Tom Facchine – 99 Names of Allah #10 Al-Jabbar

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the meaning of Al Jabbar, a name that has two meanings, and how it is not a fair name. It also describes the effects of men's sin on their bodies, and how it can lead to a speck on their heart. The segment ends with a news program advertised for a new video.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Tonight, there are about 90 days left until Ramadan. And tonight's name is Al Jabbar.

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Al Jabbar is a very interesting name. Because it has two meanings. And those two meanings seem like they don't go together. They seem like they're opposites.

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The first meaning eligible is the one who can compel other people,

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the one who can force other people to do things.

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Now, when we first hear this name, we might think, Wait a second, that doesn't sound very nice. That doesn't sound very fair.

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But when we think a little bit harder, we realize that this is a very good name for a lot to have. And a very important one.

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Maybe at school, you've seen some kids getting bullied, maybe you've seen in your life, how some people aren't treated fairly.

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Maybe you've seen that across the world, there's a lot of bad things that happen.

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Well, in order for a law, to have mercy on the victims, he needs to be able to hold those people accountable. He needs to be able to punish those bullies, and those tyrants, and those people that hurt other people in really, really bad ways. So Allah is eligible, which means that sooner or later, everybody who does bad things and hurts other people, Allah will make them pay eventually,

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Allah will bring them to justice. Even if we don't see it happen as quickly as we want it to. We can trust that Allah is going to make everything right in the end.

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The second meaning of algebra is that a lot of men's he fixes in Arabic Gibeah is like a splint, or a cast that you put over a broken bone to set it right. So it can become whole again.

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Allah is eligible, because he fixes our hearts.

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Whenever we sin, or do something that a lot doesn't like.

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It has an effect on our heart.

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It makes it weak.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that when we sin, we get a little black speck on our heart because of that sin. Until we say that we're sorry. And ask Allah to forgive us. So Allah is eligible. He's the one who can fix our hearts again, after we've made a mistake, after we've caused our heart to have a little speck on it. If we turn to a lot and say we're sorry, Allah will make our heart whole and healthy again. That's all for tonight. A sedan Juanico offense Allah

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