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In a shame on you're watching

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Bismillah your Walkman you're walking

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Shibboleth. Please explain more about his thoughts, doubtful thoughts. That's how they translate doubtful thoughts.

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Very common we are living in a time of doubts and temptation.

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If I want to describe the 20th and 21st century, I'm going to say it's a time of doubts and off temptation.

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I share this with some of you is 10 years ago when a woman comes to me, I remember this video. Back to 1112 years ago, when a woman comes to me crying. Usually problem is, the son is marrying the man.

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Few Years Later, the woman comes crying to me because her daughters know

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what is the issues

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you need?

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You know what I'm talking?

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So should is because it is one of the downsides of the internet.

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Because whoever wants can take a video what I put on YouTube, and I do, lay people don't have knowledge. Listen, especially if he is a good speaker or seasoned speaker. Meaning that you speak to anyone they can say anything.

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And that's what you should have and you start doubting, doubting I mean the questions I get these days, I sometimes see

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children This is what should one How do I fight it?

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How do I fight it? Number one, number one, who are you learning from?

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inhabit Do you have an ad? A number? alpha Deena this moment is religion. This is a CBC Taurus What is

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this Robert is religion look at who you are learning from not everyone go to a course or two courses or they speak very well and then they go on the internet and they have millions of followers then they become swollen

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and then some some some crying No, I'm not talking about this things. Absolutely. They have their own agenda.

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But if you listen to them amazing

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if you listen to them, I can't tell you

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to remind me of the iOS comparison sorting.

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chargeable counting just look at them like the way they look when you're just smiling

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and when you hear what they are seeing you listen

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they are like empty piece of

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so be very careful very careful. Unfortunately we don't read anymore We don't go back to the original books. We don't you want to cook I call the Burger King.

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Meal online. Five minutes is a tube that

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lecture is more than five minutes you don't have any more patients. So this is what is the shoulder that's my

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knowledge are things that is better called environment.

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That is absolutely fundamental knowledge about this gene it's becoming no question. Start with a job start with Why cannot I pray an hour during my period why I cannot fast and I have my period. All this

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let's all let's learn the feminism and more questions from the woman. Why he can do this. I cannot do that. This is also

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v carefully. When he starts coming to you ask a lot of future that's why young quinlivan collude with reality. The Communist

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communist bloc, he went on to be young and evil. The one who you turn offs, keep my heart steadfast.

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And now you can see what he predicted is

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that time is gonna come of course

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Responding Tuesday like I was holding to Article

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everyone else is different. Everyone else is different. Why I am different. Why do I have to be the one who doesn't do this? So this is what it is when it starts to be thoughts show behind his thoughts shot What is my inclinations. I love it. I like usually this works on this or I like it so I start justifying it

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to have a moment