Jannah Gems #18 – Hijab is an Obligation

Haifaa Younis


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The speaker discusses the importance of acceptance as an obligation in a culture. They explain that the use of the word Islam in context of dress code is confusing, as it is not used in the context of dress code. The speaker also discusses the importance of homily in a culture and the need for understanding of the language of the beast.

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Is this an obligation? And the answer is yes. There is things in this game that is not easy, especially in this day and age. My first step to accept it is accept it's an obligation. That's the first thing. Now practicing it is the next step. Allah will make it easy your be helped me I'm weak as a different story. But to start with, and why the issue that it is not an obligation. Why? Simply because of this, because in the Quran, the word he job, it's used, but it is not used in that context. It is not used in the context of dress code. And that's where the confusion comes in. However, there is two verses in the Quran where Allah subhanho wa Taala referred to the dress code

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of the woman, one is also to Nora and Sora. To note is 24 the chapter and the verse is to is 31

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What mean at the moment of sorry in say bussola to the believing woman, you and me? Every believing woman is hearing us? Every believe you believe in Allah. You believe in our Swati Sato Sarah, this is for you.

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Yeah, we have enough sorry, never your gaze, we have Mfu Johanna, and God your private part. When are you Dina Xena Tahuna that's number one. Don't show your beauty Illa Mahara minha except what it is obvious or it needs to be shown.

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And now, when you're the ribbon, the homely hidden energy will be hidden. That's the verse no dragnet literally to hit. But reality it's not to hit in the Arabic language only. It's whenever two surfaces are attached to each other abducted. You use it when someone hits someone why? Because you have that part of your body is touching and getting attached to the other part of the body of the person being hit.

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When we when we say death, the music instrument and we hit the call with death because it is touching the adorableness or bring something close to something what is that? Yeah, Allah be home only when that's the word. There is no hijab here. What is Hema? CMR we need to learn the language of the Quran and the language Allah subhanaw taala used and the Arabic language and femur from hammer, actually humble alcohol, then Arabic, the root is the same. Anything that's covers

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and common alcohol called common because it covers the intellect is Panama habitable and the homeowner what is hamari hinda homely and Hema is a piece of clothing. That usually covers the hair. Once I say Keymark that means the hair is covered. Like when I say a trouser, trouser mean the private part and the legs part of it or all of it is covered. And Allah has not seen you cover your hair, the hair is already covered. While you're looking at the homeowner in our view binder

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on their Jeep Jeep is the opening. You know that like the V neck Davina that's a jeep. In the third time they used to cover they drop like the dupatta these days we see it covered the hair and throw it in the back of this part is showing. And Allah said and this is an order by the way. Well, your bergna Any order in the Quran news, it's an obligation unless there is another place or in the same words that changes it.

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And Allah said Tell them you're gonna bring it tight. Let this touch this. Allah homily allowed you been covered? And he again says Well, are you Dina zenaton Don't show your beauty. And then he went on Allah subhanaw taala in who are the people that I can show my beauty? That's number one. I have to know the chapters 24 is 31 Second one is an exam and then as I was 33 Chapter 33 The vs 59 Yeah you have to be this is total Swati Hisar Tosa all profit. All profit do you want to be say as well as you can? Your wise woman Attica your daughter's when he said in what we mean? And the believing woman? Question I'll throw to everybody listening to us. Am I miss out on what we need? Are you only

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selling what we need? Are you a believing woman? Yes or no? Of course.

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Yes, you believe in Allah. You believe in the Rasul Allah saw it was set up it doesn't matter once. It doesn't matter what we are doing we are all sinners but I am believing that verses for me

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you want to be prophets see? Could be as wide as you can your wives what fanatical your daughter's only sat in one mini you Janine Allah when I'm in Jana BBN jilbab that's the word in the Quran and what is jilbab there is a lot of discussion in the again in the tafsir in general. What I came in conclusion after looking at many fasciae is the dress that covers the body of the woman

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covered the body of the woman long good and covers the body of the woman. Whether it is an abaya whether it is a long white shirt while Connie's whether it's a long film, under it's a white pants, like what you see in Turkey, as long as it is wide, and does not describe the body.

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These are the two orders in the Quran.

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These are more can we say it when you study the Quran, these verses is no doubt about the