Daily Dua in the Last 10 of Ramadan #14

Yahya Ibrahim


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by him along with Erica Mohammed many while the Mohammed

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Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim FLIR lemina in the academy do magic a lot more suddenly over Ricardo so you know whenever you know Mohammed Salah Allah while he was

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allow more Sanjana Mohammed Ali Mohammed incomers on a tala Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim along my vertical Yamaha marihuana early Mohammed income about the other Rahim Allah early Ibrahim in Academy nombre de la Hama inaka Abu Bula Fatah for a nap Allah Houma in Nicaragua want to hit Bula for

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Allah in the car for wound to him Bula for Safa and Allahumma in the car for wound to him. Bula for for Allah Houma in Dhaka for wound him Bula

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robina alumna who sent our inland delfield letter or have nella raccoon and let me know ha Siri, Allah we have wronged our souls we acknowledge our mistakes before if you don't forgive us and show us mercy then we will always remain as losers.

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Allah Khomeini Nick Capital One to him Bula for five one Allah you love to forgive and pardon sins you are the one who forgives and pardons Oh Allah forgive us and pardon our sins in this blessed day and night out of the normal but alojamento Ballina in nikka and that the Weber Rahim Allah accept our repentance and return to you You are the one who accepted to law you are the one who is able to allow us the honor of being forgiven this blessed month of Ramadan Allah which I'm now with me then all lawmakers from those who are freed in this month of Ramadan free us of our sins free us of our access is free from our mistakes free us from our past year Allah Allah free us from the things that

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have brought us to ruin your hammer I mean, Allah we ask you to help us to stand up again in your faith and in your worship our hammer I mean to be functional, better Muslims each and every day as we perceive yet Allah. Allah allow us to be guided and to guide others to Allah allow us to be guided in guiding others to you yeah Allah. Allah banana to FM in Messina our partner Robin Allah Tamil Alina is Hong Kappa Hamilton who Allah Allah vena cava Lena robina wanted to have Minami Allah tala NaVi wa for well fitting that our having an demo all NFL so now they'll only care if you're in overload do not hold us to blame for that which we have forgotten or have made as a mistake before

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you Allah. Allah don't burden us like the nations before as don't put upon us what we cannot withstand Allah, Allah pardon us And forgive us a choice Your mercy Allah Allah pardon us And forgive us and show us your mercy Allah for now. Well, Fiddler now or Hamner for I'm now offering Lin our n demo learner Yeah, Allah your only protector Yeah, Allah phones so now I know COVID caffeine give us victory and supporters against those who disbelieve Allah

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or better Allah to the kulu banner about data data now what have led me LED on karapatan inaka Intel we're all we asked you that you do not allow our hearts to deviate from you. Yeah, Allah yeah masala refill, follow? salary follow when Allah Dini Allah you are the one who changes and moves hearts to and from Allah turn our hearts towards Allah turn our hearts towards the truth yet Allah turn our hearts towards you your man Oh Allah Don't let our hearts deviate from the path of righteousness Don't let us be for those who fall away from the truth Yeah, Allah

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yeah hamara Hamid guide us and send us this gift of guidance from you. Yeah, Allah make it a mercy into our hearts and our homes and our families. Yeah. Allah into our schools and our communities. Yeah, a lot of benefit Lee when he well he they are biophilia Valley Valley they are a mini ROM bill Finley, what do you do the year where even the head of ATF Mina, balefully very rarely do a little mini nail now formal his Allah forgive me Forgive my parents and forgive the believers who have entered my home the believers who have shared with us in these days from deep from near or from Faria Allah, Allah for everyone who has been charitable to others free them of their sins yet Allah

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everyone who has been kind to others free them of their sins. Yeah Allah for everyone who has turned to you in a worship love freedom of their sins. Yeah, Allah. Allah allow us to witness later to Allah allow us to witness the blessing night of podria Allah, Allah we acknowledge our mistakes. Yeah, Allah we need them to you yeah, Allah we ask you to forgive them for us. Yeah, Allah, Allah tnfa dunia hustler orfila Sen. wolfinger Devon. Allah give us good in this life good in the next life and protect us from the punishment of Hellfire protect us from the seams that are in Hellfire area a lot better to have ballerina in the semi olallie or Lux I promise you with all hearing the

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old knowing yeah Allah you're the old hearing all seek old knowing ALLAH forgive

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Our sins yeah I mean, and we accept our repentance you Allah, the self that Allah had I'll even let you know where you want to go la style federal law a lot even let Isla Illa Illa who will how you look how you want to lay the Stella Villa halali Villa de Illa Illa Illa who will how you are you want to relay Estelle with her law and all even love He

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will hide your car you were at Google in a astell federal law had already been living in New York on your way to LA I still feel law Hello the evil lady

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will hide Eureka you want to go in a little law and all the desktop federal law Hello Avi astell federal law Hello all the law remember all that we can we then have a well has that one over the weekend. I'd say well test it what are all the weekend we got to be available for a winner over the weekend. They work Richard Orla, we ask you to protect us at deliver refuge from grief and anxiety and fear and sadness from inability and laziness and cowardliness and and withholding our wealth from the poor Yeah, Allah. Allah protect us from being unkind to the poor and the needy Allah Allah we ask you to protect us from the burden of debt and from the coercion in the standing over of men

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Yeah, Allah protect us Dr. hamre Hamid Allah right now they'll be coming a bit later with call with Nyasha when I deleted my withdraw what in law you study Buddha, Allah we ask you to protect us from knowledge that doesn't benefit that doesn't get into practice we allow we ask you to protect us from a heart that doesn't humble itself to you Oh Allah turn our hearts to Allah sort of fluvanna la Allah turn our hearts you they are Allah. Allah protect us from eyes that can shed tears when we are remorseful to you Allah, Allah protect us from when we do not be against Allah Allah we stand at your door and no other Doria Allah. Allah you see our place you hear our words you know what's in

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our hearts. I love that cat that smell okay lemon, what are our mccadden water level? Matthew khudobin Allah you know what is in our hearts and what is in our needs and what is in within our intent to Allah. Allah. Allah Allah, Allah grant the support and victory Allah. Allah wants to know a Latin Sora la now we're heading a Robben Island I mean

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Allah I know a letter in Halina krummel Academy and assist us and don't assist us. Others against us. Yeah, Allah, Allah give us victory and don't give others victory over us. Allah Allah support us and don't support others over us. Yeah, our hammer Rahimi Allah we ask you to protect us from the removal of the kindnesses you have shown us in the grace of Allah we know that becoming aware living hermetic, what how will your athletic wear fauja at an aromatic with me so hadik or law protects us from the cessation and ending of the fevers you have provided us yeah, Allah, Allah protect us from any change in our bill well being to difficulty Allah, Allah protect us here are hammer I mean from

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the unexpectedness of the revenge that you will have against our sinfulness Yeah, Allah Allah give us a chance to repent before you hold us accountable yeah Allah Allah we ask you to protect us from everything that will agree Allah love amen I said okay agenda tobacco Robert la have been called in when I went when I was becoming a nerdy over a quarter of a of a cognitive admin will always ask you for paradise and whatever deeds bring us closer to it and we asked you to protect us from Gehenna but whatever deeds bring us closer to it. low maintenance look emoji better automatic was a verb of erotic Allah we ask you for your inner enormous amount of Rama and from the string that you can

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provide us in our conviction Yeah, Allah Allah right and then our other becoming either be Johanna more I will be now that will not protect us from the punishment of Jacqueline the punishment of the grave. When our other becoming fitna till my hair with my bad woman. Shall we fit that in the jail will not protect us from the punishment of the grave protect us from the trials and the difficulties of life and the moment of death and protect us? Yeah, are hammerlock II mean, yeah, Allah protect us from all of the evil that may come before and during and after the journey Allah, Allah, we ask you to protect the omo Mohammed that's Allah, Allah when he was 11, particularly our brothers in law, or

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law, protect the brothers and sisters in Alaska, or allow whoever has been falsely incarcerated and has been harmed or love give them their freedom. Yeah, Allah. Allah allow their families to be patient until they return to them yeah, Allah, Allah whoever seeks to take away the lead unjustly from Libya Allah allow allow them to be able to put up a resistance Allah allow them to be able to overwhelm public support for them. Yeah, Allah. Allah allow the world to see that atrocities and the oppression Yeah, Allah opened the hearts and minds of people towards the Palestinians. They are about to the people of Jerusalem. Yeah, I mean, yeah, Allah we ask you to protect us from law right

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now. The big I mean, minimum karate, removed karate philosophy. Well, our family will have

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work well as a hammer I mean, Allah protect us from all of the undesirable morals of the deeds of the desires and of the diseases of the heart Allah removed from our heart anger and jealousy and malice towards others, Allah removed from our heart to the impulse to sinfulness out law makers from those who are guarding of their privates Allah, Allah buffel foodora for all Jeddah Allah by fall now for all your I mean because of those who are modest in our behavior towards others yeah Allah and except for us the good that we do with the good that we seek of you your hammer I mean, Allah da da da no agenda severability very well Allah guide us and guide us through us and make us of those

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who are sources of guidance. Yeah, Allah, Allah homophone letter what have not wifey now why for Allah forgive us, show us your mercy give us your clemency Allah and grant us freedom from our CD Allah, Allah have a niqab for winter who live with our four and also Lila was selling was it robotic Allah said you know whenever you know Hamad Allah Saldana Muhammad Ali was Oliver Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad lafree Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik Alessi they're very you know, medium film La la la or hammer rock I mean, yeah, Allah Yeah, la except for mercy Allah, Allah except for us the little that we do yell hammer. I mean, please do support my sponsorship process for the

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orphans. I've just linked it in the comments. It's also in my link above. For those of you who are watching on my Instagram page. We are lots of kinda without except for my son. I look forward to seeing you this evening. Once again, was Santa Monica