to deliver a child, what's the first thing she starts doing? She starts crying. And even during the delivery, she starts crying. After the delivery continues to cry, it could be tears of joy, it could be tears of pain and sadness. It could be a mixture of both. The point is is that is this whole ocean of emotions that are happening. So muddy Emily is Salim is crying here out of the pain and the struggle she's going through. But she gets reassurance from Djibouti dollies and a lotta has any don't grieve It's okay, just calm down. Just relax. It's okay. Everything is going to be fine. But ajala Rokita

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tacky city Yeah, a love placed beneath you a stream. So you'll have some water, you'll have you know some time to cool yourself to wash yourself to do whatever you need a love place to stream there for you. It's amazing. Well, who's the LA key big there in Nevada, and then she's ordered to take the palm tree and start shaking it. Now let me ask you something.

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When a woman is delivering a child,

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can she hold anything? Can she shake anything? Would you tell her Okay, listen, you know, hold this thing and just shake it for a minute. There's nothing, it's just all the energy, all of the strength has been pulled out of her. But here's the wisdom and the blessing. And here's here's some of the secrets behind pregnancy and delivering that child. You know, on the outside, when you look at this, when you look at this, you know, picture this image, you know you're carrying a child and you're not carrying the child for a couple hours. You're carrying this child for almost an entire year. You can't sleep right anymore. You can't eat right anymore. None of your clothes will fit you and you

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can't walk properly. Or always your emotions are just going all over the place. Somehow, she finds strength somewhere. Somehow she finds it. And that's what we learn from this area. That despite that money Mr. Lee has selam is feeling overwhelmed excuse wishing that she could just die. From this. Like she was wishing that she was not the person in this position. Alice still gives her the ability to find strength somewhere.

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And she takes this tree. I don't know how many of you have been around palm trees I grew up around palm trees and around day trees. I can't shake a day tree. It's almost impossible. I mean, it's literally like a cemented tree into the ground. But Allah gives her the ability and the strength while she's pregnant while she's crying while she's dealing with labor pains. Now shake this tree. So she grabs onto the tree and she starts shaking it and shaking it and shaking it to salt pepper la que tal Ben Jenny Yeah. And all of a sudden dates in the in the the palm trees like the leaf start to lean down towards her. And the dates start falling down. And she starts eating it. So now this is

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the last I wrote up to 25 but I'll do it up to 26 inch Allah which is the next area and that's a good place to stop for coolie What should I be what could be a lead tells her eat, drink and just cool your eyes relax here.

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Eyes probably gonna turn those tears now into tears of joy. Just relax, you know Cobra to Aryan. We saw this during sort of three four call when Latina yopu Luna robina Haeberlin me as well Gina when Tina pulled rota Aryan when the believer asks a lot, that to make my wife and my children pleasing to my eyes, some of the lmsc that correlate to our Yun is literally tears of joy. You know, when you look at your child pray for the first time, you get tears of joy. When you see your son go and perform will do for the first time in their whole life. Tiny child goes into washroom, and just does what meant mommy and daddy what he sees mommy and daddy do. And it moves you while you're praying at

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home and all of a sudden your daughter comes along. I mean, this happened to me, you know, when at first when my when my daughter first started to pray, she'd come along. And she took she took one of the blankets from her dolls. And she put it on her head because she would see mom with her hijab. So obviously, she doesn't know what a hijab is, I think she was like four years old or something. So she took a blanket from one of her dolls, and she put it on her head. And she starts like crossing her arms like this and she's like,

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and it was so hard to hold and control those emotions and handle. It was so difficult because we're just proud of her. We're just proud of her and proud of that moment that's poured out to you. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling money in Mali Salaam. So okay, turn those tears into tears of joy because this is not going to be just any child. This isn't a miracle of Allah you are about to give birth to a meta in the middle bestiary either fully in Nina's out Tullio Rockman song, man, and if you see any man walking by make a or make an oath with up right man, see what happened again, man showed up again, this is already three times from the first time we saw it. Alright, man, solmar

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felon or Kelly manly oma insia. So this is a type of fast, that is no longer alive anymore, right? So she makes a oath with a lot that she is going too fast for the day. And her fast is not abstaining from food and drink her fast is she wants to speak. She wants to say a word that was the past. And again, this was something way back pre Islam time. So what we're seeing here learning is we're getting a glimpse of what fasting was like pre Islam. So back then you would fast from just speaking. Try doing that for a day. Try doing that for a few days. Try asking Wilson's to do something like that this day and age, right. So there's a wisdom why we don't do this anymore. And

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I'm going to pause there. There's a couple of things I want to share with you. You know, when she's delivering or when she's going through these labor pains, and subpanel law, somebody's talking to her. How does it How is usually the reaction of when a woman is in that state? She's either delivering the child or she's going through those labor pains. Does she want to listen to any instruction from anyone? You know, the husband might be standing by the bedside to be like, okay, don't worry, you'll be okay. And she might just look at him and then would you be quiet or she'll try to like kick him out of the hospital room something because why the pains are unbearable, the

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emotions are all over the place. But Medea Marley, solemn. Allah gives her the ability, that she can listen to this instruction. And she can follow what gibreel Ali said, I'm saying to her, she, so despite that, she's like, God, I wish this could be over. She still hears the instruction, and she follows through with it. You know what this is? You know what the lesson here is?

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This is what happens when you train your heart and your life. to revolve around the remembrance of Allah you grow up, training your heart, and your mind, your soul, your life, that you're connected with Allah.

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When the times that seem impossible for you to remember, a lot of Allah gives you the strength to do it. When others would be like, I can't believe they're so patient after that experience. Look how quiet Look how composed. Look at the etiquettes look at the strength. People on the outside would look at that and be and be amazed by it. I can't believe you're so patient. You just lost your son. You just lost your daughter. You just lost your entire family. You know, here in Canada, there's another city called Oshawa up in the East End. There was a home where five people were found dead all members of the same family, the siblings and the Father, the mother

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was also shot in the head. But she survived. And one of the son, he was away at school now just literally put yourself in the sun's position for a minute.

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He just lost, almost his entire family wiped out and his mom is critical in the hospital.

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And we'll look at a scenario when somebody is connected to Allah, even something as tragic and as horrific as that example, Allah gives you the ability and the strength to get through. And that's what you should take from all all the detail that we get of what modern family has Salem is experiencing here. Because again, just put yourself in that position. You know, you're under a tree ran away from your village, all of these things just happen quickly. And all of a sudden, unless still giving you instruction. You know, most people would they would do like I don't want to hear nothing right now. turn that up. I don't want to hear no poor end. I don't want to hear nobody

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lecturing me. I want everybody to be quiet. That's what most people will do. Money MIT has said because of the tabia the training that she got when she was a young girl and her commitment. And as you saw earlier, right? She was somebody that was

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in Tablas admin, he had never there. Every time she felt every time there was this gap in her remembrance with a love she felt that emptiness and she would run back to it. When you have that kind of relationship with Allah. There is never a moment in life, except you have the strength to cope with it. This is why we teach people all the time, have trust in Allah connect with Allah. This is why these reminders are here. These reminders are here are not just so that you see me and I see you or I see your comments right or that we stay connected. It's so that we can develop even taboo that we can develop Nevertheless,

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we can feel the emptiness when we're not in the state of remembrance, we can feel that emptiness and want to run back to it. And then when the difficult times the impossible times roll around. We have what it takes a love gives us the strength to get through it. And that's what we want to take from this. So I'm going to pause here and shut low Tyler. Tomorrow we will continue we will continue and see now what happened to modern family, his salon because now she's fasting in the sense that she's not speaking to anyone. So she still has to communicate certain things to people. How is she doing that? How is she still communicating? And then eventually she goes back to her village people see oh

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my goodness, oh my goodness. You have a child what was their reaction? And how did mommy and mommy his Salaam cope with that? And I'm going to show you how to connect that whole scene into your own life because there's something very common that happens in our own lives in this day and age that connects us to this whole scene in sha Allah that will happen tomorrow Bismillah hater Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless you all, keep you safe and keep you healthy. Just second low heighten will set Mr. Lee Kuan Juana to LA he will barakato