Ramadan Series Day 13 – The Month of Lights

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The speakers discuss the three stages of spiritual light: physical, tactical, and spiritual. They use examples like the use of parable and title in shaping titles to make them more appropriate for the teachings of Jesus Christ. The title of the video is a book called "The light" by the speaker, who discusses the importance of the title in shaping the title to make it more appropriate for the title. The video also uses a title called "Ok," to describe the importance of the title in shaping the title to make it more appropriate for the title.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, the 13th name of Ramadan that the scholars assigned to them Allah Subhana Allah, the name, lights, Chahal, Anwar not the shadow nor not one, the shot shot hole and warm the lights for the month of lights. And then in the planner, we put for you the idea of light in the Quran, Allah Who knows, somehow it will have an outcome to it in a second. But the first thing we need to think is what what is more, what is light, light is physical. Basically, you come to a darkroom, turn on the light, and you start seeing, so it's a way or it's an instrument that are used. So I can see physically, that's physically, spiritually, or even before spiritually

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unchangeable light is something we have inside us that I can see this something this thing is happening. There's no real physical life, but I see it. So if I don't study for exam, I see, I am going to fail. Or, if I'm going to walk in that street, I see there may be the danger. I just had the feeling. So that's number two. And number three is the spiritual. What is a spiritual light. That's the last one, what Allah taught us. spiritual light is when I have a belief inside me, that illuminate my feelings, my thinking, my goals, my way.

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Where I am going in this life and my way in the app. So we have physical light, right? We have unchangeable light, but and we have a spiritual light. Now let's go and say what is it and look at what is the relationship between Ramadan and lights? And let's go back to the source. How did the last pantalla use the word and no light? Or the

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other words that related to lights in the Koran?

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And then we can combine it and see where does Ramadan fall in this? Allah subhanaw taala described himself nor light

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that's the verse we put in the plan of Allah who knows somehow if you will, oh, Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth. Method Luli he the parable of his note capital H Allah is nor commodity Miss cotton is the parable of a niche an opening in a wall where there is no window committed commish cutting fee How is this opening in the wall has a light Alam

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kemiska TPR Miss wa l miss Murphy Zoo Georgia, this lamb, or this light bulb is not alone. It's actually inside glass. So Muthu can Muscat in Vietnamese, Swahili, Swahili, Georgia, the lamp is inside that a crystal ball.

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Look at this. So you have a door call. There's an opening unit in that Muscat. In that opening. There is this light. There is a lamp. The lamp inside the glass can Muscat and Fianna SMA SMA fisu Georgia, this glass Canna Coco boundary as if it is a shining star, the light in the lamp is not a switch is not attached to electricity. You are doing surety mobile aka there is an oil comes from a tree blesses the tree, which scholars agree it's the olive tree.

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National Theatre will ever be the light of this three comes not only in the morning in the evening, it's always there. The Academy's at Ohio the palolem temps. So, now, this tree this oil brings the light even if there is no ignition is shining, nor on light upon light. So scholar came and says this lights is the following the niche is the chest of the human being the lamp, the glass is actually the pure clear heart of the believer, the the ball of itself or that what brings the light is actually the

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faith, the man and the tree is actually the knowledge or the book of Allah subhana wa Tada. So Allah called himself mood. Allah called himself nor he also called the Quran No.

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Or is also light Allah Subhana Allah said it Yeah, your natural adjure more hanamura become one

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in a corner a movie or people has come to you from your Lord Vardhan poof we're in Xinjiang we sent down to you know, Ron Medina clear light and that's the haoran. They also call the Quran in many places in the Quran as light. One of the times he mentioned the Quran as light inshallah to shore up the end of Surah assura he said, look at Delica or hayner la Kill or Hanneman emelina and here we are we we have revealed to you as soul from us, ma Quinta de Mesquita, voila emang we didn't know what a book and what faith was Allah stock until Rasul Allah He saw to a center what I can join now when we made it to light the Quran nigp human nature Omen a bagina we go to throw it home, we will

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from our adsorbents so our Quran is a light. Why? When I read the Quran, and when I reflect and I understand what happens I start seeing things differently. As if I was in a darkroom and the switches on I start seeing things differently. I start learning about Allah, I start knowing that I am not in control, I start knowing that Allah is the one who can benefit. Allah is the one who can harm or allow harm to happen. I learned a lot of things by the Quran, we didn't know a lot of things till the whole time came till we start learning the oranda that this is for those of us who really do their best to learn the Quran. The other light Allah mentioned in the Quran is also an insult to

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a sinner. He was described as a light now you want to be in our Seneca Shah he didn't want to wish you're on one ideal. All profit we have sinned. You Shah had a witness in our silica hidden as a witness while oversharer a one who gives life tiding where you want to be in our Santa Casa Duomo version 100 a warner aha Wada Yola, he is me and you're a color to Allah by his permission, now comes the light or see Raja monniera and, and absolutely illuminating light. What did the roswaal ASR to sit down? Talk to me and you what Blighty brought. How do we know Ramadan is is a month we fast is the Quran is the light who brought us the Quran? Or was what he saw to a sinner? How did we

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know about tarawih? How did we know about how to we fast? How did we know how to ask Allah pantalla How did we know that there is a lot of hiren Baraka and this month it is all through a roswaal a salatu salam in Ramadan we practice and we use all these lights Subhan Allah we read the Quran that's the light we get on lots of lights, we follow the signal for us what a saw to set up that's lights and most importantly, we do our best struggle to please the light to please Allah subhanho wa Taala so Ramadan is the month of lights and I was wanting to sit on had the beautiful Allahumma Gylfi lb Nora yeah la bring light to my heart allama jiofi Lb Nora Have you send me an order and in

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my ears or in my hearing light What do you bus sorry, Nora in my seeing or sight? Light woman Mr. Lee Nora, and from a front of me new light woman, Kofi Nora, and from my from the back north, vaginally Nora, make me a light, what do I lean over and make a light for me, meaning I want to see what pleases Allah and to hear what pleases Allah, my heart harbor and connected with Allah through the Nord in him, Allah will make me see the right thing and do the right thing because I have more in front of me from what I am going to be doing or what I already have done. And most importantly, Allah makes me a new light to guide and illuminate the life of the others Yaro biani salaam aleikum

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Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh