How to Speak to a Mixed Group as a Woman Public Speaker

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In a shame on you're watching

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Bismillah, your Walkman you're walking. And so Pamela very recently I was asked, What do you recommend for someone who wants to speak publicly to both genders.

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And one of my advices was with a lot of those orderlies. When you speak, speak formally and know what you are talking about that we all have to, but also, lat havanna will Don't joke too much. Don't be, you know what I'm saying. And unfortunately, where we are living, especially for all of us who works, this is very normal. The society we live in, and the atmosphere, it's very normal. I mean, if you don't work as your husbands, it's very normal. But that doesn't mean it's okay. I want we all have to know this. We are Muslims and you need to do it only once. And then people will know you know, the private space. The way you talk. Let's go out let's have a coffee. Let's do all these

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for them. They are not saying they are sick. It's normal for them. For me, I follow with a letter to