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If it falls on a Friday, do we have to pray tomorrow as well?

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Double Jeopardy right? We've already been punished the only ones in the morning with some lame hood but now we're gonna be punished twice as the hula hula teams aren't that bad? Yeah, nice things are getting a lot better. Okay, this is a very interesting issue a number of different opinions from the Sahaba themselves actually and then from the fuqaha as well the majority of the scholars, let's not beat around the bush and especially most probably even my boy hanifa Allah, Allah, never upon the opinion that Juma is a hard core obligation that cannot be superseded by any other reality are lots of counter other he as he said, allows the states Yeah, is a new DNA slotomania melodramatic first

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cell Eliza de la Rosa robear. Allah says that

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first Yani

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rush hurry to the dropper. And it's a command, the whole point is that it's an individual obligation. The amarrian is very, very clear. There's no

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supplementary evidence that will take it away from this individual obligation. Of course, in on a normative sense, we will agree on that all of the scholars agree that it is one of the key individual obligations. Of course, there are other IDs, which threaten great punishment for the person who misses drama, repeatedly. So it's very, very serious. And so their argument is, is that anything, especially aids or another event, doesn't take it the obligation away from attending drama.

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The opinion outside nurse might have been a fan of the Allahu taala, who was a bit more lenient, his position was that the people who come from very far they don't need to upgrade their drummer, they've already come into the city once and you know, there was a mission for them to come in, they heard the hook, but they got the job done and then

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come back again. And a number of scholars actually chose this and some of the chef at us colleges accepted this as well. Another opinion was was insane they said that on the on the even though heartbreak has gone so you can do this, you can disregard that. Okay.

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That we didn't choose is the opinion of Mr. Smith. And there's discussion about that as well, but from their most authentic require from his son. This is the the chosen opinion. And its most famously expressed by even Samia and even wrote by him. And what did they say? They said, No, a person, if you look at some of the Hadees, you will see an indication clearly that there is a concession for the person who doesn't want to play drama to be sufficient to be surprised with the

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with the with the prayer in the morning. There's a hadith which the Hadith of the prophets of life and limb after he came and he prayed a prayer. He said, I'm going to show up on your Sunday

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matcha and your Sunday, folio Sunday, whoever wants to pray, then let them pray. And you're referring to the Juma and this he says his chain is good. In actual fact, in my opinion, the head is all good. When scholars say that the chain is good, it's because they're not so confident about the meaning of the Hadees. But remember, Noah we and him, they considered the chain to be Jade. And I think when you look at the supporting narrations that Hadees itself in meaning is also a well supported. There's another famous narration, which is more explicit, but it's not very strong as it is by itself. Frankly, I would never have used it in this in isolation. But when you combine the

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different durations together then this headies meaning is sound in and is it's in line with the rest of the headies. The purpose of life Adam said Batista fiocco has a hidden from an exam meningioma. What inner and this is the interesting point we're in now with john Muir on that in this day, today, on the Friday, two EADS have come together because Friday, of course, is the heat of the every week and eight of the years obviously either repetitive or not hot. So he said to the companions, on this day, the eight and the two E's have come together. So whoever wishes then this, he will be sufficient for him. For the drama, he doesn't need to come back with the drama, but we are going to

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get for the drama, we are going to play the drama opera. So from this, what do we learn, we learned that actually it is still as soon as you establish the drama for yourself. The prayer itself has got to go ahead because there are some people that might have missed Juma might have missed eight sorry, they might have not had the opportunity, they might want to come for the Juma prayer. So that email must establish it must be more resolved. He has to come whatever happens. But as I've been saying, he has said, a person's come and pray the praise is the message. You've seen the masses, he's got the only the reminder for the week. So that's enough, he doesn't need to return again. And that's

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the opinion that I follow. Yeah, I don't think there's a real need. However, I do believe it is sooner. And I'm comfortable with that position. And if a person can and it's not a problem, and then you know, it's not like we don't need reminders. Yeah. And you know, people are not exactly there's lots of history in our current generation. So if they can come good, but are they obligated to come? No, no, in my opinion, I'm not in the position of isn't Tamia and so when I choose

Is Jumu’ah still on obligation if it is Eid? Are there different opinions on this matter?

Shaykh Abu Eesa answers.

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