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The speaker is giving advice on how to prepare for a concert. They suggest putting a diary of what one is thinking about and not giving too much information. They also mention the importance of not giving too much information and not giving too many details.

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Rasul Allah as I share this with you but another reminder, the the crown jewel of Ramadan is this is layer two

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is the night of

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don't take it lightly the night of the other than a lot so I saw two sentences men commonly that will email and what is the person who stands up in the night that night the night of email and again fully believing that this is a one on one to me this is what I can do and this is what he will help me to do and this is the reward I will get. He will have he or she will have their sins completely forgiven you really need to look at this. I will ask you to do this exercise. It's up to you just think of it from today.

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How many of you keep a diary?

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a diary of anything.

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Okay. And hello Blimey with all the new technology we have. It's so easy on your notes, put a diary my sins. You put it every time you say something, just put one one don't don't go the details. It's a sin you know it. Put one you know when you when you start counting. So you look down at somebody you said something negative about somebody you thought you're better than someone you drained your soul out, let alone did not pray. The way you're dressed. You have to be honest, a lot of singers, you're not gonna show to anybody it's you. Count them. See from now to number one what's how many pages you would feel and this is only two weeks. uncommonly little content if you only pay

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attention, look forward and sincerely to the night of the other and you're going to give it its due right all these are given for a given day literally.

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Why it's so special.

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It's in front of us sorted to Han. Later mobile rocketed in akuna wondering, we have some doubt what is it? Quran fidelity moussaka, what is the blessing night in a kingdom? We are warriors or we are morning people and the other one what you will know what no feeling.

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This is this is where the name comes from. That we have sent down the Koran in the night often. And this is the second one is the beautiful Walmart

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if you just know what is limited, so the way I was saying you don't know the value, whatever you will think you're not going to give it to do right? Walmart the outcome is why hire room one night, one night these these this year will be maybe 10 hours isn't enough.

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Right will be maybe eight hours because the night is the night Heilmann every shot 1000 months how many years

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now you do your calculation.

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Every month every year is 12 months 1000 months.

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Calculate hieromonk artificial

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all the angels you know when you have like the huge celebration, Everybody is waiting. That's

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chill fighter comes out. You're going to make your resolve. You're going to make you I wouldn't say your oath blah blah but you really got to try your best that you're going to be up that night. You're going to be up that tonight. If you're working that's when I take vacation.

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That's when I take at least Sundays. I'm not gonna take it only the night of 27 nobody said to me.

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Definitely proof from Allah subhanaw taala that this is the night of the concert. You take the attendees, if you don't work, then you're going to talk with your children you talk with your family, give them what does this mean?

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It's not the time to go out it's not the time to go for shopping let alone prepare for aid. This is not in the last 10 days. This has altered be done now. You go and get your children or their clothes, you bake the cookies of the for the aid or you're going to order it whatever it is the last thing this is the 10 days in my life in my year where I am going to fill my pantry. The empty spiritual pantry that I have. That's my opportunity to fill it up. And that's where our most part is located. Give it its due right the night of the other