Is My Iman Weak?

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hamdulillah who want to stay in who wanna study he wanna stop Pharaoh, when I will be learning sorry unforeseen Omen sejahtera Marina Maria de la who Farah mo de la la,

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la la

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la la la la la la la sharika why shodhana Mohammed Abu hora pseudo Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallim ala Mata Sleeman kathira that all praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ala you it was a lamb, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that I was the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last on vinyl messenger, Allah subhana wa tada have created us and He created us in a such amazing way.

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And also in a complex way. And one of the most important parts of our body known as the heart and I don't necessarily refer to the heart to the muscle the bump the blood into your body, every minute or every second of your life.

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But I mean the heart words the faith and the man is the one is connected to your soul. Where you imagine and believe in Allah subhana wa Tiana establish the one that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam referred to as at our initial just at the Moodle either solid, solid hell just a Dooku in you, there is a part if it is good, your whole entire body will be good. And if it's corrupt, your body will be corrupted, which is the heart and that means the only the actions of your body will be corrupted. If your heart is corrupt, your tongue will be corrupt your hand your legs, your mind. Basically you do that

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we need to maintain six feets between both of you guys.

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just for those who are online, we only have a few people among the administration's praying the Juma with us and the rest will all recommend for people to

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pray at home until the rate of this pandemic

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goes down. But even the administrators and the team of the mustard should still maintain that distance to support their own benefits.

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Going back to what we say in regard to the heart, where the Navy SEAL seldom referred to as the reason behind that corruptions and the righteousness of the body. But out of the unsaid The heart is like the king. If it's corrupt, its soldier will be corrupted. And if it does good, its soldiers and mandates and orders will be good. This is the heart where lots of $100 said that the right the people will survive in the day of judgment based on how righteous This heart is. a lemon Attila Habib Albin sorry, only those who come in the day of judgment with a sound heart, they will be survived. They will be the one who survived for a little casita, boo boom, I lost my daughter said

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Hellfire is waiting for those who their heart is passier their hearts is corrupt. Also, in Nebojsa la las pannacotta in many verses in the Quran, he said man Harsha, Romana belhaj.

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Those calbee money a lot describe the hearts of the believers as heart filled with righteousness and Eman and faith. And in nebby salatu salam said in the sound Hadith, in Colombia talkin lip, the heart is basically don't stay in the same level, but keep moving and flipping. That's why we've got from Canada, which means we flip something or you turn it, so to keep turnings and it doesn't stay in the same state or esteem level all the time. And because of that fact, and nevison give a very beautiful example in a little Hadith. He said some Allahu Allah sallallahu wasallam he said, Yeah, in the in the lumen meal. You know, when you boil the water, how the water keep turning, that's how

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the heart is. So that's really makes us think about our heart more often. And our our basically, this part of us and our spirit and our role and our soul more than what two I think we are doing right now, because that means it's a serious change can happen to you without you realizing. And because of that, I choose to speak today about our Eman our faith. Is my Eman, weak or strong is it

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going up or going down, since it is connected to the heart and your hearts is not on the same level, it will be the same thing your Eman also will be turning and going up and going down. And if you ever think that your Eman can stay in one level you're wrong. Take it as a rule of thumb your Eman is going up or going down.

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So if it's not going up, it means it's going down. It doesn't sustain the same level of demand in May as it are in Memphis. That's why the movement always tried to push their Eman up. So the if you want to maintain maintenance to keep in the same level it means you keep pushing up up until you meet Allah subhana wa tada what Rebecca had to clean up in worship Allah Subhana Allah and till you meet your Lord, these are some of the sign I want you to listen to them carefully and see how many of them are applicable to you and not only applicable, but how much of each signs you are involved because each one of these are also various levels. So the more severe the signs exist in your life,

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the more your Eman in dangers and that means you're in the red zone as we have the red level these days with the contagious of the disease also the same thing that the means that you're all in the red and that we require from you to take a serious action to prevent you know from your heart from dying. Number one

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these signs and I also think this is very relevant to us today. Because staying at home not socializing with people coming to the mustard is staying away from that company that used to push you and help you to grow can contribute to the fact that our Eman is getting weaker

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number one tell you about what the how and

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when you find that you are missing the obligations and you missing one after another especially the salaat specially the five daily prayers not that you miss Mashallah don't miss a lot of bar or I don't miss salata motherboard Asia but you'd be missing Nigeria missing Buhari been missing, you praying out of always late, and so forth. So missing the Salah or missing the obligations in general something that you check, the more often you're missing the Salah, the more your Eman is in danger. And the more your Eman is getting weaker, better and why they didn't just give you random examples. Also among the obligations of being good to your parents, if it's been a while since you call them

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since you did good to them, since you made them out for them, since you give soda on their behalf. Maybe there is even family members, they are staying with each other. And there is a day will go by and he will not do an act of kindness to their parents. The more you do the demand go up the last and you know you don't even care about it and you cross the lines and you do the wrong things in relation to parents. That's shows the weakness of a man as a cat I'll had when there is no intention even for heads of no care about head or a salaat. In general in congregation, you need those family members. They know that they can pray in JAMA but they just want to sneak around and go pray in

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their home of the room because they don't want to pray in congregations. You know that shows weakness of a man why because I want to make it fast. I make it quick, you know, my father read to slow f means the salaah so heavy on you. That's that's that's a that's a sign that I should be careful. Be careful when I see it in my heart. In my mind that means I need to work in my faith I want to basically find that back. When you see yourself you know being loose when it comes to the hijab it doesn't matter of my hand showing of my neck showing you know if my hair showing and so far that's an obligation upon you but you kind of you know keep discounting it and and that's shows

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weakness and emaan

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another sign I love that and decree law when a person became heedless when a person don't mention Allah subhanaw taala often don't remember Allah or don't remember the rules of Allah. So you know what that then comes the this is a time for you to do this thicker even cross your mind that there is something called decoded before you go to sleep. Why? Because you're not thinking about you're watching you watch TV until you fall asleep. Or you know what you wake up in the morning and the first thing you think about your breakfast your this your that but not your or your work but not the cruelest panel down when the last two hours will pass by and he didn't even mention him because

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you're occupied playing with your games or play or watching or just

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You know,

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doing your chores, but alas, my dad has very little to be mentioned in your house, Billy very little to be mentioned in your tongue. That's a sign of weakness of that. A man, when you don't know anyone have that kind of the morning and the night What to say before you sleep you go to before you wake up from or when you wake up or wake up in the middle of the night, or what to say before you eat or after you eat. not remembering at all that there are some Bismillah Alhamdulillah Lama men are making the alpha those who made the drought, food for you, the more these things are absent from your mind, it shows you know a weakness of women that will stronger Imagine you have you will find

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yourself mentioning Allah Subhana data very often.

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Also another sign, which is third one, when you openly do your sins, and you don't care. Not only that, but not only you're doing it in public, but also you talk about it in public. I'm probably putting in your social media, I'm putting up for the world, which is no shame from the sense I'm not feeling shame of it. I'm By the way, feeling shame from your sins and hiding them is not hypocrisy. It's a man a ship on play with you twice, he make you do the sin, then he double up by make you publicize it. It's not hypocrisy. hypocrisy is you know, when you do the sin in heaven because you're afraid of people, you hide your same because you're afraid of Allah, that you don't want to

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be openly challenging him. I did this in the time of my weakness. So it's not a hypocrisy as some people might think. Also, even I'll take it farther deeper, not only you publicising them doing the sin and itself and you so careless about them. You don't feel even wrong about it. You don't feel there's anything wrong with what you're doing.

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That's terrible, especially the sin of leaving the obligations. Also, number four, that when you became so lazy when it comes to good deeds, when it comes to righteous deeds, when it comes to act of fortune, that you so lazy, Allah Subhana Allah told us about the hypocrites. Well either Camila serata tamako Salah live Quran Allah, Allah Allah when they work out when the stand up for Salah, so dragging their feet and so lazy so hard and only mentioned Allah subhanaw taala very little.

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this is a very clear sign also the weakness of Eman when became It is so hard for you to the recommended app. It is so hard for you to abstain from what is disliked for on macro hot, it is hard to learn the knowledge It is hard to give the extra charity. It is hard, you know to pray the cinder to load on Sen acid and submit the novel and submit Alicia and Sen fragile. It is hard to do your water it is hard to read Koran, but it's so easy for you to waste your day watching TV, it's so easy for you to want to play games. I'm not saying these harm, necessarily every one of them. But it is so easy to do them about that. Let's assume it is permissible or at least dislike mikuru so easy to

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do it but when it comes to, you know to do what is recommended, it became extremely hard to pray in the beginning of the time not to delay the salaat. Also among the sign of weakness of Eman which is interesting, who are other military members in Allah when you don't care about others, Eman and faith around you.

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When you don't care about people around your righteousness or educating them, or showing them the way, you know, that's the lack of interest in data, it shows that there is a weakness in your own Eman And that lack of interest directly or indirectly. I might not be able to speak but I support those who speak I support these organizations who do the work or I support this individual who do the work. The more you care about it basically show the strong Eman and the less the less he man you have also one of the sign when you try to hide your anything has to do with you know the sinner or Islamic appearance on you.

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You don't want to look that's why I will do my chef. What is the minimum minimum minimum minimum request or requirement for a beard

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and I don't want to have a beard that shows that Muslim I just wanted the minimum one. What does chef what is the minimum minimum and how many are required for is not called Casa and hating the just walk between

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As he doesn't he doesn't want to feel you want to fit and doesn't want if you notice that it's not actually it is brilliant idea, give Muslims a distinguished look

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at that's in itself psychologically make you abstain from certain things Muslim don't do it,

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you know, with my hijab, I'm not gonna be going doing that ever, at least people have decency and still have fitpro they will not do that while they were wearing the proper hijab, or wearing the beer. And I know this is similar to Mohammed Salim in my face, reminding me every time I touch my face, that's the sort of law that's that it keeps me I'm not saying that's the only thing but it helps when I you know, I don't dress you know, certain type of clothes, I don't dress you know,

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which is a clause which is doesn't do anything with modesty on the beach and show my our a man or woman like, you know, I don't do that I stand I don't sit in a place with a hammer or serve. You know, I avoid these things. Anything that shows that you're Muslim, even even names people try to hide it. Abu Bakar Mohammed became mu and Abubakar boo. And you know, and you name it.

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Or Bob, you know, and you keep going, I anything my Facebook should not show that I'm religious person. My Instagram does not necessarily why so I can connect with people who are not religious, that's dangerous. That's so that the weakness of a man as well. Also one of the things that when you're excessively excessively wasting, you're spending your time in things which are permissible, it has to do with the body with the look with the with the sports, with games with watching with a socially, this is the majority of your day going there that's sign a weakness of a man because one of the sign of strong a man that you care for your time to use it for what will benefit you in the

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era number. Also another point, when you feel yourself, get excited about good deeds, but quickly you stop, I'm going to make sure that I read one page every day. But you know what, you do this for a couple of days and

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when you see that quickly, you will quit the good deeds that's the show a weakness of a man when you do the good deeds, another sign of weakness of a man when you do the good deeds and you always your eyes on that when it's going to end when it's going to finish Oh my God, when is this whole book gonna finish when is the solid gonna finish when the Salah when is the surah will finish when is the page will finish doesn't enjoy the journey, knowing always looking for what is the end or when is the end will come? Another thing that when a person does not have any type of anger or, or or you know, or any feelings, strong feelings when he hears that there is a sense of injustice were done.

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You know there is a man was killed on the streets

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by unfortunately, people who supposed to protect people's life.

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That's okay. Nothing means nothing to his life. Not even a feeling.

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There is a genocide happening to the Muslims and, and for example, in China, nothing

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is a genocide. There's injustice happened to the Muslim in Kashmir. That's like it's like hearing you know,

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God has a you know, an extra free drink if you order something from that place. Who cares?

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Nothing at shows the weakness of women, not men cares for his brothers and sisters. Not only believers, any injustice in the world, anything wrong, anything not fair. And it means something to me, at least that feeling is a sign of it being signed for a very weak man. Also, when a person say what he or she don't practice, that's a sign of weakness of a man. When a person not a covered known don't have a good connection with a lot in the door and thicker.

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And thicker is not the first thing come to your mind is not something that constantly you do not something you enjoy doesn't give you that connection with the law. It's a sign of weakness of email. Also when a person try to avoid the to make that do their best to avoid the company of righteous people.

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That's a sign of weakness when I like to hang with people who are not righteous who don't mention Allah who are not people who care for their faith, but when I hang with the people who faith all my god they are bored. Oh they're not funny. You know boring people boring people that are religious and non religious. But you know what is boring.

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It's boring because those people and reality don't tell you to fulfill your desires.

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Those people you cannot do the you know, the wash wash stuff around them and the wrong things around them. That's why they're boring. Those people boring because they don't do the harm that you want to do.

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That's when it's sign of weakness of a man here comes

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when a person in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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ne Allah Allah in the Quran many times said way they do care Allah

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Allah the body when Allah as mentioned in the Quran, they go away they don't want to listen. She said kuruvilla in their hearts will turn away just because the last always mentioned Oh my God, that's just it just you feel so heavy. And please don't tell me all the talk about Dean all the time. I never I've been around here for you know, for all this years now, in my life. I never met religious people. Everything they talk about is Subhan Allah, Allah Allah Yeah, that's not true by the way religious people when they gather they don't take different corners and started to cry for the sake of Allah when a weeping and we don't do that oh my god.

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That's such a shame bomb make it sounds like that.

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But it is it is a weakness of a man when you don't like to hang out around righteous people. And you always like to hang around with or beat with people who are not righteous.

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Also when you start leaving your good friends and your good friends leaving you that's a sign that you should watch for a bit more for us. Buhari Rahim Allah reported that in Ibiza Salam said mattawan death in Anopheles la soldier for you follow up obey in Houma. Illa be them when you need to who to whom, that nearest to people, good friends, best friends, then they depart from one another, they leave one another, except as for a sin that they have committed.

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That's a sign of weakness of Eman because send is a sign of weakness. When people like to argue all the time, that's a sign of weakness of a man and gentlemen as Batman animate

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hospital called Marbella owned by the Buddha, no one will be misguided after guidance. Analysts alike. Let them argue they argue about everything and religion argue about everything and Deen and life and so forth. And finally,

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when you find in your heart, you're not content you're not happy with a logic loss decree, you always object to it, we're always unhappy with what Allah has been given to you or what happened around you always frustrated you all and one of the clear manifestation of this when you envy others, that's a sign of weakness of emac these are some few signs here and this signs here and there that you should watch carefully. And when you find them actually been alarm for you, and if there's a lot of them. That's a big alarm. And if each one of them is so deep, and it has you know it you basically practicing in a higher level that's even more dangerous.

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Or more dangerous. May Allah subhanaw taala to keep us on to keep our Eman strong. So meta monster

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hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam ala mandanna via by the robot. As you can imagine this topic has follow up shallot, talk about your new solutions and causes and just not talking about the manifestation of it. But hopefully identifying these manifestations will help us to identify that and to do the opposite and to protect ourselves from it. And I asked her last night alibi has names and attributes to forgive our sins and to protect us and our family and our wealth and our city and our country and the world from the evilness of this disease and all kinds of evil must ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those who will benefit from these signs that Allah gotta bring up to

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his creation. So they can repent they can go they change the course of their life to be better Alamin Anissa Luca interferon alpha homina and to avianna tougher unknown tougher Diwali Dena la morpholino la Motherland or

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not ohana if you know I know I could have missed it and I other general economic Latina watch our alphabet and Monica de la la

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la McCovey mana. Ivana la mina Seto Calvin, Calvin. Hey, Bill Eman yada yada yadi con la manera de Luca da criminal Sarika Geneva becoming a short recording audio. Now remember no amount of nada masala Allahumma salli ala nabina, Muhammad Ali