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We'll be learning in a shame on you're watching

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Bismillah your Walkman you're watching

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how can we help our children Industria early on.

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Do you have

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Do you have as a model

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you don't have it you can't give it.

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Anybody doesn't have any that thing you cannot give it to somebody. So number one, I have to have a college student. A smart human being.

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Is children.

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Very smart. copy pasting. Have you seen a common example we are going to laugh is what the young girl wears her mother shoes and start walking with a very common scenario. puppies. So if I am, I wouldn't say

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this is higher level I say I am a woman in the path of the skier struggling but it is part of my life. So the child see you. When the exam comes in the store and you listen to me.

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I want you to find something for the child to learn.

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So when you see when you're cooking and you put the food and yummy tell which I don't see before you tell them you stay at home smilla you say it loud. Can you remember the 100 and you remember the child

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will see it in practice. When he sees you after the session sent out sitting for five minutes, five minutes in bigger to be routed. I'll give you an example. One of my teachers every Friday for one year the story how great uncle was that?

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So this is his sister. She said on finding

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I remember when he was she lived with them.

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On Friday we were children. They were big families with children. I think I was at seven our children please. She's wonderful and she's very nice to us. She give us candy. Friday afternoon.

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She says she is in her home.

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That door is closed. If we even try to get in.

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This is my teacher. She This is how many years ago

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she said this is Friday afternoon. This is my time.

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Two years later, still in them in grade.

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So to engrave Saskia in children up

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and remind them

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they love animals and wondered who created them. They love to go you go to the park. We all love to go to the boxes into the park. India, remind them

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at younger age three and four and five.

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Once they get done and 11 becomes much more challenging at this younger age to scale your practice it no

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one lacking