Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 05 – L065H

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history of Islam, including the use of caffeine and the use of women in court, as well as the Galactica and the importance of evidence. They also touch on deeds and the four ways of coming out of Yoqud, emphasizing the need for constant engagement and seeking forgiveness for mistakes. The Galactica is seen as a level of hellfire, and individuals are rewarded or punished based on their actions. The importance of fixing mistakes and being sincere in one's actions is emphasized, as well as the need for constant engagement in Islam and seeking forgiveness for mistakes.
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mudarabah Urbina Urbina Delica law either how Allah He will either have a

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wavering between them, belonging neither to the believers, nor to the disbelievers. This is the state of the hypocrites, that there must have been

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must have been is a plural of Moodle. And without them is from the real factories then that that from the word verb and verb is to push something, what does that mean to push something

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and that is one who is being pushed from both sides, something that is being pushed from both sides.

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So, just imagine if there is a ball, it is kicked, it is struck from one side, it goes to the other side and then it is thrown from the other side, it goes to the other side. So constantly, it is going back and forth, back and forth. This is what the web is.

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That the is the sound that is made by the movement of something that is suspended as it swings. Just imagine a pendulum or something like that, as it swings back and forth. To and fro what happens there's a sound that is produced like the TIC Tock sound off the clock. So this is the sound that is called the observer.

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So basically, the observer is the movement, the back and forth, the hard work of something shakiness of something,

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some without the bean avena Delica. They are wavering between that between what between a man and coffee

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at one occasion, they are with the believers. And at another occasion they are with the disbelievers.

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At one point, they have a man at another point they have.

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So constantly, they are wavering between Eman and COVID. They're unsure, they're reluctant, they're hesitant. They go towards the man. They don't know if they should stay. They go towards Cofer. They know they should not stay there. So constantly, they're going back and forth.

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And we learned earlier about the hypocrites right? When they see the believers they say Carlo, Amana, they say we have believed and when they go to the disbelievers, what do they say? in America? Indeed we are with you. We were only mocking.

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Similarly, we learned in these ayat as well, that when the believers when they have victory, they go and say, an American American, were we not with you. And when they go to the disbelievers, they remind them as well.

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So this is a state of the hypocrites that they are between Amen. And

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so what is the reality?

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The reality is that they are with the believers outwardly and with the disbelievers inwardly they are with the believers outwardly and with the disbelievers inwardly in their heart, they are with the caffeine on the outside there with the Muslim in meaning, because they are not with the disbelievers totally, and they're not even with the believers totally entirely. It's not that inwardly and outwardly there with the believers and inwardly and outwardly there with disbelievers. No, they want to please both. So outwardly, they were with the Muslims, and inwardly there with the disbelievers

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left in our heads when I neither are they with these meaning with the Muslims, whether either her nor are they with these meetings, the caffeine, woman ukulele level, and whoever a lot sends a stray felon $30 who sabirah never will you find for him away? Never Can you direct him to a way to guidance. Never Can you guide such a person whom Allah has allowed to go astray?

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What do we learn from this ayah that the hypocrite wavers between a man and

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the hypocrite wavers between a man and COVID? constantly. Sometimes he will do an action of him and sometimes he will do an action of COVID

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this is what he's doing the whole time. He is not entirely a believer, nor is he entirely a disbeliever and why is he like that? To get the benefits from both sides?

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We also see that there is severe warning against being doubtful against being shaky concerning the the severe warning against what being doubtful and shaky about the

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because when a person is shaky and doubtful about the deen then this is a traitor. What have who have a monastic a true

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believer can never be shaken out alone as messenger, he can never be doubtful about what align His Messenger has taken, have commanded. Which is why any command that comes to him from them, he will accept it. Which is why we learned through the observe eye number 36. When I can only move meaning when I'm looking at him in a court of law, who are also rasuluh Imran and Nicola who will hear me angry him. It is not for a believing man, or a believing woman, that when Allah and His Messenger have decided a matter, that they should thereafter have any choice about their affair

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that when hokum is clear, a believer is not checking, he's not doubtful, he knows Okay, this is supposed to be done. So Mariner Aparna.

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And the hypocrite on the other hand, he is shaky, he is doubtful, which is why he wavers between a man and coffee.

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We also learn from this ayah about the treachery of the hypocrite about the deceit of the hypocrite, that he's neither sincere to the believers, nor is he sincere to the disbelievers. And such a person is not worthy of any one's friendship. Such a person is not worthy of anyone's assistance, anyone's loyalty, because he's not loyal to anyone. He is treacherous.

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We also learned from this either the person who Allah abandons no one can guide him, my utility level, fellow Heidi Allah, whoever Allah sends astray, there is none who can guide him, but the question is, why would the last panel goddess and the ministry why because of their own actions, because of their own actions, because of their own inclination towards the land, that they are on demand, but what happens, this swing to the other side, this swing towards the rush towards COVID. So when a person does that a lot of penalty allows him to go straight, go ahead, do whatever you want.

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We also learn from this ayah about the indication that when a person truly wants guidance, then who should he ask? Allah subhanaw taala because the matter of guidance and misguidance is entirely in the hands of a Lost Planet Allah.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the example of the hypocrite is the example of the sheep. The example of the hypocrite is that of a sheep that wanders between two flocks between two herds.

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Sometimes, she goes to one of them, and sometimes she goes to the other, confused over whom she should follow. This is the hypocrite that sometimes he's with the believers. Other times he's with the disbelievers confused as to where he should go.

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There is another Hadith in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that you will find the worst among the people, a double faced person. The worst among people is who a double faced person.

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He goes to the Muslims he shows a Muslim face, he goes the non Muslims he shows a non Muslim face. The worst among people is a double faced person who appears to some people with one face and two others with another face.

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The believer is confident about his religion. He's confident he's not shaky, he's not doubtful, which is why anything and everything that is part of the deen he will practice it whether he is amongst Muslims or he is amongst non Muslims.

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Yeah, you are Latina and all you who have believed letter together will carefully Now earlier I mean during many don't take the disbelievers as close friends other than the Muslims, other than the believers.

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Some believers due to the weakness of their faith, they take caffeine as earlier. And there was

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a close friend, an intimate friend with whom you share your secrets with whose advice you take. You're intimate with them, you expose your secrets to them.

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For some people because of the weakness of their email, what do they do? They befriend the caffeine What does Allah say? Let at the high level caffeine earlier don't take the caffeine as your close friends mean during momineen while leaving the believers

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to the Duna Do you wish integer alula here la consultado Medina Do you wish to make for Allah against you a clear evidence?

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So fun. Over here give us a sense of evidence. Although the word so far has several different meanings, but it's also used for proof and evidence over here it gives the meaning of proof evidence.

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So do you wish to make for Allah a clear evidence meaning a clear evidence of your nifa

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a clear evidence that makes you worthy of his punishment that makes you worthy of his anger.

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Because you see, a person who loves Allah will love those people who worship Allah.

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And a person who loves this dunya will love those people who serve this dunya but a believer who worships Allah will only be close to those people who worship Allah.

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in Oman after cleaning, indeed the hypocrites Where will they be? What is their end? Fidel kill us feminine.

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They will be in the lowest in the lowest depths of the fire. They will be in the most lowest portion of the Hellfire, the depth of the Hellfire, when Vegeta homeless Leila, and never will you find for them a helper?

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Where will the hypocrites be? At don't kill a spell.

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The word doc is from the root letters then raw calf, then raw calf and duck is to descend. It is to go in the depth of something. It is to descend into the depths of something

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from this the word rock is used for understanding for perception, but what kind of understanding is that deep understanding of something.

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And it is that that duck is the opposite of that Roger,

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what is the Roger

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a level that goes upwards? That one level on top of the other, the project.

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And duck, on the other hand is one level below the other level.

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So the project go upwards, and the cat go downwards.

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The project ascend and the rock at this end. Just as there are many levels of gender similarity, there are many levels of Hellfire And where will the hypocrites be which level and what is a spell? lowest deepest at the bottom. And as far as from the root letters seem fair, it's the opposite of Allah. Allah is that which is high that which is high that which is lofty.

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And as far as that which is low that which is happy, that which is very small, very low, very base.

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So they will be fit don't kill a specimen and now, what does it mean by this, that they will be at the bottom of the Hellfire at the lowest level of Hellfire under which there is nothing meaning there is no other level under which there is no other level.

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Remember that in the Hereafter, people will be rewarded or punished according to what

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according to the actions that they have performed according to what they have done, when he called Linda Rajat may, may or may do

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so just as in general, a person who will be given a rank depending on what he has done similarly, in Hellfire, a person will be put in a level depending on what he has done.

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And hypocrisy as we see is the worst action that a person can do the worst, which is why a person will be in the lowest level of hellfire.

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Some have said that there are seven levels of hellfire. Some have said that there are seven levels of hellfire. And what are those levels? jahannam level? Hold on. Sorry, Sokka jehane. And how are we?

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However, all of these names that I've just mentioned to you, they're actually names of hellfire.

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And there is no evidence that supports that these are actually levels of hellfire. There is no evidence that supports that there are seven levels of Hellfire and these the names of these levels. All that we know is that the hypocrites will be in the lowest level what does that show that this does engender their level similarity and help further levels. Just as in general, the higher your level is, the more reward you have. Similarly in Hellfire, the lower your level is the more punishment the lower the level, the more the punishment

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which is why we learned that even our Bethel did our movie set for Dunkin as well, meaning that they will be in the heart meaning at the bottom, the base of the Hellfire

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when digelar homeless and you will not find for them any help or anyone to take them out of there. Because what they have done, the crime that they have committed is huge.

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In the Medina taboo, except for those people who don't over look at the mercy of Allah, that even if a person commits such a heinous crime, such as

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Crime like hypocrisy that is trying to deceive Allah. When you praise the praise because Allah, your honor ness, even if such a person repents, Allah subhanaw taala is ready to accept his repentance as long as adobo is sincere.

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In nhlanhla, Dena taboo except for those people who do tilba tilba, from what? From

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what else la who and they also reform they also rectify their intentions, they also fix their actions. So Islam, correction is of what their intentions as well as their actions. Because a hypocrite What is the problem? He's doing the actions, isn't it? But what's the problem? It's the nia. It's the nia. It's the intention. And this is something that we definitely need to work upon. That sometimes we do very good deeds very important good deeds. But if our near is incorrect, they're invalid. They're useless. They're in vain. So US law what they're near as well as their actions.

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What are some will be in there

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and they hold on firmly to a loss of

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meaning they hold on firmly to the deen of Allah soprano. Dada they cling to the deen of Allah. Yeah, you are Latina. Amma no amino believe meaning hold on to your Eman. Don't leave it. Don't be shaky about it. Be confident about it. Be firm on it. Be steadfast word doesn't move in there. They hold fast to Allah to the religion of Allah to the book of Allah. They put their trust in Allah.

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Allah so Dena whom Allah and they also made exclusive. They dedicated they became sincere in their religion for who for a loss.

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What does it mean by the deen is used for a better it is used for worship. And it is also used for religion meaning what a person says that he believes in

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so Allah so Dena home Lila, what does it mean?

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That they sincerely perform their worship for the sake of rule lilla for the sake of Allah.

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And secondly, that they make their religion sincerity for the sake of Allah soprano garden meaning they accept Islam with sincerity, not for any worldly benefits.

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So basically, they replace Riyadh, with Islam.

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They replace the air with Islam as well. So Dina homeland than such people, for Allah eco. So those might mean they are with the believers. What does it mean by this, there with the believers in this dunya as well as they are,

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in this dunya in their religion, in the benefits they enjoy in the privileges they enjoy, they are with the believers.

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Because we learned that those hypocrites who did not accompany the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in battles, there was a point after which they were not allowed to accompany. They were forbidden. They were not allowed. But a person who truly repents, the person who does Toba who changes his ways of law, so they know the law, then such a person, he will get the same privileges as the rest of the believers.

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Secondly, for a common movement in that in the hereafter engender in reward, they will be with the believers for their economic meaning they will be numbered amongst the believers.

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Well, so far you delay will mean an edge on alima and so on Allah who will give the believers a great reward. Allah will give them a great reward.

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It is after the disciples of ERISA, salaam they asked him, What does it mean, to make that instance here? a colossal Dina whom Allah What does it mean by that? Making the insincerity for a loss of predator?

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Are you satisfied and replied that a person performs his deeds for Allah. And he does not like the praise of people,

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that a person does everything for whose sake for a loss of final data and he does not like the praise of people, he does not expect it, he does not wish for it. And if people do praise Him, He doesn't want to hear it. He doesn't want to read it. He doesn't want to listen to it.

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And to have the profits out of them that allow them for his countrymen and

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Allah, clean my heart, purify my heart, cleanse my heart from the fat while I'm in the middle of the year and my action from the year.

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We learned from this is that there are four ways of coming out of Iraq. There are four ways of coming out of hypocrisy.

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And what are the first of October? And what is the elbow mean? What does that mean that a person stops the wrong that he's doing? he's guilty about it. He feels bad about it. He

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seeks forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala he leaves it completely, and he promises that he will never go back to it again. And if there's anything wrong that he did, he makes up for the loss that he caused.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, into a Muslim, that four characteristics make anyone who possesses them a shear hypocrite. Any person who possesses these four characteristics, Who is he, a pure hypocrite, and anyone who possesses one of them, possesses a characteristic of hypocrisy. A person who possesses even one of these characteristics than what does he possess? What does he possess a trait of hypocrisy until he abandons it until he abandons it. That is what the Oba is that a person leaves it, he abandons it, and then he changes his ways. And what are those characteristics? That when he speaks, he lies when he makes a promise he acts treacherously. And

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when he fights, he deviates from the truth. He deviates from the truth and there are other hobbies as well that mentioned different characteristics as well.

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So basically, we see that the characteristics of the hypocrites there are mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah. And if a person finds that there is a characteristic of hypocrisy in him, whether it is doubt, because doubt is also

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part of hypocrisy, that I've been shaky about the dean being doubtful about the dean

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or his castle, being lazy, in performing Salah in performing or bad

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or it is showing off or it is lying, or it is breaking promises, whatever that characteristic is. Allah subhanaw taala shows us a way out. Allah shows is a way out. Do Toba, stop it, leave it? And then Islam? What's the second step? Islam? And what does that mean? That a person fixes the wrong that he has done?

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As human beings, we're always making mistakes. We're always doing things that are wrong. What do we need to do? We need to fix things. That's it. Every time you realize you've done something wrong, fix it.

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Don't you have to clean up your kitchen every day? Don't you have to clean your house every day? Does it ever happen that you clean your house once and you think that it's going to be clean forever? No. Just wait for a few minutes. It'll be messy again. What do you need to do? Fix clean? Similarly, when you make a mistake, what do you need to do? fix it. And this is a lifelong process. This is a lifelong process.

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The third thing that is necessary is Islam Villa meaning a strong connection with Allah. And we learned earlier where Nelson will be heavily leveraged Amira meaning through the Quran. And fourthly, being sincere in the the that a person performs good deeds with sincerity

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that allows parents are the questions as that may have are the law who are there because what would Allah do with your punishment?

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Meaning why would Allah punish you unnecessarily? Allah doesn't benefit by punishing you. He doesn't need to punish you may have for the love of beer, that'd be cool. Why would a love punish you? What would you do with your punishment? in check out

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if you do sugar, and you have Eman And what this show could mean that a person acknowledges the blessings of Allah

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and a person does with those blessings what Allah wants him to do?

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Well and unknown and you believe meaning you believe how Allah wants you to believe. You continue to increase your Eman. What can Allahu shakin Allah and Allah is Ever grateful. He is most appreciative, and he is also one who knows.

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What is this I show to us? That Allah subhanaw taala is learning. He is rich, he is free from the need of punishing his creation. He doesn't benefit by punishing them. It doesn't make a difference to him. It doesn't. But if a person has these two qualities, then he will be saved from the punishment of Allah. What are those two qualities? Sugar and Eman, sugar and email. So basically a loss of panatela is free from the need of punishing His servants. He doesn't need to punish them. But a person a human being a slave needs to do something in order to save himself from the punishment. Why? Because he is going to suffer. Allies are going to suffer he's not going to

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benefit. But if we get punished, we are going to suffer. So what are the two things that we can do in order to be safe from the punishment? shock of an email and what is shock have to acknowledge the blessing

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Things that Allah has given with the heart, with the dunk with the limbs, and by using them in the way of a loss.

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What I meant to and also

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we also learned from this is that Allah subhanaw taala is checking.

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He is checking who is shakin, one not sure. How is the loss of pantalla shakin that Allah subhanaw taala rewards people more than what they have done. A lot rewards the servants more than what they have done. A person brings only one has an and Allah gives him the reward if done good deeds, the reward that is 700 times even more. You are if he multiplies it, will you

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add your honor, and he gives from himself a great reward. So a nice jacket how that we do on a little bit and He rewards greatly. He rewards many, many times more. This is our last presenter let's check

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and also think of it when a person does something good even if his whole life he performs good deeds Can you imagine can he know? But Allah subhanaw taala is so appreciative that you bring him sugar and Eman And Allah will reward you with gin.

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And we also learn from this is that a loss of penalties Arlene. He is Arlene. He knows exactly what is in my heart. What I'm showing them the apparent how much I'm trying how negligent I am and how careful I am Allah knows and his judgment is the most just

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mini tour de Luna

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Bina in

00:27:33 --> 00:27:34

Spanish Amina

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Xena taboo.

00:27:53 --> 00:27:53


00:27:57 --> 00:27:59


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mina agilon, now Lima.

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When we read about the hypocrites, we think those people at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but if you think of it, if in the presence of the Prophet when the Koran was being recited to them from the mouth of the Prophet sort of autism, still, if there could be a hypocrite, but they're not being hypocrites today, we are more prone to hypocrisy if you think of it. Because we're farther away from the people of guidance from the people of righteousness. So we need to be extra careful, extra careful and constantly engaged in Toba Islam. Never ever Can we say I am fine. Constantly we need to seek a loss of power without his protection from nifa

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and seek forgiveness for the wrongs that we have done.

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So panicle locomobi handy going to show you a la ilaha illa Anta to when to breathe

An-Nisa 135-147 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 143-147

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