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Ramadan Series Day 12 – The Month in Which Allah Increases The Believer’s Sustenance

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AsSalam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh the 12th name that was given to Ramadan is Sha Haru rispoli movement, the month that Allah subhanho wa Taala increase the sustenance of the believer. So the system is of the believer not to be I mean you and me. During the month of Ramadan, their sustenance is increased the concept of increasing the constant the

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sustenance of a believer Allah subhanaw taala clearly stated it in the Quran and the eye on the verse, we have it on your planner, Allah says this metal livigno for your corner I'm Wallahi sebelah the parable of those who spend spend and while I'm here is money, wealth, for the sake of Allah, commodity habit, it's like one seed and but at savasana one seed brought seven branches equally some would at me at the hub, in every branch there is 100 seeds, while your wife will you may Usher or last pantalla increase and multiply to him ever he wills. So the concept of multiplying and increasing sustenance, money and risk is there in our D. But in Ramadan. Why the month of Ramadan

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was called the month that the risk of or the sustenance of the believer is increased. There's a hadith of Rasul Allah He saw to a serum it's a weak Hadith, but the contents in it have been strengthened by other hadith of roswaal in salatu salam, the one I'm going to share with you was narrated by Selma, and it is in even hoceima, the book and also the English gutter. masabi is another famous book of Hades. So the huddle starts like this. Selma Saraswathi Salatu was Salam was among us. And this was at the end of Shabbat. So Ramadan is coming. And he said, I have Allah come show him love him and approaching you a great month, and he's describing Ramadan. A great month here

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you want us all people approaching you a great month. Shadow Mubarak a blessing month, a month that has a night, better than 1000s months 1000 1000 1000s of months

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janela hocm. Hopefully, a lot had declared or had decreed in it. fasting during that month is an obligation which we all know that Wakayama Lila has a BA and standing up in the night in Tel Aviv insula is a voluntary act now comes to the multiplying meant the hora Buffy be hostile, acting meaner higher, Whosoever wanted to get to get closer to Allah during this month with a little bit of action of good hospital meaning one character one action of goodness, he or she, as if they have done an obligatory action outside Ramadan. So any voluntary Ramadan according to this holiday, a voluntary of goodness, the rewards of it is as a reward of an obligation outside Ramadan and woman

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Adelphi variable and whosoever performed an action of obligation in this month, as if he has done 70 actions of obligations. So see how it is multiplied the sustenance that is Subhanallah What was your whole sub, it's the month of patients. We're going to come to it later in our daily reminders Alhamdulillah wa sobre tabula Jana, it's a month of patience. and patience reward is genuine, multiplied now. So you got a little bit upset, and you held it. Because you want your fasting. You want to practice patient reward this Jenna see the multiplication, see how Allah increase. What we're showing? Here we are, is that up here this poll moment, and it is a month in it, the

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sustenance of the believer increased. The sustenance of the believer increased. And again, sustenance here is not necessarily only money, feeling good, is an increase in sustenance, I feel good. The fact I feel more generous, that's an increase the fall I that the fact I receive more, that's an increase, let alone every act of goodness multiplied much more, or every act of obedience to Allah multiplied much, much more. That's an increase in sustenance. Now I'm just

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selling the honey man football off he saw him a whosoever. Whomsoever gave or made food for perasaan he helped in breaking the fast of a person who's fasting. That action can a mafia or either no be this simple action, cooking a meal for somebody who's fasting or donating the money to feed a fasting to feed the person who's fasting during their breaking the fast. Kara MacPherson is the newbie this will wipe remove his or her sins, watch out for a better human and no, this action will be rewarded with his neck or the neck of that person who did it will be released or released from the Hellfire war Canada home into a jury he will get the reward of fasting and nothing will be less

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than that. So I will, I'm fasting I will get the reward of my fasting I'll help to feed someone who is fasting to break the fast whether that person by the by the way is a need or nothing need. You will get the reward of generosity. The sins are forgiven and released, relieved from the hellfire.

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They asked him Yeah, Rasul Allah, how about if we don't have money to feed anyone. I mean, this is reality. This heavy. This is dumb includes everybody so call,

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Lisa culinaria did not at all. And not all of us have enough to do that meaning to be able to feed someone who's fasting and to break their fast for color. Now how it is multiplied. He said, Allah who will give the reward. Whether you have given a one date, or a one sip of water, or a one sip of milk, the reward is there. It's not about how much it's about the action itself. Like I went out of my way to feed someone who's fasting, whether they are a need, or they are not needs help them to eat during a far break, they're fast, they are a need or not a need. There are some people who are in need because they can't cook it's not about money is about they cannot have the food cook they

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can they don't know how to do with or they cannot go grocery order people. Any of this you help to prepare or to pay for a meal very word is forgiveness of all sins, see how it is multiplied the risk. And this month of Ramadan. The first part is Mercy of Allah, the middle part is forgiveness. And the last part is again, release from the Hellfire and whomsoever treated someone they work for them lightly in this month. Allah will forgive him. So you have an employee, you have a helper, you have you have somebody who work for you, but they are fasting so you made it easy for them, you made the work easy for them and during this month, Allah also will forgive the sins Subhanallah and then

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this is what we all need to learn for stick the roofie human arbeitete a solid do plenty for for things do with a lot in this month. And he said to his for a loss pantalla and two is for you. The two that you will please your Lord hostility into lunar

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orbit come to things you do your Lord Allah will be pleased with you. What are these your era so Allah alayhi salatu wa sallam, he said see plenty plenty La Ilaha Illa la just saved now you know how the last one and ask for forgiveness to do plenty.

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Allah said and a staff evil law just say it. Just see it. What a stuffy little law and then you have two other things. You really need it in this month. Do With plenty in this month to saloon Allahu La Jolla ask Allah for Jana, and seek refuge from the Hellfire and seek refuge from the Hellfire and again about feeding a fasting person and whosoever fed a fasting person till that person becomes saturated it gets full. I will give him from my whole Subhan Allah

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Subhan Allah Allah spawn Tada. We make him drink from home from my house, the whole offer Rasul alayhi salatu salam, he will never get thirsty afterward till he gets to Jana. multiplication of the risk of the believer in this month whether it is giving

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money a lot will multiply it, you're giving it for the sake of a law you gave $1 it becomes 700 in the laws,

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eyes, because they'll also get one seed, the seed will bring seven and every seven every one will get 700 with colissimo at near to a hub that is $701 see how Allah multiplied in Ramadan is specifically and roswaal as AutoSum in the Hadith again, I'm going to stress it's a weak Hadith, but the but the content of it is strengthened by other Hadees one good deed as simple as giving a date to a fasting person, the sins will be forgiven. So let us not to be your own army, not us. Let us not to be miser in this in this month meaning let us go forward and look for good deeds to deal with not necessarily only money as I said yesterday, every good deed we can do in this month for giving

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people smiling removing

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harm from the path of the street from the path again forgiving saying good words, feeding people every good deed we do. Muslims or non Muslims of course feeding the soil is for Muslims, Allah when multiplied. We are Allah kahan yarrabilba Callaghan, that you gave us this beautiful month that you give us opportunity, as if Allah is forcing us to do good deeds, even if we don't find it difficult tea facilitated Subhan Allah and he reward the small Alhamdulillah here on bellami Desert mahila Samadhi Kumara to Lahore Bearcat.