The Day of Justice

Haifaa Younis


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lots of this assorted ambia now by Alma, Xena, this polynomial piano, this scale of justice will be put ready for the day of judgment, whether to glom on up sushi or not. And no injustice will be on that day, nothing. And Allah then he didn't say only nothing is nothing, maybe will give us a feeling but not the real. And then he says specifically what economists call a hot button minhag if it is an atom size, or is the seed of mustard, that small of injustice, we will bring it. That's why when people ask you why there is a lot of injustice in this world. This is very common thing people ask and the answer is because this is not a place where justice is going to be served.

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It's not a place

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dunya is the lower place where it is not a place of justice, the justice is there. And number two, the injustice we see we see it in justice. It could be a complete justice in the eye of Allah Pantanal. There is a reason why Allah allowed it to happen.