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AI: Summary © The speaker is discussing a potential delay in death and the use of a spade to prevent it. They mention a woman named Leo who claims to have had a Kum decayed heart after a Kum episode. The speaker is unsure of the exact details but suggests that they will spend more time talking about them later.
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natalio Murphy so what do you

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mean by narco spend from what we have given? You mean probably a yachtie had a Kumamoto firehole before the moment of death will come to that person and he or she will say or biloela heartily oh my lord Can you delay my death

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in a gentle curry but just a little bit give me a little bit more time for Assad I'll spend I'll be I'll will be from those who will be generous. What are communists Salahi and I'm gonna be of those righteous. And Allah said, When are you here along unison and Allah will not delay will not delay the time the moment of death when it comes to that soul

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nutty Leo Murphy showed you