Q&A – I Feel Guilty for Not Wearing the Hijab

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The speaker discusses their struggles with wearing a certain item and the potential consequences of it on their health. They express their desire to stop the wearer of the item and leave their job. The speaker also talks about the "overwhelmed" feeling of wearing the item and the "hasn't worth it" label associated with it.

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I used to wear the hijab all the time. And now Alhamdulillah but the thing is, I work in a high school. I don't wear it anymore.

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That is every single day. At the end of the day when I'm driving back home, it kind of gets to, as you said, it's just that, I don't know, I'm so overwhelmed trying to wear it. And I hate myself for that, frankly speaking. I always questioned myself like why am I not wearing it? Is it because of the other people I'm working with? Or is it just the environment where am I stuck? Quit your job.

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And I mean it.

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If my job can take me from a loss pantalla it doesn't worth it. As I always say this to myself, don't sell your alpha for your money.

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It's a lost stock market.

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Quit if you cannot be you who you are, who you want to be who you are actually in work at work, quit the job. Well my attack Allah, which I love Maharaja, you have off Allah he will give you another job in high school. He will give you even better. One option or you go tomorrow and wear it on Monday before you leave your coffee or when you are the strong kidney stone. No other options. There is no tomorrow I will do it. Because tomorrow shaitan is going to come to you doesn't worth it ladies and gentlemen, and brothers and sisters. doesn't worth it to Allah Livia that you know him Don't you know this is beautiful statement. I don't know who said it. And he says allow the wise

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person. Man Taraka dunya Atlanta Toka who leaves dunya before dunya leaves him or her

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while I'm Mara Cobra home habla and yet Hola. And flourish and build his or her grave, not homes before he or she enters and look at the last one. What Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, and he pleased his Lord before he or she needs for these three in you before you go to school. When you are when you're getting dressed, get ready for these three and see if you're not going to do the hijab and I asked everybody in this room, tuning my myself please make your heart

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because you don't know who's your heart will be respond, who Allah will accept. And if she gets a strong Allah knows how many people who have the same issue. They will see you they will follow you, you know it's a domino effect. The negative is domino effect. But the positive is also domino effect. May Allah keep you strong lonliness Luca Sebat. That's why I always asked on Las pantalla Allah keep me straight, steadfast, steadfast on your path. You have to be me