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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various issues related to reciting text in various positions, including reciting text in a standing position, reciting text in a sitting position, reciting text in a walking position, reciting text in a rest position, reciting text in a walking position, reciting text in a rest position, reciting text in a walking position, reciting text in a walking position, reciting text in a walking position, reciting text in a walking position, reciting text in a walking position, reciting text in a walking position, reciting text in a walking position, reciting text in a walking position, reciting text in a walking position, reciting text in a walking position, reciting text in a walking position, reciting text in a walking position, reciting text in a walking position, reciting text in a walking position, reciting text in a walking position, reciting text in a walking position, reciting text in a walking position, rec
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Learn you can if you

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want to cite one standing one sitting or lying down by a state of ritual purity and perform the solution in a state of ritual purity. But not whilst he was, you know, he would recite it in a clear pleasant tone and sometimes he would cause his voice to reverberate in the movie for reported that he made it reverberate three times.

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This was reported by a body when this is combined with the word the process of Lalomanu sell them beautifying the forum with your voices and his words, Allah does not listen to appropriate as he listens to appropriate resize of an unpleasant tone.

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One can see that this rotation was deliberate on his part, not due to the faking of he can, it was not the case in the movie would not have reported that it was one entry. He noticed that he emulated what he said he used the causes wise to be very brief.

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reverberate buildings or citation and reciting pleasantly and slowly

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By smilla

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amin Salatu was Salam ala l mursaleen. It was a big win. Okay, we will complete this chapter.

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And we have spoken about various issues regarding reciting for iron and regarding the rituals of the Quran

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a few things have left for example,

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among the things that

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have been in depth of left is reciting Quran in a standing position in a sitting position in walking position.

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It has been reported that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to remember Allah Allah Allah on all his situations

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and Hadith and even every pilot also says that the prophets are seldom used to recite for an on all his situations nothing is stops him actually or maybe there is a better translation nothing stops him from Koran except Genova

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from this Hadith, the scholars

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took that

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it is acceptable at least to decide or an in all

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positions while standing while sitting while

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lying down they discussed two issues, the deciding hold on while walking

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and reciting Quran lying down

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lying down the main problem for

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reciting Quran in in these two positions is the fact that it might not give and it's due respect

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while walking, okay, the person normally is not in a state of any humbleness or a state of reflection. Why lying down okay. It is not that estate as well.

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However, okay, Yanni a discussion between the scholars about this why lying down they said that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam you know, the Hadith that he used to recite or he taught us to decide what

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Uh huh. So not yet. I could see it the optimum of the Akuma had Italian Parliament Fatima by okay. Fatima della was empty halala kept going a lot a lot and within in one of the wire, okay, the results

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and could see

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Okay, so, they said any, it is likely that the person

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is lying down and then he recites ayatul kursi. Okay.

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Yeah, I mean, we say in Java, that is no that is not a problem. The

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You mentioned that that the person can decide down can recite or unwind he's lying down

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and that is not a problem while walking, some scholars had the conservation regarding that and they said while walking, it does not give God on its due respect nor you can reflect on it. Yeah, but we say that

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yeah, this is a logical and rational deal that normally rational a dealer cannot stand for clear prohibition okay. So, we can say someone can decide what unwind walking

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can if he will try to give colonists due respect them try to contemplate on that inshallah.

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Then, the other discussion is reciting Quran in

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the state of impurity.

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There are many things to be discussed here maybe as you know,

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and a long discussion, but we will try to brief it inshallah, first of all reciting we have two things reciting Quran

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in a state of impurity and touching Quran in a state of impurity. Here two things

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reciting Quran in a state of impurity,

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we say that the impurity are of different types. First of all the minor impurity, the major impurity, the minor impurity,

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is something shared by female and females and males had asthma and someone does not travel.

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You know, that there is a long discussion between

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any scholars about this issue, however, maybe you know, that okay, reciting Quran

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reciting Quran from from memory without touching the Quran, by most of the scholars agree on it. Yeah. reciting Quran reciting Quran in a state of impurity

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without touching it, this most of the scholars agree on it.

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I don't remember of any specific scholar who said that it is not allowed.

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Minor minor, yes, minor impurity, okay. Minor impurity.

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they mentioned number of Yoni a Heidi, first of all, this hadith adebola Vitaly that the prophet SAW Selim never stopped him from the Quran except to the state of Genova except the state of Nevada. And in one of the narrations Alibaba divided

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relieved himself and then he left he was some with some of his companions. And then after that, he decided to hold on okay from his memory, and he decided in a number of verses, and then they say to him, why do you do that he said, The Prophet sallallahu, Sallam recited are in a state of impurity. So, there is not nothing wrong with that, in one nation. He said that the prophesies never stopped him from reciting Quran except Genova except the state of Ghana.

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So this is reciting Quran in this

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state Okay, the state of impurity

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minus one. Now reciting Quran again from memory in the state of impurity major state of impurity. We have two things, the agenda and the hype. Okay.

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Maybe you have read that the scholars have discussed this thoroughly.

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And there is any long discussion, first of all, victimhood, Legion Hall, Johnny, most of the scholars agree that reciting Quran should be prohibited for anyone who is in a state of major impurity. Yeah, with a high or Genova with the highest origin other.

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How you gonna hire the state of a woman in Heather Herrmann says during

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menses and Genova, the sexual Okay, major impurity.

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they said that

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the person should not recycle and in such a status

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and the idea here that Adela

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comes by

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the telecoms