Roc Your Ramadan 2017 – Day 29

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Ash-Shaafee— The One who cures, the Healer

Daily Reminder Day 29 – Ash-Shaafee— The One who cures, the Healer. Believe Allah swt is the only Healer and that Allah swt is the One who heals whomsoever He wills and He decrees sickness and death for whomsoever He wills. So trust in Him first and foremost, and then make use of the lawful treatments He made available for you through medical and other sciences. However, never attribute healing to medicines or other means and always to Ash-Shaafee only. Don’t forget to say say bismillah when you take any medicine.

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Some level handwritten notes on the center so that's it Mr. aikman hoplite over cattle, the others as you were coming in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2017 day 29 Allah

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Ramadan is over. So However, this could be the last day of Ramadan I asked Allah subhana wa tada to accept in a way that in this present month,

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I still want to, in fact, I want to end these episodes of Rocky Ramadan in 2017 with the beautiful name of Allah, a chef, a chef. A lot of times, you know, people are not they come and they ask chef make the art for me of my mother or my father or for my loved one. They're there, they're sick.

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They maybe have cancer or maybe they have some sort of disease.

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Please make

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this beautiful name of Allah

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is for every person who's sick, because the person who's sick may despair may lose hope. And this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala has revealed this name as sheffy

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a sheffey the one who brings Shiva the one the one who heals the one who cures to diseases subhanho wa Taala Shafi

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Allah subhana wa Taala says in this hadith Potosi after the moratorium Rodney

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Oh my servant I got sick and he did not visit me this how do you decide?

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And I would say be how take that road Okay, how are how would I visit you and you have the Lord of the Lords.

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Allah subhana wa tada says, All my servants, my slave, so and so got sick, Have you visited him he would have found me there with him. So is the blessings that descends when a person is sick This is why they say also that the person who's sick is the is Mr. Jab. His daughter is granted why he's so close to Allah subhana wa Tada. So, one should not lose despair or should not lose hope or should despair when he or she becomes sick, because you have the name of Allah Shafi

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what is our motto to Fenway he Ibrahim says and when I get sick, he is the one who gives me Shiva a Shafi on money maxalto

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he's heartbroken this money the sick he's psychologically spiritually his skin broken. You know this, there's five main worries, five main worries, you have sickness number one, number two sadness number three, poverty. Number four, depression, anxiety and number five death these are the main five worries, sickness is a very you know is one of them. And a lot as illusion. He is a Chevy subhana wa Tada. So, when you get sick, rest assured that there is Allah who is a Chevy, when you get sick, your your your cure may not be found with the pub with the with the with the with the doctor, a doctor is a mean yes, but he may not have your cure, and the cure will be found in a lot

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of sheffey. So when you get sick, here is a name of a lot to use. The name of Allah sheffy I want to say more about this beautiful name of Allah, the healer, until another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2017 I say I said I'm on a spotlight IRA