Ramadan Series Day 20

Haifaa Younis


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The speaker discusses a course on improving one's fasting habits and delaying activities. They encourage people to practice and drink healthy foods to improve their health and fasting. The course also addresses topics such as anger and tempo.

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we take it very lightly either way because if I don't eat I'm gonna faint all I cannot eat at four o'clock in the morning what I cannot wake up at four o'clock

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it's not my choice it's a sooner This is not what I wanted to look at

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look at it as soon as and he said that he is allowed to sell this house and orderly have support for another supporting worker so who brings bargain blessings to your home

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you can eat okay nobody told you eat very healthy person eat superformance

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a cup of tea I need something breakfast whatever but do not not have a soul at all and not because I'm hungry no because of this because it is a tsunami of

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delay it because someone says you know what if you've ever I'm gonna eat and go to bed

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it's funny again I'm not talking about how you're so your your your fasting is valid but it is not the beauty delays that they get on salad me services how we are the one he used to say

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I used to have support with my family for whatever it is and you could sue

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yourself or you eat and my goal was to learn to the magic to make it for the first to come so how he was eating

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last minute last minute what what this course teaches you because of the different timing and everything 15 up to 15 minutes before so before

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you eat you're fine but even if you are eating and the other one is on says I want to finish to

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finish your what you are eating okay so delay is also outdoors a vital not because when you learn to change your houses my habit to an act of obedience

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So do they

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have make sure you have support and do they your support as soon as that's my see as soon as we all forget see work

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see work

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and go luxury okay I'm sure you all know this multi level if it wasn't hard for my room I would have waited a day to see what before every prayer and amazingly a lot if you haven't tried it I definitely have tried it. You don't brush your teeth and you will do your homework and amazing effect on your teeth. I've tried it because I heard it and I want to see sometimes I didn't have a toothbrush and amazing what's feeding you and you will get for your to your teeth and again you're not doing it because it's healthy

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no I'm doing it because it is

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and I will get more than one so we're so far how I'm going to beautify my my fasting what I'm going to put on my cake Bismillah let's see how much you learn.

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Now do you have a lot of supplication? What do I suggest? A lot

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sobald beautiful in everything. Anger, anger, tempo. Nice, generous.

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What is the goal without talking about the soon?

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Exactly. So glad you were able to bring your first copy maker to have the time off. You're breaking your fast and have suffered and delay the circle and soon