Haitham al-Haddad – Why shouldn’t you only fast the 8 days of Muharram 1438

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The importance of fasting during Ashura, with the potential for rewarding one's actions, is discussed. The speakers emphasize the importance of fasting for health and behavior, including the concept of "has an alpha hula hoop" and discuss the potential for rewarding one's actions. They also mention the calculation of speed and discuss the potential for "has an alpha hula hoop" to boost one's behavior.
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Hello how to handle hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah I want to say regarding Ashura

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yeah Alhamdulillah

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today was actually according to the the most popular calendar and Al Hamdulillah we fasted that or most of us fasted that and it is a great blessing from Allah Allah Allah that Allah Allah Allah enabled us to fast this day. I've been apostle of Allah Allah Allah who said, I have not seen the Prophet sallallahu Sallam seeking to fast a day because of its blessings. As I saw the prophets Allah Salaam, seeking to fast the day of Ashura, and when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came to Medina, in the beginning, he was commanding people to fast and he will, he was sending people to the villages of Ensenada to encourage them or to commanded them to fast and to encourage their children

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too fast. And they were encouraging their children to foster the day of Ashura because of its blessings. And we know that in that today, yeah, Allah de la saved Moosa from drowning. Some other scholars say that on that today 10 prophets were also blessed with some of the blessings of Allah, Allah, Allah, all of this is clear on hamdulillah Anna my point or the reminder is

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so hannula and all of us have

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any we received this message that okay, eight days too fast? Yeah, it is too fast starting Monday, because it is the day of Monday yesterday. Yeah. So, Monday, it will be the eighth of the ninth of Muharram and it will be what Monday or and it is what it is Monday. So, we fast Monday, and then we fast Ashura Tuesday and we fast when is day, okay? The day after Ashura, according to some scholars, it is recommended to fast it as well. And according to some other scholars, it is recommended to fast it in order to make sure that you fast it Ashura without any without any doubt, then after, when his day we have what?

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Thursday, which is a blessed day to fast. And then after Thursday, we have what Friday, which is 13 then Saturday, 14, then Sunday 15 the three why tonight, which is very good, too fast. And then after that, what? Monday, which is a blessed day too fast. So they say eight consecutive days too fast. This is a great opportunity. So however, I found that people or this message was appealing to people more than the message of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when he said you have one consecutive month to fast

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which is what the month of Mahatma

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Yeah. Why? And most of all, most of our attention is what? On fasting the day of algebra and to the level that we might feel and this is the human being nature. Once they do something that is quite big. They said hello, the job is done. So we fasted the day of Ashura. Forget about fasting until the end of Mahatma

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no brothers. Don't miss the remaining of Mahatma Don't miss the remaining of Mahatma the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the best of fasting after fasting the month of Ramadan is fasting word.

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fasting during the month of Muharram Chateau de la Thailand has worked at the prophets I seldom used to fast in the month of Shabbat. So the scholar said the highest month to fast in or the best month to fast in is somewhat variable in Ramadan. The second best month to fast is the month of what of my heroine the third best month to fast is chabanne. Some scholars say that is it better than the first 10 days of the hedger or not better, but definitely the first the second best month to fast in is what this month the month of May Allah Subhana Allah brothers

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Allah de la vida gives for the Hasina. Kim has an ad manga vicinity fella who assurance Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah out of his generosity doesn't give one reward one has center for the good deeds that you do. No, this is not Allah, Allah is greater than this. Allah is more generous than this. This is the minimum. So if you say Subhan Allah Allah will reward you as if you said Subhana Allah kantanmt Yeah, you give one pound of Southern Nevada Allah Allah will reward you as if you have given it what

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10 times this is minimum.

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This is what minimum and that's why in the Hadith

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Allah Allah, Allah says what for in who are Amina hakuba, who has done very well has tended to be icdm Talia, Hassan will be multiplied by 10 and this is confirmed. However sometimes Allah Allah Allah rewards for the Hashanah What?

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100 times 200 times 300 times 700 times yes by the prophet sallallahu Sallam said Allah Allah Allah said about fasting in the month of Ramadan cuando la who Ella song about fasting solely in Denver, Colorado and even Adam, Ella song for in Hu Li, y, z in one direction I'll have to be actually I'm fairly high Ella except me at birth. So there is a likelihood that fasting one day Yeah, will be multiplied by what by 700 times. Some scholars said that fasting one day and on average it will be multiplied by 1000

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Yeah, that's why it is the best of fasting 1000 times some nsep nomadic also said fasting in during the first 10 days of

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fasting one day is like fasting 1000 day fasting the idea of Ashura is like fasting what 10,000 days

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Okay, you can say that they they'll hit their fasting in the in the day of RFA is exceptional. So, we are talking if we are talking about a virtuous month, so, it is we are talking about a has an app or one day that fasting it is equal to 1000 days.

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This is the estimation if you look at those ahaadeeth together, yeah, you will say that, okay, it is likely that fasting one day of one is like fasting what 1000 days Subhan Allah Subhana Allah. So are we going to miss that opportunity? My dear brothers and sisters, the days of hamdulillah are not that long, even if they are not long we are paid for it.

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So we are paid for it.

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We are doing brothers, we we we mentioned this calculation, because Allah Allah Allah is the one who mentioned it to us, Allah Allah Allah wants to encourage us to do good deeds. Yeah, Mandela de la Carmen has an alpha hula hoop and Kayla here God means who is going to trade with Allah?

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Who wants to do business with Allah? Allah is saying do business with me? Yeah, and the other ayah Allah Allah Allah says masala dnainfo ramadan feasability like

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to have

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the example of those who are giving one pound of soda is like the example of what Yeah, the grain it has seven eggs and each has worked

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100 Okay, again.

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So, which means that the one pound of soda, which is likely to be multiplied by what 700 times based on a class based on need based on other things. So these are days that are very likely that the day is given to us back as what yeah 1000 the alcohol we can't confirm, but just looking at this, this Hadith, we can conclude that we are talking about multiplication of what not of just 10 times, but of 1000 times.

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So brothers by it is not that Alhamdulillah we fasted the day of Ashura yeah hollows finish hamdulillah the job is done. Yeah. Tomorrow inshallah We are ready for a heavy breakfast by now continue fasting continue fasting brothers by lie fasting. Yanni is Yanni the prophet SAW Selim said to the to the aroma Melba Healy la COVID song in hula leather who stick to fasting for nothing like fasting by Yes, and Subhana Allah even even to the level that Subhana Allah, the benefits of fasting, they said those who fasted frequently. Yeah, scientifically, those who fast two days, a month, two days, sorry, two days a week. This recent one not not

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The previous book that was mentioned, they said that they they do not age quickly. There is some form that they discovered just a few days ago it was published the those who fast regularly. They, their eyesight. Yeah, will last longer.

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Yeah. Do we really need to mention those any worldly benefits?

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Maybe we need to mention them in order to encourage people want them biggest encouragement is what

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is that award the reward that we will get in the answer. So this is just a reminder for myself and my brothers, not to forget, fasting in this month that Allah Allah, Allah attribute it to him.

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Shadow law in

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sha Allah, this is the month of Allah and Allah, Allah Allah. Allah Allah. Allah wa salam, O Allah

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