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The speaker discusses the importance of staying up late to avoid getting sick and the need to practice socializing during the day. They also mention a social gathering happening in Milan and the importance of staying up late to avoid getting sick. The conversation is a mix of personal and professional personal, and the speaker provides examples of how people are trying to stay up late to avoid getting sick.

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What do you do in it?

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Number one,

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we don't sleep

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it's an idea that you do not sleep unless

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you're This is the natural dude that tired. So you make sure your rest of the day make sure you take a nap in the day you know what I am sick any, you take all the precautions don't eat too much at a fall. Even if you want to take a little bit of a nap after model which I don't recommend, but if you're definitely that tired, but you make sure you are up or that night and you will alternate in your bed between reading the Quran between the hour between standing in the Salah between doing good work. If you're not in a state of Attica do good work. All the good works with a generous smile help people forgive people feed people with the intention because it is layer 200 How many of you do t

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calf do they allow you to do to cover the mustard? Okay, how many of you do a ticker?

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Zero? Perfect. How many of you, they don't do a teacup because the family issues meaning the husband does not allow

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only to the others. My choice.

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I highly recommend that's why I said if the husband allowed because that's their right. If your husband allow and you can arrange for your children everything I highly recommend you do at least the odd nights, at least on nights. Now, having said that, which is really painful what I have to say, yeah, it carving the budget is not steep over

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long quadratic curve and you're taking your phone and it's sitting next to your friend. And you're knowing all her life story all her daughter's out where they live, how many children they have, no, this is not an article. It's a social gathering. Please don't do it.

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Better, don't go to the mercy of evil because you are doing it on the others to cover you know how he did it.

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You know how he did it was unimaginable. And he's also on who's going to even Yanni tonight to engage in a talk with him as well as latos law in the last 10 days. In spite of that he actually Ben Akiva he built like they built for him to build with Apple, they bring like a piece of clothing or a sheet and they do it like a small tent as he goes inside it.

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I know

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that's a sticker.

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He didn't take his cell phone, let alone he took all his food or coffee we drink.

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So it's amazing act of a valid. I can't tell you how beautiful it is. But you have to do it properly. If you are not allowed or whatever the reason you cannot go to the masjid. You can do it in your home.

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And you look at it as Hollywood. It's the whole idea of Attica is to be alone with a ball you cut all the distractions we all complain about. See the feeling. The feeling when you're alone was pantalla what happens to the sport, how clean it will be. And that's actually the body of the last 10 days of Milan because he was surrounded all the time. Except the last year he did 20 days after the last summer He fasted before he passed away.

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He did 20 days.

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So 10 days is the Sun 10 days is the the widest 20s even better, but it will be tough for a woman to do 20 and she has family. But 10 days you can do 10 days that I'll do every other day.

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Or at least see any there's many ways of you doing when you go for Tommy there is there is a room some says you can do decaf, any limited few hours of particular when you go to the masjid, you're going for

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that fart look at it as ethical meaning no cell phone, no talking with people at all. And people will know when you are coming here. I know and help each other. You everyone knows everyone. It's a small town. You can see them afterwards. You see them in a dumpster. There's our eighth party and everybody will see everyone know the life story. know everything about it. But not in the last.

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You know what I'm saying? It's an opportunity because again and again I don't know if I'm living into the next year. I don't know if I'm gonna live for the next few weeks but at least I made the intention. I made the resolve to do that.

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One thing which is also amazing.

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Amazing. The night of 27 the machine is parked parked. There is no place to park a car. Light of 28 mamajuana by

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late night of 29 nobody. People are in the markets vying for aid.

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Did I always say people did a lesson you like a message said 27 is

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The night Tell me so I know No, this is nobody knows what it is to have half an AV and look for it in the odd nights of the last 10 nights. So 21/23 25th 2729 now another thing what you see it very frequently how often we started on Milan and then later at the end of Ramadan orientia what they say you know what Ramadan should have started that day and all the become even and they even became odd and I missed

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that's why it's look for it in the last 10 days in the last 10 days. Look at it as it is every night is as valuable as the other night and give it its due right? Absolutely. So but usually it is most probably it is the last in the audit night and there is a science about it but one knows you will know the sign afterwards. You don't know the sign before