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Forgetting To Say Bismillah – Ramadan 2017

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Waleed Basyouni

Channel: Waleed Basyouni


Episode Notes

Sh. Waleed discusses common mistakes made in Ramadan.

Episode Transcript

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Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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among the common mistakes that have seen during the month of Ramadan when people get invited to eat even or inside their homes when they break their fast they make drop but they forget to say Bismillah before the eat and in the visa Salam said yeah well I'm similar could be a Munich you say this Milani it with the right hand. Also the forget to save hamdulillah because so many times we rush kind of to catch the salatu salam ala we forgot to say at hamdulillah and even more common that we forget to make the out for those who invited us or provide food for us. You should make draft for them in Ibiza Salim taught us that and he used to do that will allow you to sell and you can say for

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example, a lot of multimonitor many USP and sacani a lot provide food and drink for those who provided food and drink for me may have lost data except from all of us. And by the way, offering food to people during the month of Ramadan. It's a great act of worship.