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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. The others as he would come here to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2013 day 18

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not having become a la hora What?

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Whereas in my head he said Scylla and mubaraka have both ality to tune in agenda as Allah subhanho wa Taala anugerah them and agenda. One Yeah, tecra Carbonell not before they had a shadow box of Ramadan, sha Allah from Madonna, you're in shock load to Hana self akuna Hola. bodykind aha utilizza is agenda Allahu wa.

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Toby Abner tabia. Sorry.

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I would have sila Edna.

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Allah subhanho wa Tada. Jaco. Luffy kita Aziz, yeah, Latina m n o. o and fusa como la canara la Cordova. And that's what a gr o enforcer come from Nara, bajo de un. So what HR.

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My brothers and sisters, we're still talking about this.

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The series

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pathways to agenda. And today's pathway is about a very, very important sort of gateway to Jenna. We've talked in some in a few lectures back we talked about the

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obedience of the parents and you know, honoring the parents. And there is another pathway that will lead us to that which is the

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good education of our children of or good upbringing of our children. It's another pathway that leads to Jannah Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran by the elimination of a zip, or you will believe

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Save yourselves and your children and your children from from hellfire. Cool. anfisa como la Kumara bajo Doha and that's what hedge Allah its fuel is men and stones. So Allah subhana wa tada is telling us in the end, not only this ayah but there's many other areas. In the end, that Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the importance of good upbringing into our kids. Obama is right look.

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Obama is fat like, oh, oh emetic, the whole agenda

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nomada the center pub yetta yetta

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yetta Inaki out tavita iannetta key for Obama. He hadn't even Obama is for lucky, autocratic he had a hell bent for the whole election. Now. We had the word Jani

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either approves of it salatu salam inhabited Yahoo Muslim Buhari and he had it is a matter of you know, Adam in a Pamela who eliminated that eliminated that sort of pattern geria Oh, alimony interpreter we were with 32 what your code is or what I don't know what it's like to hear the road at the end what it opens. What are the inside of here decoder for Hector bad demotech either Allah subhana wa tada and Malik inside job inside the hat. And he has been deciding how to solder yet. Outside rolek had a bad demo check.

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For good amount of coffee Abaddon mocks

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Elon drops of Hanover. Oh yeah, I'm a Tabby also the kajaria and an interview a couple of cars sadaqa jariya aka comic. Oh, one little insider here to look inside of that. erlach perform in Mohammed feagin dish phallic, Yeoman Kiana.

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My brothers and sisters.

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The Prophet Mohammed Ali salatu salam says that, you know hated polluted by Muslim and others. When the son of Adam dies, all his deeds will come into an end, except three,

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a continuous charity.

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lm some sort of knowledge which you have taught that may benefit you as well. And a bias righteous son that will make it tough for you.

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That wouldn't make it out for you even after your death. Now, after your death, because once a person dies, all his actions will come would be terminated. But if Allah subhana wa tada was to blame

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You, because of your good upbringing to your kids was to bless you with a with a pious, righteous kid, that righteous kid would be making the app and that app for you can benefit you in your grave somehow. Now in your grave, it will benefit you. Maybe your son or your daughter will intercede on your behalf to understand why, because you have spent time in the upbringing, the good upbringing of your kids, you make a lot of efforts to sort of have some good, righteous upbringing of your kids. So those kids after you your death will will come into your some handler will come into your benefit now even after your death to to maybe some other will make for you or maybe some charity that will

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do for on your behalf or even some hedge that they can do for you know, had to buy the motuc mumkin had all of a sudden they're a beta

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beta site that had the tail of beta Allah de la Subhana Allah Allah, Allah when Muhammad Allah subhanho wa Taala they said look have the monkey and yeah and he said that Hank Oh, oh, oh, not yet. Oh lucky. Oh, you have a junk yeah Tom ank we had the silica fish coverack

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sahadi I've also decided to sell them yeah, I need them.

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To add a formula Yama, Yama be mean add her that as you burn min min min highlight

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had a comma houfy Jenna, how do

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you have a be mean he had

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no he had Coronavirus para huhtala had before this Diwali what are the kanak Allah before this define what are the key and what are the beans? Or will it be Stefan is beast frontlist differ in that luck?

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And to me it was a key stuff in luck. You have to click the unlock of beta tariqah yarnover beta hotelopia escena and Alan Hillel Machina ROM

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hepato Villa hypertrophy de la yeah TKO. Matsuyama heteroptera makhanda feel public in Phalke well that that will cover Yeah, and Yama, Yama, yes, for those of you who have mocha mocha feagin, before they drop out before they had an image inside of her head, he had been to slay the Prophet Mohammed and it's all sort of says in this Hadith of the Buddha's Bible, Hardy men will come in today with judgment and he will find himself in a higher rank many, many mountains of good deeds and he would say what Allah I did not do all this, how did I how how do they get all this and Allah subhanho wa Taala will tell him this is through through these the fall of your son to you to the forgiveness

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that your son was making to you that your daughter was making to you that there are that your son was making to you that there are that your daughter was making to you this is what 11 elevated your your rank engine.

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Allah Allah so my brothers and sisters

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spending good time

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now we all we all want that our kids obey as an honor as because it is our rights upon them. But they also have rights upon us is to teach the dean is to teach them good Hello, good manners. Now, nano and Annika well my head and then the hook, hook on the end the old lady Nah, no, yeah. And you're ruining their own Lennar, your payroll and a smoke alarm and the whole capital world. We'll have to do it that way working Abner and polka Derek. Abner cook and the

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microphone and mala beam Toby Hasson via Danny to hambone villa. Cassie, Amina Yannick mocha Lou and now even though I've been to buy any

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tacos mother she says oh tacos Mashallah. Yeah Neil

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cool huddled in Manchester at a play working sobre la gente Tokyo and masala tea something ready? Why don't we use

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It had been no evidence that any hustle Allah Allah Nakata mo USFL Jan Nadeau

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well that can eat us a man who masala

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ha ha ha Monaco leash

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have been known for dounia if you know her the sofa t w my piano echolalia So Sam has been mostly smart

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innopolis kanehara sobre la and Morpheus let him out in the home area and the Bay

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Area and move this whole idea to my piano, Big Bad g badminton minute has an axe. When I can follow my hair that

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will shatter mhada Mala. mala who to achieve even Oh yeah, it's in a bin Yama, Yama, Yama, sick. B, B, A B, you have a b yamapi Abby. Abby mahamuni never be haematomas Alia omada rusney de ma, ma, ma ma ma Colombia, Anna Anna, Bella, your A B hoodlum. hockman. Yet yo macdiarmid

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either moto beta homophobia.

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Toby. Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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The Prophet Mohammed is awesome. He asked about the Bancroft's we said the other slide the bankrupt is a man who will come who loses all his money was he all his wealth? The Prophet said no, the bankrupt is a man who comes with the devil gentlemen with with mountains of good deeds. But he has, you know,

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he has oppressed us and oppressed that and he back about a distance but provided that you know he did not look after his children. He did not you know, concentrate in terms of having a good upbringing of his children. His children will come in today with judgment asking a lot for their rights or Allah. Don't blame me blame my father blame my mother who did not look after me. All they cared about is the dean is the dunya but they did not care about the dean. They did not teach me and they did not meet you teach me Dean or Allah, you hold them responsible. Your son will come and hold you responsible inside in the interim before Allah subhanho that.

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That is the bankruptcy Day of Judgment. My brothers and sisters

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I don't know do you do your heart

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and your coolant inside? Open inside your head? Yeah, and he did the whole day on my piano. Where we're we're done if I'm in my kameena You're my piano. I didn't know that you had an island that Amanda had. I met a woman named Nikki Insightly help inside it had ehrlichia me that oh lucky. We're lucky enough to Lena Heather, don't you want my brothers and sisters? Don't you want my mother my brother? Don't you want to have a good bias son or good bias daughter that will make it out for you after your death that we make is to file for you Don't you want this? Of course with so one of the pathways of gender my brothers and sisters is to look after our children and make sure that they

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have good upbringing. You know, the upbringing that that is that will get them close to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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This is a common law here robotiq Alfie Kohn

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until another episode of rachio ramadan 2013 I say assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah.