Builders of a Nation #17 Maria bint Shamoon (ra)

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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu continuing the journey and living with the builders of a nation, we're going to cover another builder today unique one from many aspects a Seder, Maria, Al cochlea, Maria, the Egyptian Christian or the Egyptian Coptic. So she was very different from the ones we learned so far. Number one, she lived in Egypt. Number two, she was not a Muslim. Number three, she was not a free woman. She was a Steve she and her sister serving the governor of Alexandria, whenever Swati salatu salam, after the seventh year after he dropped and the Treaty of today BIA, he starts sending letters to the neighboring countries, inviting them to Islam. Very

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common custom at that time. Governors send gifts, which done today too, but that kind of a gift is different. They usually send slaves. So she and her sister were sent by Elmo caucus to rasool Allah Who salatu salam, they were not very keen about that, as you can imagine, who wants to leave their country. However, their hearts were leaning toward Islam. They already heard about it. And in fact, she became a Muslim. Before rasool Allah salatu salam married her What is unique about her four points they say she was ready, beautiful, hardworking, fast learner. Brilliant. The scholars have to opinion before she got pregnant. Was she a slave? Or she was the wife of Rasul Allah salatu salam,

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more opinion state from major scholars like Satan, Abdullah have now passed like being Cattier that she was actually the wife of a Swati Salah Tosa, now the most important incident and the most important addition. This builder added to the house of prophethood. She got pregnant after all these years as a raw soiree salatu salam had children from Cedar had EDA, and all the other wives did not get pregnant from him. That's not only the case. But by the time he married, Seder Maria, he have lost all his children, the boys and the girls except to say to Fatima, she was the only one living he lost all of them. You can imagine. Now, she got pregnant, and what joy she brought to the house

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of prophethood. She didn't live with the other wives. Rather, she lived at the outskirts of Medina. And this is something or Swati. Salatu Salam honoring her, making it easier for her is to let her live on the outskirts. So she can get used to it to gradually and he used to visit her every single day. Now she got pregnant, and now she delivered and delivered the boy. And the boy name is Ibrahim. And who called him Ibrahim, actually, on last pantalla through seed Narrabri. He came to LA Swati salatu salam, and he told him, you will have a boy Ibrahim, the father of all the prophets. And you can imagine the love and the connection that Australia sought or Saddam had to this young boy. The

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name is Ibrahim after all these years and as the tradition of the Arabs and that time they usually send the young breastfeeding children also outside their homes to be breastfed by special mothers. And that was the case with se ne Brahim. So they have forced her family only to breastfeed them. That's a very common custom that type. And that is why they saw to CERAM used always to go visit a neighbor or him and described by the Sahaba that when he go, he carries him, put him on his lap and he kisses him the love and the affections that are Swati sought or Sarah had and if any one of us have been tested and we say we have been tested very hard. None of us was tested as a rasool Allah

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He saw to a Syrah and a sido Maria at age two in her house, save native Rahim became sick at two years of age. The young Ibrahim became ill in the raw Swati salatu salam went to visit him and he took him from the hands of Seder Maria. And the last two breaths, the young boy had in the hand of Roswaal, a Salah to Sarah, you can imagine at this point, are Swati Sato CERAM start crying.

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So you don't have to rush Marib. Now, as this narrated while Imam Al Bukhari looked at him

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ser so Allah and Tiara Swan love, you cry. And that's the beauty of our Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he responded and says in our my Abdur Rama, this is a mercy. It's not a weakness, to show your feelings. It's her Marcia, Allah put it in the hearts. And he Ali, his salatu salam washed him and buried him. So you can imagine the pain. At the same time, there was a solar eclipse, and people in Medina said, WA, out of the sorrow that we are going through, even we are having an eclipse and the faith of a suave, salatu salam, and the connection to Allah subhanaw taala. And he said his famous statement, that No, neither the son nor the moon would go through Eclipse because of the death of

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anyone, or either it's a sign of the signs of Allah Subhana. So he buried him, say DeMaria stayed in Medina on the outskirts of Medina, after she was described afterward that she was very private. She spend time in worship. She didn't leave the house other than going and visiting the grave of Satan Ebrahim shortly after the death of Ibrahim or Swati salatu salam also died. So you have a woman who lost her only son, and what a son, and then she lost her husband, and what a husband. Now the marriage brought a lot of benefits to the Arabs to the Muslims, since she was from a different country, then that marriage, strengthen the bond between the Arabs of different countries and the

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raw soiree sought was around, honoring her mean honoring her people. And he instructed that people treat the Egyptians with kindness and very well, and this continued even after the death of a Swati salatu salam. Once a nominal Milhouse became the governor of Egypt. He used to remember this water also risotto Sinha had instructed she passed away in the year 16 After he dropped at the time of seed now, may Allah be pleased with him. He actually performed the prayer over her body. She was buried in Bulgaria next to her son, Ibrahim. May Allah be pleased with her