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The upcoming release of the video game "Ok, Subhanho wa Tada," features a brief advertisement for the game's features and a brief advertisement for the game's history. The title "Ok, Subhanho wa Tada," aims to protect against evil behavior and is a blessing book. The speakers also discuss the use of "Ok, Subhanho wa Tada," the concept of evil, and a reference to a woman named Ynaira. The segment concludes with a reference to a mountain called the mountain of evil and a woman named Ynaira claims to have been a god.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. The others as he will come in here to another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2013 Today is day 10

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lesson that you are the hora what Maha Ramadan iya

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Suba Illa agenda are poor quality to tune the lagenda audio with mushy Atlanta Patrick o Sabine. Management is civil woman as amended Pollock Allahu wa karate,

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Corrado. Calm Allah subhanho wa Taala had the oma

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Warszawa had the N

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necessarily her keytab and Mina Summer Youth la keytab on Wednesday, Daffy had a shot and mobilock shadow and shadow Ramadan but jacumba solum caja acumen Allahu Nanaki turbo mubin the smell and at the end of the jet accom min Allah He Northern wakita airborne will be income Allah subhanaw taala facility Merida wahoo workers Erica hood la Mota clean la vida fi other keytab wood la Mota clean lovely Buffy what are the lows of Hannah hobo Heffley well had Allah subhanho wa Taala behavior he in the center decra we're in LA who the halfway home in the National Center Nicaragua in Idaho the half we don't

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come at to swallow he made a ton about Asha basura welcome added yet an Sita to Allah for me a teeny was eaten was Arizona via el cofina was Sita to Allah Fie was it to me it was it was it was a tuna be added radle cofina had He is worthy so after a while I mean whenever he I have male alpha Yeah, well I know where he

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was and what to do alpha was ya do alpha

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piscis one what are the causes? And if this is an

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omen Probably not.

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on hold on comes in. comes up to me It got me to oneness the whole man. So set the tone. Was it tuna seated? was it was it tuna? Yeah.

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My brothers and sisters were still talking about this. The path was to agenda and they asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us among those that would enter Jannah in sha Allah who China from the gate of Aryan and they asked him in shallow to Allah to save our souls from hellfire.

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With the virtue of this blessed month of Ramadan, we talk in today's talk is about one of very beautiful pathway, a very beautiful pathway to China. It is the pathway of karate and the recitation of the Quran. Allah subhana wa Taala has honored this oma has honored us and favored us that he bestowed his this book this upon this oma subhanho wa Taala. This map that Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed with the of an Allah subhanho wa Taala her goals and with many beautiful names, as he says who that is, it is a guidance to the motor clean, lovely Buffy There is no doubt in this book la vie Buffy kita Bonanza now, Eliza COVID kita keytab was not revealed by Allah subhanho wa Taala

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it is cunnamulla it is the words of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala where the behaviourally Allah has promised to, to that this book shall be protected by Allah subhanho wa Taala and nothing can happen to this book. It is the promise of Allah subhanho wa Taala to protect it in the Netherlands in a decrease in the level of freedom Allah subhanaw taala says and so to hedge a number nine we have sent down a thick which is the Quran we're in Allahu Allah have we done and we shall protect this, this this book is called an as No, you see some panela many me know Luca is one of the miracles some handler of this program, that it is one of the ways to, to, to hold this

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book and to protect it. Allah subhanho wa Taala met a lot of people memorize it, you can go to many countries and you know, even non Arab countries Subhanallah you know, you can find many, many Even kids you know from the age of eight or 10 and onward memorizing this book and this is one of the promises this

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The promise of Allah subhana wa tada to protect this book and so he made him you know, he made this book being held in our breast in our chest Nam, these are my brothers and sisters can consecrate of 114 sola 114 sola 6236 area with the cup of coffee in the people of Kufa and 6666 area or chapter from the non caffeine from people from the non Coover and these 6606 66 amongst them, I mean, the What do they talk about, they talk about an hour, I mean, I want meaning, you know, our blue obligatory x 1000 IRA talks about the the alignment 1000 IRA talks about the number eight, which are things that are prohibited 1000 IRA talks about the things that are prohibited, and then you have

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unwed things that Allah has promised 1000 area and weighed, you know, with things that Allah has also promised to non believers, you know, 1000 and you have all cases, you know, stories 1000 and you have a neighbor, you know, examples that Allah zildjian has given us from also other people and other nations 1000 and you have an add on one column 500 talks about an add on, and then you have a da 60 101 and he talks about the DA and then you have the nursing home And so, those are those chapters that have been also or that have been abrogated, we have 66 this is this all comprises of this content. So this is the month of the

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keytab one Enza nahu ilica Mubarak only a double at Leah double Allah subhana wa tada as a luchador keytab Lisa helewka Ramadan

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Alka t milanes. Yanni, not what has been keytab, Sumatra hatherleigh dinakaran cattleman homea Corona Beto, the we don't need adobo Allah subhanho wa Taala Nikita Aziz Assad is wrong. I

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think what

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is wrong?

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I a

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certain way I should not disagree actually.

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Awesome. Hannah with Allah kita Encino, la cama Wallach II a double at the bow bow.

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A bow yeah Neha Elena

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and the todo con la subhanho wa Taala had the law you can Luna the man aka Jani Allah subhana wa Taala you can Lima Lima Cusco subhanho wa Taala you know, any woman you have that you have a Luna national Latina, Savalas meadow and we'll add them and

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M and O Allah subhanho wa Taala you have a look and for a lot of it

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it will happen arena had to happen for a summer Huck Finn Cara have a double have an MLP will have a today we be come up cada una de la la Chiquita be alpha hecho en Okay, there you go. Yeah, and he has an N word, hustle. And what I mean hustle, mania, hustle summer was routine. Our hustle

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was unanimous diamond, we'll call an Hello. Today we will call my brothers and sisters Allah Subhana Allah Allah says kita Enza who like it is a book that we have revealed on you, Mubarak, it is the blessing book, Leah double the bead so that when you read the content, you should ponder, you know, ponder, meditate, you know, try to recite the poem, but when you read the poem, try to ponder about, you know, the idea that you are reciting, you know, don't just read like a lot of people do, you know, out there, you know, nowadays they did, but a lot of them don't even understand what they read. And I'm talking about those who speak the language of the end, you know, they they read but a

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lot of us don't really, you know, ponder and concentrate when really, and so Allah subhanho wa Taala has told us that we once we recite the Quran and when you receive a copy of this article, and you need to somehow you know, it's one of the rights of the plan is that you concentrate and you ponder, you know, of what Allah subhana wa Taala is trying to tell you.

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You know, a lot of people they recite the Quran especially in Ramadan, you know, as well in the Ramadan a lot of people they are and and then they read they read they read, but somehow Allah you know, nothing moves them

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under the head of an allergy but lava a devil hace mucho Satya Ameen hace Attila

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Now under the law as those who had a German Shepherd

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had a German Yosh I mean cunnamulla omis unacademy la Baku buena Latasha

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una sala de casa de la ilaha illa Allah subhanho wa Taala says, if this book was to reveal upon a mountain, and why Allah mentions the mountain mountain is the strongest structure on Earth. The strongest structure on earth is a mountain mountains that keep the equilibrium of this of this earth that gives this earth in balance. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says if this was to be revealed on the on a mountain, you will find the mountain have been humbled to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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No one's ever heard of Jabba never a devil Harsha Animoto. minha Shia Tila, even a mountain will become so humbled

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of the field of Allah subhana wa tada

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kumbhakarna risotto surah t o p Ama shafia. And the US hobby

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is sort of an

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Elisa phenomenon is called

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ramadan ramadan in a way to Matsuyama shafia and the US Howdy, tikka tikka, Anthea public, Yala be the Kenya Malawi

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Young lady, where what you're learning your Bishop Nev.

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Oh yeah tikka, Yanni shahidan adek nam, la has the Prophet Mohammed It sounds so nice to see but in the end, it comes as an intercessor for you in the day of judgment and will intercede on your behalf on the Day of Judgment. It will talk to Allah Subhana Allah so Allah this man used to read to me used to act upon me or Allah interested me on his behalf um to see I want to intercede for this matter antigen

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or the opposite Well hello Bella if we don't recite it nor apply it not believe in it not implemented in your life. Now, when Ronnie le Ouattara Jani I had heard him laugh and

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tomato yeah and the whole sale code they call a car

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well either felt sofa tanzu

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How can another book erotic

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the end and the Prophet Mohammed la Santos them your code? your code Elisa to see them?

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Man Kala helfen Nikita Bella

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fella who has what has to be actually am 30 ha la Apollo la Fleming health where can Elephant Elephant One Health one women's health care mokara Lisa Robocar

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the Prophet Mohammed alysus MCs says the N reported by Buhari and others.

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For every letter that he read, he will have one lesson

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and has an A B actually m 30. And for each has Hashanah is equivalent to 10 for each one has enough you will have 10 and the Prophet says I don't say Alif Lam Meem won't have but Elif is one letter and lamb is one letter and meme is one letter. So when you need any flare meme, or bismi b Smith vaccine mean you have 30 has an app that has an bismi this bismi locka tune has an app what I can fit on my bar to bar he said to me I

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could have Mr. atomia

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but in our mobile is more than 30 in our mobile everything is time 700 to even more. So if we let her know 1010 times 700 or 700 has enough for each letter. So if you were to recite, let's say bismi it's 700 times three do the math. Today is a Friday. You decide solotica

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so count how many or how many out of insalata

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today yo yo masoumeh

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yo what's on it so to set up an

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F we had the Liam and mobarak

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the attic what to know what may have been a Joomla our Joomla

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to know what the back

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what the felucca dunno back

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so that will get Marina Juma. It will Joomla

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you're familiar

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with the IRA look at the new buck.

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I come to him in half.

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Well couldn't have before.

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Today is Friday. This is what the prophet Isaiah slim says was whosoever so this is what Allah says it would eliminate his way from last Friday to the next Friday. And Allah subhanho wa Taala would also be a mean it will be a means of explanation to your sins for the two Fridays between the two Fridays, how many letters does salaat a GIF has

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1000s times 700 because it's Ramadan.

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go back and read the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala don't only read it when somebody passes away. Well, you know, you bring the book and you put it under your pillow that will advocate them as a omote otaku Allah como se but I wish Killa over Ramadan tomato tomahto Taka ah Maki tabula Nam now, Reshma kitabi, don't only read the code and you know at the time when somebody dies, or whenever you have a problem, and then you ignore the end, you know, when Allah assertion, you know, alleviates that pain that you are suffering from live with the make it as a companion to you make it as your friend read it, read it, when you are sound when you are sick, when you go into the trouble

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hardship, read, read and as so it will become inshallah hautala as an intercessor to you in the Day of Judgment of photocall when he had that was tough allottee Welcome to another episode for rocky Ramallah 2013 I say a sit down Mati come up with a way to Hannah Baba cat