Haifaa Younis – Ramadan Series Day 10

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of fasting and the need for people to be careful about their behavior. They also mention the age of Phone Number 15 and the importance of mental health. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to be careful about their behavior and avoid obligation.
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Who should fast?

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Look at it. Okay to the frontally. Muslim adult, able to fast, not the traveler, right? The state of mind. Another mistake situation I'm going to ask you before I give you the next one. So Muslims mean,

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I'm gonna ask everything because you're looking at me as if you like what she's saying. But what?

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What's the most

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that's what I want you to know, the person would declare a trauma is when and are solely sought to sell his his messenger house that's obviously for someone today was pantalla granted her or him that weren't.

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One becomes an obligation number one number two I don't

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know to the woman, the ladies the girls get their period. If you didn't get up in

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India, what's the age?

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for the for the girl? It's either no puberty, nothing, no changes. I've seen this till age 70. And at some time, so what is the age? Age, they become

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a tough move these nine becomes an obligation, please don't do that.

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On your children, nine year No.

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15 is the age of adulthood. So your son if no changes, no changes that can happen? If he is 15. Someone becomes obligation? Not a choice not to throw a nine year trailing 10 you're trailing? 11 you're trailing? 12 you're trailing? 13 trailing? 14 doing is okay. And usually you say like, come on, you're 1314 you should be able to do it. But if he did it his own obligation. And he's not disobeying the law. She's not disobeying the law. But 15 is adulthood.

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Or of course, if she gets her period or if the boy gets the changes earlier than if nine gets her period Latina and is this is very, it is common these things you will get nine months, actually, the minimum age of persuasion is nine. So that's number two ability to fast. I gave you the glue healthy or secret to come to this in with who said so what is the proven the evidence now that there is a two opinions about that, like a state of mind meaning

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mentally, so depression, can he or she felt

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that yes, it's very good.

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Depends No, don't be please, please, I invented and ideally, I'm seeing this with a lot of passion. Don't answer yes or no, indeed. Unless it's clear.

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It depends. You tell me the pressure actually depends. Are they hospitalized? Are they on? aect? Are they taking medications? How often they're taking medications? How?

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Exactly you're saying see just depression. And what will happen to the depression if the fast

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any disease gets worse with fasting they shouldn't. So there's no yes or no right away? Always it depends. If you told me is a Muslim has to ask. If you say yes, if they are these? I wouldn't say yes. Only because he hasn't used menstruating then I mean,

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I gave absolutely the wrong Did you get my point? So always be careful, any look, everything has, as I said have seen everything has details. So right just need to find somebody under sec.

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Someone took sleeping medication, and then they slept all day. And they didn't wake up to nine. Is that possible? Absolutely. There's a lot of possibilities. So you cannot just say yes or no right away. So I just did somebody insane.

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And see if there's an obligation on them.

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For you, as long as they are in that state. When the state changes they are now saying then becomes an obligation and restoration will come to it. Here we go. This is very important also. Okay, it's narrated by saying that I should really say because it teaches you a lot of things moving on once

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in a

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while, so

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that's in general roofie means the obligation. The requirement is not required on these three conditions. Any requirement Salah cm height

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Meaning before the other requirements Did you get my point before the other required so if there is somebody who's in C and they have a million dollar in the in the bank Zack has an obligation on them on their money on the person who is taking care of their affairs. So number one a nice statement if I am sleeping a lot will not take asked me in these hours will give you no obligation is only in these hours 101 this lady had a

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child till he becomes adult which we just talked about one an imaginary

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person who is the state of mind that you are not the quality of the quality and the law but they are not required by law to do this unless the things change

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for you

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