Mohammad Elshinawy – Ramadan 2024 – Divine Parables #02 Fires & Rainstorms – Shades Of Hypocrisy

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses two parables in the century before COVID-19, one for the worst form and the other for the greatest loss of life. Both parables involve people who have been infected and try to claim their own success. The importance of faith and action is emphasized, along with the need for care home for minorities. The transcript uses examples of false assumptions and mis acknowledgements of Islam, and uses words like "imaging light" and "imaging light" in the context of "imaging light." protecting one's heart from "imaging light" is also emphasized.
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ask Allah azza wa jal to accept in this month, your every door I say I mean

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and allow for us moments in this month that better our trajectory in our lives towards him and his pleasure, Allahu Allah, I mean, and contribute to the betterment of this ummah and its condition Allahumma Amin.

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we begin on our journey with the parables the M fell of the Quran. And we say that these parables are stories, actually, they're not even stories, they're snapshots. They're scenes that Allah azza wa jal strikes for us, so that we may adopt for flawless perspective to have the best perspective on life, on the world on reality on ourselves. The very first parable in the Quran in the beginning of Surah Al Baqarah, is a parable that we had to rush through a few Ramadan's ago during taraweeh. Which, when we were speaking about the FARC, or the shades of hypocrisy, what happens when a heart hypocrisy creeps into it or ruins it altogether May Allah forbid. And these are two parables, the

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parable of fire and the parable of rainfall.

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On the second page, second full page a total Bukhara and this is already very profound because fire is the source of light. And rain is the source of life. And this Quran came down to be our light. And likewise, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was called the light and of Allah's Beautiful Names and nor the lights the guiding lights of Hannah who are to Allah, and then life coming with rainfall, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, my fellow man, Attorney Allah who be mean alHuda the example of what Allah sent me with of guidance is like the example of life and Asaba Alden, a rainfall that came down when the earth needed it most to quench a dry earth. And then some,

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some lands sort of dismissed the water some lands held it for others didn't manifest themselves, some land actually blossom. So the greatest objective of this rainfall which Allah sends down is for our lives to blossom. However, when the heart became infected, it was a very different experience. So there are two parables, one of them for the full blown worst form of hid it hypocrites. That is hard to imagine to be honest in our day and age because there isn't much worldly reason to pretend you're Muslim. And the major hypocrite is someone pretending to be Muslim while knowing they're not. Allah azza wa jal, it says about them. methylome Camus alila distell cada Nowra their example is

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like the example of someone that seeks to kindle their torch from someone else. So they pick up faith from their fellow believer, right? For Allah Allah Atma, how Allah Who Falana Allah and Muhammad Allah whom they have Allah Who venuti him, and then when it was fully illuminated all around them, they're in the company of believers. In other words, not just the light of Allah, not just the light of the messenger saucer lamp, but they saw faith in action. They saw the Enlightened believers around them, and they still didn't benefit from that. They still didn't and so Allah says he did away with their lights that have Allahu venuti him, the light is still on, but their light is

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off in the middle of that. May Allah protect us. What are our care home field little Matt in law, you will see rune and he left them in darkness is where they can never see. Notice they kindled a fire. He didn't say he did away with their fire, he said he did away with their light. So tucked in there is a threat that the heat and the smoke and the suffocation and the burning remain. So monbulk Women are immune for whom like your yard, your own. Allah says deaf, dumb and blind in the spiritual sense. They're a lost cause, and they will never returned. These are people that are locked out of faith. But this is hard to imagine, in our context living as minorities because once again, why

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would you pretend to be Muslim? Right? Hard to imagine not impossible, but hard. The second example, the example of rainfall, Allah azza wa jal says or the example of another shade of hypocrisy is Casa de bien Mina Santa rainfall that comes down from the sky, supposed to make you blossom, but for them because the receptacle what they're receiving with is compromised. Fee here little math when Laura dunlea bark, they experience it as darkness and lightning and thunder claps your Aluna or sabia whom feet then he means slower at the hazard will melt that causing them to

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stick their fingers in their ears from the thunderclaps. The guidance is disturbing to them because they are torn in between without there being abena VALIC. Other verses say they're one foot here, one foot there. The guidance to them is disruptive to the comfort they wish they could have now before Jana, it is sort of intrusive on their frivolous lifestyles, right? So they wish they could but they can't stop. So they just tried to close their ear to it.

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And then the next verse goes on to say, you can't do Berkeley UCLA for Apsara home, The lightning almost snatches away their eyesight, you can go like this all you want. The truth is glaring for these people. And it's so painful. It's so truthful, it's painful, painfully true. We call it right. Coup lemma. Allah Allah home. And as I'm wrapping up quickly, every time the lightning flashes, and I always say, you know, when you take a picture, have you ever seen those award winning photos? When the lightning flashes even at night, it looks like it's daytime. Look, if you ever seen it, right? Every time the lightning fast flat mesh selfie, they walk in the light, wait for either of them, I

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lay him camo and then when it becomes dark, again becomes dark very fast. Again, they stop

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meaning of the signs that the heart is compromised, is when you're go stop, go stop in your faith. You hear the reminder, okay, I'm gonna forgive the person. Okay, I'm gonna pray my five or maybe you just start or you take a few steps, then you stop again. That's of the most dangerous signs. But you know why? Because the very next line in these ayat is well I will share Allah who doesn't have that be seminary him well beside him. And if Allah Who wants he could get rid of the hearing and the site altogether, you could be category one. Meaning these lightning flashes they get farther apart until the flickering of the light stops happening all together. And I say this you know, we always say

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like be protective of the flickering flame, be protective of the light of your faith. Think about Ramadan, start your Ramadan with the end in mind. This is true. But we can also flip this on its head and say the opposite. That Ramadan is the month of lights. Protect this one light Allah gave you at least one more. They're not unlimited. They're not guaranteed ask Allah to protect your life. Some of you have started already for giving more graciously. Some of you have already started praying more regularly. Some of you have already started giving more generously. Some of you have already started dressing more appropriately, protect it, protect it. Now there may be no more and

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that is why the most frequent dua of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ever was yarmulke level cube Oh Turner of the heart. stabilize my heart. stabilize my light for me. stabilize my heart on your dean. Think about you must believe this brothers and sisters I'm done. But we must believe you came into Ramadan by invite only

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at least one more illumination for us. You came into the masjid tonight by invitation only no one's allowed in his house without his permission.

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So may we value that and appreciate it and make more out of it than ever before. Allahumma Amin wa sallahu Salah Baraka b&m. $100 early here are some of your dream just like locally

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