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I said I want to go out into the lobby to Kanto surrounds where you're from, we'll get started in five minutes or if we reach 100 People whichever comes first.

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The score is

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thing to 22222 days past a 101st and two days. We hit the top of the hour.

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I didn't know I like Mr. Lamb and slow mo and do in Dubai or Sudan. Hamid I met in Kashmir. Welcome back while Mr. Nam eylea. I think Mr. Nam shouldn't co Atacama Sinha zato Attica Messina.

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Look na quadric Mr. Nam

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right. Rahila Warlick Muslim.

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Fuzzy ha. In Trinidad so when they come Sofia in London like Madame

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Saima in the UK. She's zard like my son and marry him in Zurich, Switzerland, where your kids are Kaya like Muslim.

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I shot in Seattle

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in the CLR been bought by Sierra Dean Radek Muslim

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San Yannick Muslim, Ruby as a Brahim biller in Portland Oregon. Where are you right now for security reasons I do not share my locations

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for free shout when it comes to dama dama Arctic masala Hamid softer Arctic masala

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got such a man in Ethiopia. Surya in the UK, hey we're almost going to hit 100 If we pass 100 Even if it's not the top of the hour we will get started The score is to two if we pass 100 Often I will raise the number

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case study in Qatar how Nigeria

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per US go hard in Pakistan are they concerned I say Patricia they're gonna slam it into the commerce Salam

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Altaf Hussain yes yesterday my uncle was here and today Mr. Altaf Hussain chef of buffer Singh. Thank you. Thank you to welcome

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and fat How big is your family now?

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Welcome Altaf diamond me shy. is Mina ACHEMA Sadam got many Oh, and we passed 100 When it comes to Islam in Spain, how long have you lived for for 10 minutes inshallah. Donna?

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Okay, let's get started. Take one. It's Milan de la salatu salam ala Rasulillah. ohana, Edie wasabi Malala and my bad. So today I was reading about a 93 year old man in Italy who had COVID and, and he healed from it. So he's 93 years old. He had COVID he had the virus. And he healed from it. He was on the ventilators. And then at the end when they were discharged, discharging him from the hospital. They gave him the bill for the ventilators. And it's it was something like 500 euro per day. And the man started crying. And and the people said, don't worry if you can pay the bill that we'll find a way and stuff like that. He said, No, I'm not crying because of the money. I'm crying

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because these ventilators helped me breathe for one day, and I had to pay 500 euros. But God has allowed me to breathe his air for free my entire life.

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And indeed, to God is worth God is worthy of all praise and Hamdulillah. And I thought this was such a beautiful thing. And a reminder, so today's

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creative speech, or this little reminder each other dollar is about muscles. I'm going to talk to you about muscles because the COVID virus attacks the lungs.

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It's a reminder for us to thank Allah subhana wa Donna for our own muscles. So I looked this up. I'm not a health practitioner. I know nothing about this, but I looked it up. There's three types of muscles.

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Three types of muscles. One is a

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Cardiac muscle such as your heart, a cardiac muscle, it's such as your heart. And interestingly, it moves without your control. So you're not controlling the movement of your heart, Allah subhanaw taala controls it. The other type of

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muscle is a smooth muscle and you people who are more knowledgeable about this can can correct me if I'm wrong, but I looked it up on the internet and we know everything on the internet is correct,

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is a smooth type of muscle. And a smooth type of muscle is like your lungs or, or your kidneys. I don't know if your kidneys is a muscle or not, but it's smooth and it also moves involuntarily. You can't stop your breathing. You can't stop it will just override you and it will continue breathing. You can stop your heart your heart will will overprice it will keep going. But then there's a third type of muscle and that is a skeletal muscle.

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It's a skeletal muscle. And that's the type of muscle that you do have control over the muscles such as in your fingers in your biceps. You're lifting things up. Those are the skeletal muscles. All right, so these two types of muscle are these three types of muscles. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, and so the piano

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oboe seems to be a woman or

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possiamo been enough see no one

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said no and Nigel Mara, Ivana, Bala Kadina, and also weird Anna, when you think about these different types of muscles, and the bones and all these, all these things, you know, subhanAllah we have long muscles, we have short muscles. We have wide ones and thin ones, you got super tiny muscles that move like in your toes and your fingers and you got big muscles such as your thighs and your back and then you've got your lungs that are breathing. Allah subhanaw taala says

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do they not think that we will not resurrect their bones, Bella Pardini indeed, we are capable Isla and Musa we have banana to recreate their fingertips. So even the fingertips And subhanAllah that, you know, somebody came, you know, I don't know if it was like 100 years ago, 20 years ago, and they said human being fingertips. They're all unique all around the world. So all these human beings and all the uniqueness of even the intricate detail of a fingertip Bella Cardini. And Allah subhanaw taala says indeed, we are capable of recreating even the fingertips. Now this issue of you know, the complexity of the human body and the amazing creation of Allah subhanaw taala. There was somebody at

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the time of the prophets of allottees sent him in Mecca who wanted to

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wanted to embarrass the prophets that Alana sent him. So he took a bone and he crushed it into dust, and he threw it to the ground. And then he said, Oh, Muhammad, are you saying that God will resurrect this bone after it's turned into dust? And everybody's like, yeah, it's dust. It's just a bone. Allah subhanaw taala says this isn't sorted. get seen. I've already read Yacine while not all by Lana Medina wooziness.

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Allah subhana data says he makes an analogy for us, and he forgets his own creation. When I see a Hanukkah or MA or Hillary wanna yell at me mean? He says who will resurrect these bones after they've been turned into dust? And Allah subhanaw taala says in response while you're here, lady, Sha.

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One say the one who made it in the first place is the one that's going to resurrect it. Say the one who made it in the first place is the one that's going to resurrect it. When you look at Subhanallah are are a bad are a bad is not a passive intellectual type of a bad

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because Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, way of Quran Allah pm and Makoto don't wanna you know, be him they they remember God they remember ALLAH subhanaw taala pm and standing sitting reclining. So we're in all these positions, you know, in an homage one of my favorite.

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My favorite rituals in the rituals of Hajj is

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Is the gym a lot? The gym right and a lot of people get scared about it and they're like, oh there's gonna be a stampede or we're gonna die or something like that. keep us safe but the gym rod what's amazing about it is how much of your body you need to use in order to do this worship of Allah subhanaw taala so yes, there's the fear. Yes, there's the you know, there's pushing yes, there's, you know, you've got little rocks, you're aiming for the rock you're throwing at the Jumbotron. And as you know, your whole body, your whole existence. You can't be like thinking of something else when you're doing the Jumbotron. And and all of that with all your whole body and mind and all your

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muscles and all your limbs working together. You say one thing, Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar. It is such you know, if anybody asked me what's the most amazing part of had our time is the Jamaat. The Jamaat is absolutely amazing. Because with all of that movement, everything goes back to hammer. It's almost like you're hammering into your own creation, that Allah is the Greatest Allahu Akbar, Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar. So worshiping Allah subhanaw. Taala isn't an intellectual, it isn't an intellectual activity. So when you see somebody say something, God knows what's in the heart, know, Allah gave you these limbs and told you to get up and pray to do your Salah. And when you do

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your Salah, standing, bowing, prostrating, all your limbs are moving in harmony with what you're saying. And that is Allahu Akbar, semi Allah and him and Hamidah Allah Akbar. And so the action that I want to remind you today in sha Allah Tala is that when you get up for your Salah today and not being lazy about it, but actually getting up and saying, Hey, these muscles, and these

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these muscles and these bones that I have lust pinata, Allah gave it to me, it's a miracle. It's a gift from Allah subhanaw data. And this is my chance to thank Allah for what he's given me in these muscles and these bones and the heart that keeps beating and the lungs that keep breathing without my control. Alhamdulillah for every muscle that we have, we think Allah Spano Tata, and we do our Salah

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and ask Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness. And that's it. That's our reminder. Wasn't that cool? Yes, I work hard for these things. Trying to find new topics for you guys. Zack, love Halen, big Sadam to everybody out here. Specialist Anantha, Altaf and his family cycle ahead and we're done. Next session or net we do these Facebook Lives at 3pm or 2:55pm New York time. So schedule according to that they're short. Just a quick reminder and we're done to Zach Allah. Hi, Anna. I said I wanted

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