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The speaker discusses Overwatch's training camp and how it is designed to help people understand the importance of fasting and avoiding negative behavior. They encourage people to show themselves that they know what they want to achieve and to work on themselves. The training is designed to help people learn to deal with anger and avoid negative behavior.

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Are as well as AutoSum What do you say when you break your fast? So here you are after 16 hours, finally, the moment comes, that's

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okay. And that will come up after all.

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thirst has been squished or gone. Alternative ope and the vessels, the blood vessels is being worked well in total

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and the binary word is implanted is

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and that's that's the one I was used to always sit beside me. So remember this, they know it all.

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There's no yes or no, I don't know what's happening Yes, yes and if you don't know please learn it again a small piece of paper with your children with a translation with a translation for it

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even better if you want to do a project for Milan project total about simple easy and you will get a lot of rewards. You know make the small these cards, small cards, make this job and give it to people in the message as they are breaking. How much difference you will get, let alone for your children. And let's not neglect your children that go online and look for this heavy wooden train station. Let them design keep them busy to do something for

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coming to the holidays.

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That's another big piece of chocolate. You're going to put on your cake. I don't know how many of you can do

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what is it?

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your fasting your fasting have to be different than everybody else control the angle of sale moving at the same time he's actually review earlier. So yeah, fasting sheet. If somebody one of you is fasting, Ryan Williams don't say words don't say things that is displeasing, total, and of course they'll have a relationship. And if someone is transgressing against your model, say

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one of the things you're meant to work on yourself. For those of you who have temper Can I see hands that people have temporary?

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Already have real

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Jani when you get upset that children are under the couch?

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Okay, so let's take it one by one. If you are someone who under the couch children, right? You can.

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And and I mean this, this is one of the beauty of Overwatch training camp. Number one is a training camp, but we don't look at it this way. It's a training camp. Do you like being so upset? How much you will regret afterwards? We all do we all see it. And it goes over to to me was like why did I do this? Right? So you want to be common and it doesn't mean you don't get upset?

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Actually, anger is part of us a lot. polytunnels. It's not the anger itself. It's the action. The action to anger is what is being advised to control but not the feeling. And of course if I see someone disobeying the law, I'm not happy. But how I respond is what what a lot one for me and what the reality is. So if you're somebody with the kids under the couch, when you get upset, you're going to say to yourself, this is not going to happen and

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they will not hear my voice. It's gonna be a yoke.

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And they will learn as I look at them, they're under the couch.

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Maybe you're under control, but you're still not happy. Did you get the point? improve? If you are usually usually you get very upset but you are a kind of person who is introverted, meaning you don't show anything but it is inside you. Then you need to work on yourself inside that you will prove to yourself that you know what? I disobeyed especially with the children. This is what I tell the woman you get so upset when the children disobeyed How many times have we disobeyed in a day

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and he still gives me any and it feeds me. You're new and me and giving me all these opportunities. So look at yourself, if you are someone who doesn't lose your temper, and I've seen people

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be grateful because that's an element as a human, not everyone else. So part of the cake, achieve beautiful you're going to tell yourself I have 30 days, life goes on and on my children, our children square school, work is work. Traffic is a topic. We get upset of traffic.

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Right? And we think everybody is wrong and we have like a one knows how much we were speeding and how many stops out we didn't even stop

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Throw in the old laughing because it's true, right? So look at yourself