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The speakers discuss the issue of "arentality and profitability" in Islam, where companies like Zika and Facebook are helping poor people. They argue that companies like Facebook and Facebook have been helping poor people by giving them money and appointing them as key figures. They also mention a conflict of interest and the need for educating people about it.

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Please projects are not eligible. The see that issue as we said, there is no project that is eligible.

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There is no project that is a QA eligible. And this is a huge mistake that these charities they are going to charities sincere to charities, but unfortunately for so, many of their projects, they say that it is a cat illegible water wells,

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shelters, cataract they say the cat illegible exactly or illegible because the money or the these projects they are providing these projects for the poor people. So, they think because of this, then they are DACA eligible, no, why what is the concept here, first of all the Zika has to be taken from the money and to be given as the genes of the money that you have taken okay. So, you have taken money,

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then you have to give it to the poor person as money, you cannot swap it you cannot use the money and buy something for the poor person okay. And it has to be given to the poor person. So he owns it. So water wells, they will not own the water wells. Okay. So this is another problem. But the key problem is from the genes from the type of money, you have to give it the same to the poor person.

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The Prophet sallallahu sallam said to my mum, and Allah half that of Allah him sadaqa tend to her the Woman of the Year is virtually no fee for Allah. So the money itself, and Allah, Allah, Allah says in the muscle, the power to lean for Allah, you will measure again, well, I mean in earlier, which means that to be given to those people, now these eight categories, none of them is a project name for para enamel Sadako, Julian Fukada, you and Mr. King,

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elevate your collarbone? Well, if you recall, we will have idemia or fee sebelah, who have been the only project maybe is what he said he had one feasibility, and the others, two individuals. Now, many of the organizations they say but we are the agent of who of the poor person, do does the poor person has the poor person giving you an authorized Wirkkala. So you become our key on his behalf. Even if you act as our key, you cannot voluntarily become the key of someone and say, Well, I will take the money on your behalf and I will without his consent. This is nonsense. Moreover, if the poor person appointed those companies, or those charities as working for them, then the poor person

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has to say, Listen,

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I want to build the shelter for me. Yeah, that person he is donating Zika take the Zika from him and build a shelter for me.

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This is how it works. If we want to accept that the charity is acting as our key on behalf of the poor person. This is a very common mistake. Now, you might ask well, does that can't be valid or not? Of course, it's not valid,

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because you haven't given it to the recipients. But maybe the people are excused. And maybe I don't know. They have to check. But the people to be blamed are the charities themselves. And we have said, we in ies and the Islamic Council of Europe, we have mentioned this a number of times we have issued there's a guy, there's a car guidance. And me personally, I've been speaking about this for a long time. It is very unfortunate that it is still

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problematic. And so many big charities are taking money. And they fall for projects. And they say that it is illegible. And by the way, this is this is a consensus of all scholars. So no one can say well, yeah, maybe we are following another school of thought or another scholar or maybe some scholars who maybe did not understand the issue. Yeah, maybe they give these fetters or maybe they just want to be flexible or something like this. But the mainstream Islam No, of course not. Now, there might be some very few exceptions.

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Due to this okay in terms of application not in terms of theory, when there are areas that you cannot give poor people cash then that has to be treated according to the limitations of Baroda Takada because they cannot just say yes the project is illegible No, you say that okay that we cannot take cash to the poor people in that country and they appointed us and this is their needs according to them not according to assume. And by the way from like a strategic perspective this is so important because the Allah de la Allah doesn't want the poor people to be manipulated by those who's donate to them and controlled by them, no, give them money and they are free to do whatever

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they want to do with that money let alone there is another problem which is conflict of interest, a company that is working in doing shelters they will do shelters, okay. So there is a conflict of interest here. So anyway, we have to educate people about this educating the charities themselves