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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi explains explicitly about the Day of Judgment in light of Surat Ad-Dukhan and Surat Al-Jathiyah.

Belief in Yawm al Qiyamah is the most talked about in the Qur’an after Tawheed. 40 names are mentioned in the Qur’an for Yawm Al Qiyamah. There are scientific, ethical, philosophical biological and rational concepts of the Day of Judgement.

Of a few descriptions of Yawm al Qiyamah is that people’s hearts will be in their throats meaning that they will be terrified beyond measure. young men will turn into old men.People will be assumed to be in a drunken state but they will not be actually drunken rather they are in a state of daze. On that day, the righteous will be saved and will pass through this day in a duration which is that between Asr and Maghrib. But those who had rejected Islam will have the day equal to 50000 years.


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Abdullah salatu salam ala rasulillah. Allah He was so happy about. So we recited sudo jothi and sudo to Han. And in both of these sutras there is a theme that is in fact one of the most common themes of the Quran and I thought it was appropriate to pause to pause on this particular theme and elaborate on it and the theme is belief in the Day of Judgment. So Dr. Joffe here actually gets its name from one of the descriptions of Yokoyama, what are called lomatin, Joshua kulu, merged into the illa kitabi. Her on that day, you will see every nation on its knees, Kula Ahmadinejad, Thea, every nation will be on its knees, and they will be called to their book and sorted to the horn as well.

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From the beginning to the end, there are references to your monthly ama. And in particular, there is that reference to the sun that is disobedient to the parents, that the sun makes fun of the parents and says, oh, Phil acuminata identity and okra, Jawaharlal Nehru remarkable that he's making fun of his believing parents. And he says, Woe to you, do you think that I will be resurrected? And where are all the nations that have come before me and Allah says to him way, like I am in woe to you just believe it is for your own benefit. So today's hotter on this very holy night of the 23rd night of Ramadan, which is also a night of Friday. So it is especially an important night because tomorrow is

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of course, the day of Friday. So the night begins right now. So on this night, I wanted to remind myself and all of you have one of the most fundamental pillars of our religion. In fact, this is the pillar that really makes our religion our religion, and that is the belief in yarmulke Yama, we all know that there are three fundamental theological points belief in towhead, in rusada, in our hero, this is really what makes a Muslim you believe in one God, and that one, God sends prophets to guide us and that there is a hill up there is a day of judgment. And this is what separates the belief of Muslims and some Christians and Jews because even some Christians or Jews these days, don't believe

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in an actual resurrection. They have moved on to a metaphorical belief. But for us, we believe in an actual resurrection and some groups of Christians and some groups of Jews also believe in the actual resurrection. And the name or the the term for this in the Koran is yom Okayama or yoma. Deen. These are the two most common terms. yom Okayama is called the AMA. Because on that day, people will be so terrified they will be standing tiama there standing up and when you are nervous or terrified you do not sit down and you're welcome is also called yoma. Dean Maliki oma Dean, and Yama Dean here Dean does not mean religion. This is a misunderstanding. For those who know just a little bit of Arabic

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they think Yama Deen means the day of religion No, over here, Donna Dino Yama Dean means the day you will get back what you have earned, the day you will get back your Jews. So Dean over here means the Day of Recompense the day that you will get what you deserve. And of the days of yom Okayama as well is Yeoman has syrup and Yeoman the Dhamma. Allah calls it an operon Yeoman Hazara the day of regret Yeoman dama, the day of remorse. Why? Because everybody, even the righteous people will feel some regret that I could have done more, some remorse, I could have done more. And we all are familiar with this feeling when we get the exam results, and we didn't put in the effort and it's a C or a D

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or an F for for the top students. If it's an A minus, they're like I could have gotten an A as well. Right. That's the Yeoman Hazara Yeoman Adama, and it is said that everybody even the righteous will feel this, that you know, I could have gotten a higher place, they'll get a good place, I could have gotten a higher place except for the shahida that said he will not have any regrets whatsoever. So this is the day of the AMA and Allah subhana wa tada mentions it quite literally in almost every single surah in the Quran. Quite literally it is mentioned second only to tawheed there is no concept that is mentioned more than km. And I challenge you, you will with difficulty find a page of

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the Quran that does not directly or indirectly reference your milk Yama, even in today's crowd was just paying attention to see how much I could find in will lie every paragraph there is a direct or indirect reference to the Day of Judgment. And if you look at the early MK consumers, ie the bulk of the kuranda Cameron is that 13 years there's no laws, as you know, there's very little rituals, the bulk of it is about to hate risotto. How many makansutra has mentioned your monthly ama and all you need to do look at Jews ama the small suitors either Simonton shortcut right away that Kohaku and all of these suitors that described in vivid detail, the day of judgment. And this all illustrates

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for us that belief in the Day of Judgment is a fundamental pillar of our Eman And we as Muslims need to think more deeply about this. It is also interesting to note that in the Quran, Allah proves the Day of Judgment logically biological

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Usually, rationally, ethically, a lot proves the day of judgment in many different ways. A lot of xojo proves that they have judgment in a rational manner. Allah says that the one who created you, for the first time can recreate you again. I'm the one who began the creation, right? Why can't he repeat it again. In fact, Allah says, Well who want to recreate you will be even easier than creating you for the first time. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us to look biologically around us how many things we think are dead, and all of a sudden they come back to life, and in particular, surah Yaseen we just recited a few days ago, elementary what I had to learn what I had to learn what I to

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learn, look at the sign of the dead land, you think there's no vegetation, but Allah is qualified to bring vegetation. Allah mentions the seed, that Who would think that this seed which looks inert, looks dead, in fact, it is the key to life and from it will come magnificent life forms, and that is the magnificent tree and a lot tells us to look at the water cycle. Allah tells us to look at the celestial objects. And then Allah says, isn't the one who is able to do this able to recreate you all over again? So this is a scientific even from an ethical perspective. Allah tells us how could you not believe in the day of judgment? Allah subhana wa tada says, of a symptom Anima Hakuna

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Matata, do you think all of this I did it for no reason. There's no purpose to it, or no come in a lateral German and that you would not come back to us? In another verse. Allah subhana wa tada says, a foreigner Jalan Muslim in Colombo, Jamie, Malcolm kafer dokumen. Do you think we're going to make good people and right Pete and evil people the same? Do you think evil people and righteous people will not be given their Jews? Now this is a very interesting ethical argument for the Day of Judgment. It's actually a philosophical argument. If we look around us in this world, we noticed that the fact of the matter a lot of times crime does pay a lot of times embezzlement and evil

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people and unhealthy tactics does pay off. And the righteous seem to be suffering, at least in this world. We're not talking about internal because internally, the righteous always when peace at heart is always the righteous, we're talking about external. Sometimes the fact of the matter is the cheaters and the crooks and the liars seem to get away with what they're doing. And those that are honest and ethical. They don't seem to get what they want. So Allah says, Do you think that that is fair? financial ruin Muslim in ecology mean, monochrome caverta, come on, what is the matter with you? How are you judging? So even from a philosophical perspective, there must be a day of judgment.

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How many brutal dictators Have there been? How many, you know mass killers Have there been how many people that have trampled on the mother loom? They've done so much good, and they seem to have gotten away, or even their death was insignificant. It wasn't like a very significant death. They seem to have lived a lifestyle, that they're literally taking advantage of the rest of mankind. Why and where is justice? And Allah says, That's not possible. It's not possible. There must be a time where justice is going to be meted out, those who deserve punishment will be punished and those who deserve reward will be rewarded. And so Allah azza wa jal proves the Day of Judgment, from biology,

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from science from Russia and from reason from even a philosophical perspective. And the Quran as we are all familiar with is absolutely full of vivid descriptions of the Day of Judgment. In fact, as I said, most of them are consumers, they actually concentrate on the descriptions of the Day of Judgment. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in so many verses that the skies themselves will split up either summit in Chicago either summit on fatorda. Allah mentions that the whole horizons will change color for candidates what they think at the end, they're going to be dark red in color, Allah mentions the world will cleave mountains will dissolve. Allah azza wa jal mentions Yama to better

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odo Hayden out of this world that you see will be substituted for another world way the Guru berthelot that graves will be rent asunder. Allah subhana wa tada mentions that every single person will be rising from the grave in chaos, wondering what is happening, although we are waiting, remember I said I'm in Medina, who has resurrected us from all of our places that we were staying in and they will be resurrected, suddenly not understanding what is going on. And on that day, Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us a lot of descriptions and our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah, who will send them as well gives us descriptions of what will happen in the code. The Quran mentions that on that

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day, people's hearts will be in their throats literally, they're going to be so terrified will unveil homeopathy as if it is the Buddha that Hannah Judy Kaldi mean warn them of the day that the lube the hearts will be in the throats. In other words, they're going to be completely terrified. Allah subhana wa tada mentions that day as a day yo Miyagi will Jana Shiva

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We're going to make young men turn into old men. We're going to make young men will then newborn babies turn into old men out of fear. Allah subhanaw taala mentions that day and we decided a few days ago that on that day what Tara NASA suka will now home be Sukira. You will see people as if they are drunk in one man whom is Sukira but they are not drunken. What is drunken here mean? in a daze, walking around not knowing what to do, where to go, one man whom is to counsel, they are not drunken, well, I cannot have a law he should be but the punishment of Allah azza wa jal is severe. And our prophets Allah Larson, I mentioned so many other ahaadeeth as well that we don't have the

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time to get into. But if you read the Quran and Sunnah you cannot but be overwhelmed by the vivid descriptions by the clear descriptions of the terror and horror on that day. And of course, one group will be safe. Allah mentioned that in the Quran, warham min faza and Yama is in Amazon. On that day, the believers will be safe from the terror on that day the righteous will not be touched by the terror and Allah says on that day.

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They won't even hear the whisperings or the moans or the crying from the people that are being punished so the believers will be saved from the terror on that day. Even the length of that day Allah says is different for the believer and the one who rejects Allah subhana wa tada The one who rejects Allah subhana wa Tada. That day will be equivalent to 50,000 years. Yeoman kanima daru hum Sina alpha Sana In other words, it will last for him like an infinity and our prophets are seldom said the Day of Judgment for the righteous believer will be like the time between our set and Muslim like the time between our set and market what is the time between us and I'm not gonna you get

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nothing done during that time is the time the shortest two timeframes. So even for the believer and the unrighteous person the timeframes of the normal pm will be different as well and a lot as origin mentions that he himself will come with jarabacoa medicals, often suffer, he himself will come to judge. And on that day Allah the prophet SAW Selim said, Every one of you Allah will speak to him directly. Laser baina who will they know who told you man, there's not going to be an interpreter, there's not going to be a middleman and Allah azzawajal will make hisab of each and every person directly and your hisar will be brought out one of our old MOBA Xena kissed their judgement scales

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will be brought and the Kitab will be brought out as well. And the museum or the center is going to say Molly Haddad kitabi now you all know Sally, rotten wallaby, rotten, Eliza, what is the problem with this book? Where does this book come from? There's not a single sin major or minor, except that this book has recorded it. What would you do, man? I mean, who held it all, and they will find all that they have done presented to them, even the sins they have forgotten. Even the sins they never thought about once they have committed them, they will be found in that book. And that is the day indeed of yom Okayama, Yeoman hustler Yeoman, the Dhamma that is the day of Yeoman. Yeoman is up. Yo

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Medina, over 14 names are mentioned in the Quran for this one day. And it is the fundamental difference between a righteous person and an unrighteous person how much they believe in this day. Belief in this day changes our entire philosophy of life with a one who believes in this day lives a completely different lifestyle than the one who doesn't believe in this day. So bottom line, one of the smallest sodas that we all memorize since we were children are eight a lady you can see will be Dean, look at the one who rejects the Day of Judgment. Dean over here is again molecule Medina, look at the one who rejects the Day of Judgment. What is the result when you reject the Day of Judgment

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for that ecology, your earlier team, he pushes away the orphan, whether you're allowed to I'm in miskeen and he doesn't encourage the feeding of the poor notice. theological belief of the Day of Judgment impacts His mercy, generosity, kindness prayer, for way too little masala lithium and sodium sanghoon. All of it is linked to belief in Yama Deen. So the one who believes in Yama Deen is generous. The one who believes in your Medina is punctual in his rituals, the one who believes in your Medina gives freely of his money. So this theological belief becomes a psychological motivational factor in your life. And that is why belief in Yokoyama is so fundamental, it makes you

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ethical, it makes you honest, it makes you God fearing it makes you conscious, it makes you conscientious all of this comes about for the one who truly believes in yom Okayama and that is why in the US even witted tonight and other nights, that is why it is narrated from the process of him that he would say when his reciting would do that. Oh Allah until how Coco Luca, you are true. Your statement is true. Well, Jenna to have one now to have one bathroom

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So we affirm gender is true. Now it is true resurrection is true. We affirm this because by affirming it, it actually has an impact on our actions on our, on our morals. theology is not something abstract. It is something that moves us and makes us better people, brothers and sisters, that is a day that we can go on and on describing but one thing that we need to keep in mind that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself warned us about it, and he told us how close it is. Allah says in the Quran in number Oba, he didn't wanna rock arriba they think the Day of Judgment is a far away reality, but we know it is something very, very close. And he told in one Hadith when the

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Sahaba said, Yasser Allah, why don't you just relax? Why don't you just calm down? I mean, like, Why are you always like worshiping? What not? He said cater only to him? How can I just relax or enjoy when I know that the angel in whose hand is the throne? Sorry, who in whose hand is the trumpet has lifted the trumpet and placed it on his mouth? And he is waiting for the command of Allah to blow the trumpet? How can I relax when the gamma is so close by? And once Abu Bakar said Dr. rasulillah, and he's trying to be friendly and joking with him. He had a sort of, let's say Yatta Yatta sort of law, you have grown white, your hair has grown white, you had a suit of law. And the Prophet system

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said Shabbat knew who didn't want to have Seurat hood, and it sisters and in one, it had suited hood and Ahmed Hassan and zillertal others Zelda have made made my hair white. And if you look around, as soon as, as soon as the main concept, it is what it is kayama it is kiama. And so he told our bucket. So do you want to know why my hair is white? It is because of the descriptions of the Day of Judgment. Therefore brothers and sisters, let us not trivialize these fundamental points. You know, all of us know these are the six pillars of email of Demis kiama. But there's a big difference between knowing and between actually believing there's a big difference between reciting as a five

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year old and now that we are adults, we understand the significance. This is why Allah created us for that day. That day is the ultimate day the purpose of creation is manifested on that day. And the wise one is the one who prepares for the questions of that day. The wise one is the one who truly believes in that day and the one who actually prepares to answer the questions on that day. May Allah subhana wa tada make us of those who do not feel any terror who do not feel any hardships and harms on that day. May Allah make us of those who are sheltered under the shade of his throne on that day, may Allah Subhana Allah protect us from the fear and the terror on that day. May Allah

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bless us to be of those who drink from the fountain of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on that day, may Allah subhana wa tada make us of those that that day goes by swiftly like the twinkling of an eye and that we enter agenda because it has happened when I was set on Mali Kampala to LA he was about to graduate.