Turning to Al-Qawiyy for Strength

Haifaa Younis


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Bismillah your Walkman you're watching.

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I am weak, holy Paladin Samuel bifa. So what the desert teaches me, I need to go back and get connected with away. The old strong. This is what I need. I always like look at it. And I always give examples from our daily life. Look at if I want, for example, to you go to the source of something simple, you want a milk, you go to the grocery store, because the grocery store has the milk, right? You want them to buy a clothing, go to a department store. So now I want to be strong.

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I'm going to go to the source of what the strength is not being sold. It's being given and who has it and who owns it. And are we the strong nobody's strong as a loss. pantalla so when I turned to him, and I say y'all Allah, I am very weak one lie, I cannot do this anymore. What are you telling him? You're showing your and my weakness? And the remember the verse is what father er yohannes and Tamil Pokhara Illa Allah who will love me you will Hamid, all human being Remember, you are the beggars You are the poor to Allah. And Allah is Allah money, the rich, the self sufficient, Al Hamid worth praising and then he says this, I love this idea. Yes, you have come if he wills he will

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remove us. All of us were to be helping God and He will bring in other people.