Haitham al-Haddad – What invalidates the fast – Ramadan Q and A

Haitham al-Haddad
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What invalidates your fast okay? It's simple yet

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as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam indicated in number of a hadith and as the ayah says for Kulu was horrible had diarrhea to be an eloquent title of yoga mean okay tell us what do you mean and then Allah Allah Allah says well not to bash you know and to

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show the No this was talking about Attica, but anyway so as the ISS okay eating and drinking. Yeah, and in the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam mentioned

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that man who came to the province is element he had sexual relationship. Okay, so these are the three main acts that invalidate fasting. Yeah. Eating, drinking and sexual relationship. Yeah, bisexual relationship we means okay. sexual relationship, full sexual relationship between husband and wife. Yeah.

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The scholars add to that, okay. Add to that intentional *. Yeah. Okay. These are the agreed upon. Some scholars add to that. Intentional vomiting. Yeah, intentional vomiting. Apart from this, all the other acts is a matter of disagreement between scholars.

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Some scholars say no, it does break your fast I was gonna say it doesn't break your fast, but at least let us stick to those things. No eating no drinking no sexual relationship and no *. Yeah, during the month of Ramadan and in sha Allah, you will be safe. The others either follow your madhhab Okay, or just

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put yourself on the safe side provided that it doesn't go too much. Okay. For example, some people say that smelling good smell breaks your fast this is not true. Yeah, some scholars mentioned it. Okay. Yeah. They mentioned it don't say let me be on the safe side and I should not apply perfume No, yeah. Because there is no indication from Sharia perspective that this could break you another question would have been insulin injection into danger. Now, we said eating or drinking. Now, some scholars said what is equal to eating and drinking also breaks your fast and some other scholars said there is nothing called equal to eating and drinking. Yeah, eating and drinking is eating and

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drinking eating means it showing something under swallowing it okay by your mouth the injection is not swallow chewing something and swallowing it Yeah, in injection it goes directly to your body. So some scholar said that injection does break you fast some other scholars say injection does not break your default Some scholars say that in nutrition okay injection does break your fast. We say okay, let me deal with Grant and maybe a CF option. Nutritional nutritional injection avoid adding nutrients or water to your body Yes, yeah. That avoid it during the month of Ramadan and if you have to do it, then make it up. Yeah, just

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get countenanced conscience but insulin is not okay. So medication for medication on purpose. Inshallah it doesn't break your fast. However, if you heard from any other scholar that no it does break your fast and you would like to adopt that opinion and make them up. You can do no one would say to you, no, no, don't do that.

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