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The speakers discuss the importance of being aware of distractions caused by COVID-19 and the need for everyone to be aware of their actions. They stress the importance of being different in every area of one's life, including being homebound and homebound. They also discuss the joy of fasting and the importance of remembering to do not let shavonne distract them. The speakers emphasize the need for personal development and the importance of faith in actions. They also touch on the title "Theals in the Bible" and the importance of social distancing.

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Specially for us in the United States that this week and next week will be the worst. May of last pantalla. before I say anything, Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for everyone. May Allah subhanho wa Taala lift to this test, and this trial and tribulation sooner than later May Allah Subhana Allah make it easy. May or must pantalla accept everyone, all the Muslims who passed away in this

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disease, may Allah accept them as martyrs May Allah subhanaw taala have more soon everyone who lost their life because of this COVID-19 May Allah Subhana Allah give speed recovery auto BIA mean to everyone who is infected with this one And may Allah subhanaw taala protect us all and keep us safe he ought to be I mean all of us, our families and everybody and all his Earth, European mean And may Allah pantalla will never test us again. And something like this and the most important thing I say this to myself, may Allah subhanaw taala

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move us out from this test much better human beings in general, much better Muslim, closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala much more obedient to Him much more away from his

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sins and disobedience Subhan Allah hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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again, we're going to go again and I'm sure as the time goes by we there's only two weeks left for Ramadan spa and the closer we get to Ramadan, I think some of us is feeling the the if I will use the word the pain of this different Ramadan, I call it Ramadan without the masjid or Ramadan without taraweeh or Ramadan without having to break my fast with my even close family or my friends. They are on my one without going to the masjid even outside Tarawa, the social gathering and the social Baraka, if you want to use this word off Ramadan, Allah for some reason, and for His fickman His wisdom as always decided to lifted up this year, take it away from us this year. Short law I pray I

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always ask Allah subhanaw taala that this your law is not a punishment you ought to be I mean this is rather

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another way to increase our good deeds in another way to focus on him subpoena him himself capital H and to focus on the real and the essence of obedience to Allah pantalla and removed removing or removed the distractions let's look at it this way to be positive that many of us used to feel that we don't give Ramadan it's due right because of the distractions because of the for example work and the heavy work for the multiple social obligations that we have to do. Going out all these things are last pantalla and look at it positively. Maybe any Allah is what is wise Allah is Al Hakim and Allah who is also our handle all most merciful, loving the owner of loving mercy. He want us to

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focus more, but make this focus easier by removing the distractions. That's number one before I go to how can we live Ramadan this year in the error or the time of Coronavirus. So number one, I have to remind myself I look at it positively. The distractions are not there. Alhamdulillah number two, and I remember this, this I heard this from someone Yanni loud was a key

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a pious person. And the advice was, if my and your heart if our hearts are connected with Allah subhanho wa Taala it really does not matter which part of his earth we are worshiping Him.

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If our hearts are connected to Allah, and we are focused on him, it really doesn't matter which part of his earth we are praying or we are fasting or where we are living. So if I pray my sada in my Masjid, my heart is connected with Allah Alhamdulillah but if Allah has removed the masjid this year, and my heart is still connected, and I am in my house, maybe even more connected Alhamdulillah so as this is the main thing that we all have to look at this year, I need to

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be different in Ramadan. I really want to be different than the normal one. And I have to say to myself, everything around it unreal, everything around us. Everything around us is different. Let me be different in

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Little mobile, only one way different, much better than before. Much better than before. And I want to start with saying this saying of Rasul Allah salatu salam in central pa Bharani Hadith. And the Hadith says in the Euro become a yummy dahi yummy daddy calm, never heard your Lord, Your Lord throughout your life and he's talking to all of us are soiree site was sent out. He said, in your lifetime, your Lord has certain times where special breezes from him comes. Now pay attention. Special breezes from him comes and what's the breezes of Allah says blessings in the blessings that makes us closer to him in an easier way. So he's he's saying Allah subhanaw taala in your lifetime

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has moments where special breeze comes in breezes comes in and what is the advice to your enemy taravella expose yourself to these breezes you may get part of it and you will never be miserable after it. expose yourself meaning get ready and be there get ready prepare to accept and to

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get an take these breezes so in case in short what it will come to me I will never be miserable after it. And what is these breezes and you always have to ask what is these braces? these braces are the blessing times that blessing times or moments or places that Allah subhanho wa Taala by his wisdom made them special and the breeze. The I will say either number one or two volleys off our year is actually Ramadan is that month when the breeze of Allah subhanho wa Taala where the where as we said last week, where the devils are pained where the doors of the Janna heavens are opened, and where the gates of Jannah are locked. And the where is the seeker of good come on in and the seeker

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of evil stay away. So I have to look at it. Like in a lot of this color use this this

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parable. It's like a very special guest. Very special guest is coming. And the last time you saw that guest was last year. And now he's coming there's only two days, two weeks left, two weeks and maybe two days Allah knows and what is my preparation? This is what it is. And my preparation this year will be different because everything around me is different. Basically, I am homebound, my Ramadan, my Masjid, my masala, my mosque, my area of prayer, my Mahal but my focus will be all in my house. And I will ask Allah pantalla and I'll beg on last pantalla to make the best Ramadan ever. And I'm gonna say he removed the distractions. So let's look at this. Look at it number one, Ramadan

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is a noble month, the breeze. In it, every good deed is multiplied, and every bad deed is multiplied. And the gates of the heaven is open and the gates of the Hellfire is closed. There is a beautiful hadith of Eros, Swati salatu salam which some can summarize summarize

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or Milan and it says

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the following and it's about fasting also. And he says kulu Hama Livni Adam Allah Illa soul for in the Holy One Zb, all the action of the son of Adam. All this the actions of the son of Adam is for him, except fasting it is for me. So number one, let's look at this ad and then let's see how I'm going to apply it this year with no Masjid.

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Every action of the son of Adam is for him meaning a good deed I will be rewarded in dunya and this life and in the Hereafter except fasting and Allah spawn Tada. This is what See, Allah is speaking but the words is for Swati salsa. Except fasting. It is for me except the act of fast is purely for Allah and I will reward for it. It doesn't say one time stand or 70. It is unaccounted if we can't counted how much Allah knows. So number one

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assumably one, Zb number one was CR mo Gianna. Fasting is a shield. It's a protection to three by the kindness home Yomi haidakhan that kind of almost told me I had to follow your foot while I was home. And if the day of person that the person is fasting, then make sure he does not get engaged in an obscene act in an obscene talk. If someone attacked him, or someone

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basically said foul language to him, or attacked him or became aggressive toward him, or her lets him or her say I am fasting. And the last one I want to focus on and I'll gonna come later on to the ones I just mentioned quickly. Well, we're lucky enough to Mohammed MBD and Allah Allah Swati salatu salam is making an oath. By the one who owns the soul of Muhammad Ali is sought after, by the one who owns the soul of Muhammad Ali Salatu was Salam Mahalo for femicide. altior, wind Allah He min Rehan misc, the fragments, the fragments of the mouth, of the fasting person is way more beloved to Allah than the frog, the fragrance of the mosque, the fragrance of the fasting person, the mouth,

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when we are fasting, we get dry, especially these days, long days, when we get dry, it may come not a very pleasant smell. And Allah here is making an oath by an IRA Swati salatu salam making the oath well enough so Mohammed in theory, by the one who owns the soul of Muhammad, the smell, the fragrance of the mouth of the fasting person, much more beloved to Allah than the fragrance of the mosque. What is saw me for heighten the fasting person has two moments of joy for her to an endless Oh, and for three or so much one. hour for happen, a ganache yarrabah two moments of joy, the fasting person, this we all can enjoy. We all can be happy with or without Masjid to moment's

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notice, number one, the pleasure when he or she breaks the fast and the pleasure when he meets his Lord, the pleasure when I break my fast, many pleasures, but no one I am happy, not because I am eating. That's number two. But number one, I obeyed a law that day, fully and only for him. Fasting is for him only. With all the difficulties and the long hours and the long days and I Allah made it happen, and I'm very happy I obey the law. And number two, I am very happy because I just ate and the thirst has gone and the hunger has gone. And the second moment of joy is when we meet Allah subhanho wa Taala focus on this. Focus on this do not clutch and don't let shavonne distract us by

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the fact there is no Masjid. There is no Tarawa. There is no fr gathering. Let's focus on the essence of fasting this year. And he made it easier for us. suparna and the second moment of joy is when we meet our last panel what Allah because he is going to remind you and me that you fasted for me, and I'm going to see my reward. Let's go to Ramadan with this. Let's welcome Ramadan. Let's welcome Ramadan with this attitude. With this feeling, I am going to have every single day at 750 or like today 733 or at eight, two moments of joy, and I'll wait for it. The joy of me will be

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was obedient to Allah throughout the day. Alhamdulillah now I'm eating I'm very happy hamdulillah food, and then I know Allah pantalla no doubt, he wrote it in my book that I fasted, and I fasted for him only.

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Things will not change and goal what Ramadan wants from me to what we said this last week and I'm going to go again and remind ourselves that perfection is the crown, meaning remind them, reminder, benefit the believer. What is the one I'm going to go a little bit in detail here today, taqwa and scholars had defined it in many way but one of the most beautiful eloquent one syedna highly asked

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He said and I'm going to say it in Arabic because it thrives and it's beautiful. Tacoma Tacoma. He are co filming and Jerry Polamalu with Tenzin. Well Allah to Bill Kali when he stepped down to Rio Muirhead for things I have Taqwa I am Allah conscious. I love Allah and also I have fear for things. This is the saying of Satan it number one taqwa and hopefully not injury you are afraid. Afraid. I have fear from the alight injuries

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when I'm alone with Tenzin and I act by what he send to me meaning by the Quran

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Welcome to Bill khaleel an iron content content with little I have

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and and number four Alistair daddario Moorhead I am getting ready to the day I will leave specially these days you are seeing people within a day or two my Ramadan go what Ramadan want from me. Next week we will we will inshallah life Allah give us life we will discuss what I want from Ramadan but number one what he wants from me what I will give him Look at it this way what I will give to Ramadan and what Ramadan will give me what Ramadan will give to me next week in sha Allah if Allah give a sly so number one Ramadan once for mitaka and Allah said that we should this last week, La La Quinta taco. The reason the goal of fasting is to have Taqwa to be a law, conscious, Allah conscious

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when I speak, I know Allah is listening to me. When I move I know Allah is looking at to me when I am when I'm dressed. I know Allah is seeing me. When I'm interacting with people. I know Allah is watching me. That's what the taqwa and the other one which is very nice and say now the wildness old said that is three things and you're on with Turkey. Taco Allah has three things. Let's see how much we have. Let's make it as a goal. Again, in my house or outside. This is there. Three things taqwa of Allah meaning and your bottle for now, Yasser, I obey Allah and I will not disobey Him. That's one of the things are on my one once from me and you, he wants from me and you that are throughout

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that day, not only by when I am fasting, and then when I break my fast, everything that I shouldn't, or I didn't do it, other than the halaal I stopped doing it because I am done with fasting. No, throughout the day in the night, my actions, my words, my interaction will be acts of worship to Allah, you will follow he said Do I said I'm doing? He said don't do he said I'm not doing and your ba filosa Well, you will clarify your answer. You will remember him and don't forget that stop.

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remembering Allah Alhamdulillah is a remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah is a remembrance of Allah. I did something I shouldn't do. And immediately I say stuff federal law. That's taqwa of Allah. And that's dhikr of Allah, remembrance of Allah. And third, a huge call for you.

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We are grateful to him and not ungrateful. And all II think Allah subhanho wa Taala showed us throughout this difficulty, everybody is going through that how much we need to be grateful to Allah for all what he gave us. And suddenly he decided to take it away from us the freedom of going out whenever I want to the grocery shop with no fear. I don't have this freedom anymore. That blessing, it's gone. I need to bring it back. Be grateful. Be grateful to Allah. No complain this robot. I'll make it a goal. I'll remind myself or my wife once for me, no complaint. Adult young children, parents, grandparents, everybody, no complaint. Everything is at hamdulillah always is 100 here, and

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you should call follow fly. That's what attacco for I practice this then the goal of Ramadan. The goal from avant la la quinta taco, you may reach the state of the core. I am already practicing it.

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And number three of the taco also and this is very nice. Hong Kong Habib said and Tommy, what do I do? Pretty easy. He said to beautifully, and Tama you do and do is act external and act internal

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With Atilla

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obey Allah, the way he wanted Allah nor him in Allah, by his guidance, not the way I like it, or whoever is saying his way, the way he told me, and this is the third. I am looking for him to reward me only. It doesn't matter. People thanked me didn't thank me gave me did not give me.

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So a taco I do things, actions, saying internally, externally, the way he wanted me by his guidance, what he sent to me to follow, and I'm looking for his reward and stay away from his disobedience based what he taught me and I am looking for him for my reward, staying away from his disobedience when I stay away from the disobedience of Allah, I will be rewarded my goal, my goal, fasting with dakwah fasting with the core taqwa, I'm going to do everything say everything the way he want. And I will remember him do my best remember him day and night. That remind myself not only remember him but remind myself that he is watching me seeing me and two angels are recording.

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goal in Ramadan in Masjid outside Masjid doesn't matter. This is a normal bought, I want my sins to be forgiven. I need to pay. I need to earn it. Two things. And we said this last week, but quickly I remind everyone myself number one, I need to fast. I need to make the late night prayer with two conditions, faith and looking for my reward. faith in Allah

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and looking for my reward. If I do this every night, and every day, the day I'm fasting the night I am making my family night prayer. In the head two heads that I shared with you last week did not say Jamal did not say in in congregation or in the masjid. He said roswaal he thought was a man sama, a woman comma whomsoever fasted Ramadan,

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faith out of faith and looking for reward and whoever prayed in the night out of faith and looking for reward off your Allahumma Takada since offer given

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what Ramadan want from me once my faith and he wants my belief and certainty that I am doing Reese because Allah will reward me. Now what what aroma Juan want from me. And this is extremely important.

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If we have not done it before, let's start this from above. If we have done it, let's make it better. If it was very good last year, let's make it excellence and this is the Hadeeth which I should part of it in the beginning is our kind of home we only had the come if it was the day that one of you is fasting, two things follow your first one is humble.

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He should never he or she never indulge in obscene, obscene, immoral, talk or action, whether doing it or seeing it or watching it.

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Stay away my character, my character in Ramadan needs to be improved. And for 30 days, I will ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it better to make better

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that will become my hub.

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I need to work on it in Ramallah and that's why the second author of this highly than he says, If anyone reviled, reviled him, would attack him or tries to quarrel or, or argue with him, he or she should say in the same

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room, remind yourself I'm fasting. And my goal is toccoa My goal is to please Allah. My goal is to do and say everything internally and externally to please Him.

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to please him work on my character. And in characters is not only my manners, characters is everything, the way I dress, the way I speak, the way I interact, the way I

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spend my time. What I read what I watch, All these and more. All should be under the title. It's going to be a moral Ramadan. This Ramadan is going to be

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The role model that I am the most moral person, externally and internally, I am going to show a loss panatela the best in me, the best in me, in my relationship with my friends, with my family, with my spouse, with my co worker, with my neighbor, with the earth with everything.

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I'm going to be mortal. Nothing comes out of my mouth, but good cooling NASA Hausner say to people good the first order in the Quran about moral actions are saved good sortal makara in the cow. Let me make sure goal. Goal how I'm gonna make this llama one and I don't go to the masjid, I can do much better. And I am in my home, homebound social distance, work on my morals work on my actions. It's very common the obscene these days unfortunately, and the the immorality, it's all around us. I'm going to be different, and fasting, and I'm fasting for a law and he and I will change it. So moral act on it, ask a lot of come to the DA and one of the doers you have to say is ask Allah

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Subhana Allah to make it easy.

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And generosity.

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Give be a giver. We said this last week, I'll come to it in more detail, or soiree. salatu salam was very generous in general. in Ramadan, he was even more generous, being described, like the flowing, the wind that's going very fast and bring all higher generosity is not only in money.

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One of them is money. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. But how about people who doesn't have money, and many people Ganesh Subhan Allah these days, financial hardship is an issue. People are being laid off. People are losing their jobs, or they are on for low, and they don't know what's going to happen. So maybe they don't have it. So no generosity, any opportunity to be generous in actions, do it. And do it for one reason, only. Not because that person is good, or not good or not because

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they deserve it. Or I don't do it because they don't deserve it only one reason. I'm going to show a law the best in me. It's Ramadan, and I'm going to be the best. And I'm going to be generous. It's generosity. They don't deserve it. But I'm generous. And I always remind myself and I will remind everyone, whenever there is an action, of generosity, and I find it difficult, and so upon comes and says they don't deserve it.

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Immediately an answer comes home, how much Allah is generous with me and you and how much we really deserve it. How much we are doing to Allah, what he wants from me and what he deserved. Subhana and I'm not doing it but he still given gives me He feeds me, he takes care of me. He makes me healthy. All these Let's be this generous to everyone. generous to everyone. Muslims, non Muslims, good people did excellent things to me didn't do much to me. I'm doing it for a law I'm showing a lot the best of me, the best character and generosity is part of character money.

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Grocery shopping for people who are cannot or they are maybe higher risk, you are buying for yourself buy for them, you're cooking for yourself, cook for them, donate money make Doha Doha then your generous dua is not only for myself and my family do heart for the oma for the all Muslims do our for this earth dua that Allah subhanaw taala lifted this oma not because it's me because it's everywhere. And I am generous, generosity, generosity in Ramadan like the landmark should be, should be and I remember one of my colleagues. So Pamela used to use to people around used to say Ask, ask them anything you want. This is Rama, Juan they will say yes. Ask them anything. They will not say

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no, it's Ramadan. generosity. I can do this with Corona without Corona doesn't matter. I'm home or I am in the masjid. So my whole series this is what I Jani. The one of the goals of this Tuesday's halaqa is number one to remind myself that Ramadan is not about the masjid and Tara we own

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We are on mobile and way more and Allah subhanaw taala wants us to look at it this way this year by his wisdom

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or an

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aroma on what he wants from me and you and next week or say what he will give me a further look at it this way or Ramadan once from me and you re establish, re establish the relationship with the Quran.

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we human beings with the Quran, Muslims with the Quran are categories. There's people who have daily relationship with the Quran, these it has to be much better than daily. If it was one hour per day. It needs to be two hours if it's two hours, four hours increase. People who had connection with the Quran only on Friday reading alkaff needs to move in Ramadan and becomes everyday people who it's only once a month. It needs to be everyday. People who are only in Ramadan, they read the Quran, it needs to be everyday in Ramadan are to the dua to a loss pantalla to make it part of me, la Medina, Cora Anna or via Rubina. You're a law, your law This is one of the long Hadith and do our for our

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Swati serrato Sarah, you're on law and make the Orion your words, the spring, spring of our hearts. Make it the spring of our hearts. Spring is the water and it's the weather. And now we are going in spring. And the water both brings what to the heart brings in in general not to the heart in general. That's why he used water and spring brings pleasure, joy, happiness, goodness, flowers, all higher, all good. I want the haoran to be like these to the earth to my heart brings goodness higher beauty

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and more Quran and one of the names all from Alon actually is Shahar Quran is the month of the Quran because a last one on what Allah chose from all the other months.

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From all the other months he did not choose a month to start sending the Quran except terranova

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Chavo Ramadan Allah The orangey Rafi here or on the month of Ramadan is the month that the Quran was sent. Why? Special? our laws hikma let me revive this. Let me revive this this year. I have more time than other people are getting Ward because they don't have what do we do in the house? Alhamdulillah we all again, I want everyone to look very positive. We all were worried about the children because Ramadan is gonna come in the middle of the exams. Alhamdulillah Allah made it easier,

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easier. I had a group of students the other day and I was talking to them and I say so how do you feel now they said this is really nice, because we have much more time and we are still learning Subhanallah look at the Hikmah look at the wisdom. So here you go. My relationship with the Quran needs to change goal. My goal, please everybody, let's say to be the Quran number one before preparing food before going to grocery before anything else. Quran is the landmark, the glory the light of Ramadan is the Quran what was tarawih What was the Torah has Quran let me do it in my house. Let me do it in my house, open the Quran and read from it, put it in front of you and just

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flip read one page in one Luca and then you will do the 20 or you can do two pages and a half and you will do the eight.

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Quran has to be part of me. Now Quran doesn't mean only reading doesn't mean only reading.

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I don't know Arabi. I have no idea. I'm going to read. I'm going to read in English. And I'm going to spend a little bit time if I can, if I have the luxury of time that I can read one just one as some says one para would mean 20 pages of the Quran in a day and I can know the meanings higher and Allahu Alhamdulillah if I cannot, then I will read less spend more time understanding. I want my goal with the Quran.

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Um, I will say three. But there is way more. I'll say number one, I'm going to establish a relationship with the Orion. It's going to be part of me. May Allah forgive me for the parable. But sometimes we may have to say things are practical

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as the phone is part of our life part of our day, part of our hour.

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And if the phone dies, what happens to us? Let's put a goal and how I even can compare a phone with a Quran with the words of Allah, but I just bring it back to make it easy for everyone. Let it to be. How do I miss the phone? Let me miss my Quran. Lets me miss my Quran. I know I met people last year, people last year where they finished half of the Quran in one day. They're half of the read it half of the Quran in one day.

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In one day panela they are working but as they they're going the driving, they are reading, they're coming back. They're reading, they're cooking they are reading, we can do that. If I'm not gonna say half of the Quran, maybe Allah subhanaw taala will give it to some of us. But my point is half of the Quran is about more than 300 pages.

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One of the Quran is 20 pages to zero through zero. If I can make it part of me, and I am attached to it and I miss it. That's my goal. I'm going to ask Allah to make make the travia I'll be making the the spring of my heart, Allah will do it. Or I'm Yvonne What does he wants from me?

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later, on to the night of Eldorado. I am home. I am in the masjid, with tarawih in the masjid, without with Corona without Corona. negatory other is there, the night of power, the night of dignity. I there's even the name makes you feel different. The Night of Power, the night of divinity, the night of dignity. SubhanAllah why it's the dignity and there's beautiful meanings of it. But one of the meaning of it is that person who spent the whole night in worship Allah subhanaw taala that night you will be dignified. And unless Pantanal Saraswati salatu salam said man comma Laila to

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the person who will stand up the little other spend the whole night in pm here in prayers, same thing he man and wacky salmon out of faith and looking for the reward warfare. Allahumma condemning them since are forgiven. Laila,

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Laila to contract is not only the 27th

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it is not we don't know. Some people 27 say say 23rd Some people say it's in the odd nights of the last 10 nights we don't know. We don't know and as we always see it Subhanallah one country then there are Milan to start this day and the other country or Milan to start that day, which one is the odd night we don't know. And I don't want to miss it. manesar among amarela to the person who stand up that night, and that night and these nights are not too long. It could be a lot knows it's about eight o'clock or 830 the Mahara will be in the last the night of Ramadan and till about four o'clock short, not too long. I spend it in acts of worship. Standing up in Salah in between I can make dua

00:38:48--> 00:39:42

in between I read Quran I go back again to masala alternate and of course part of it is to her I have to eat to get strong for my fasting next day. That's also act of worship. The whole tonight's the whole tonight's starts from the night of 21st you do every night. This is how one of the teachers taught taught taught us says every night of the last 10 nights of Ramadan. Look at it as if someone came to you and told you this is very little powder. This is the night how you will worship Allah. How you will worship Allah it is so painful when we used to see that on that night of 27 the masjid is full is full Subhanallah and then the 28 the masjid is empty. That 29 another odd night

00:39:42--> 00:39:58

Masjid is empty. Let's not do that. Let's not do that in our home every night. Every night. I'm going to look at it as if it is a little Condor. It is the night off elkader of power of dignity.

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Two L's from Oban once from me.

00:40:03--> 00:40:08

Do supplication supplication. Why,

00:40:09--> 00:40:11

and why specially in Ramadan?

00:40:13--> 00:40:36

And why I need to work on it is specifically not the cook, do ha da without me even remembering what I said or the duha that when I need something is very different and sincere and then when I am hamdulillah Everything is fine. I don't touch to be the same. Remember the following two things

00:40:37--> 00:40:55

autosol usato salaam said this Hadeeth fell off en la to Radu Dawa, to three category of people. Their supplication will never be rejected, three category of people there.

00:40:56--> 00:41:05

supplication will not be rejected, meaning their supplication will be accepted and granted, your Allah make us one of them?

00:41:07--> 00:41:29

And the answer is, Yes, we can. I'll share with you all these three people. Number one, Mr. Moon, adult, Mr. Moon, adult, adjust ruler, just through the person in their homes, mother or father. In reality, they are rulers, just ruler. Number two, everybody a saw in

00:41:31--> 00:41:58

the fasting person, till he or she breaks her fast as scholars teaches us is as you are breaking your fast, keep the DA not only before you break, it's actually throughout the day you are, you're fasting, keep asking ALLAH and as you are eating, or also ask Allah. And number Third, the third category of this person with our total motto,

00:41:59--> 00:42:50

the supplication of a person who injustice was done against him or her. And this one specifically, Allah says, Your foul ha, this supplication of the person who injustice was made against them, Allah will live will take it up through the cloud up, no barrier between it and Allah, and the whole doors of the heavens will be opened. And Allah will say, beer is zety by my glory, I will give you victory. Even if it is after a while, by my glory, I will give you victory, even if it's after a while, three category of people there supplication will be granted. One of them all of us in two weeks or so in

00:42:51--> 00:43:46

fact, that I am fasting, then I fall in this category. Let me use it for Doha. Ask a lot pantile If Allah by his Rama, by the time we come to Ramadan, and all this Corona is removed, and we are back to our life, that supplication should be the same. And if Allah Subhana Allah by his wisdom decided not yet my Doha should be the same, my supplication the same, I pray for myself. I pray for my parents. I pray for my children and family. Yes, but I also pray for everyone who is going under injustice, every person who's sick, every poor person, everyone who's in dire need, I pray for this earth that Allah Subhana Allah make us be his califa go on and on. And then pray for the akhira for

00:43:46--> 00:44:12

my and your house and after, like I want my dunya to be perfect. I want my Afro to be even more perfect, pray for your grave in my grave that Allah gives us make our graves piece of Janina or Obama reordered agenda that Allah will give us all these supplications all the supplications I mean, you can easily have the fortress of the Muslim has all these da get four or five.

00:44:13--> 00:44:59

You don't know anyone Subhan Allah 100 Allah let you know how to love Allahu Akbar. These are form of dua Subhan Allah wa hamdulillah La ilaha illa Allah Allahu Akbar, the quality, your heart will lay bad. When you're out in my Salah. There is two kinds of job of asking Allah I asked Allah because I need that's the kind I'm asking. And there is no How about that there is an act of supplication as an act of worship, which is when I don't ask Allah anything, rather I'm glorifying it. When I say Subhan Allah, this is a Doha when I keep remembering who's a lot and I forgot what I want. Allah says men Shahada who decree and Miss ality apply to hire more of a salary

00:45:00--> 00:45:22

He says, Whosoever glorifying me, kept him busy from asking give me I will give him the best what I give from the to those who have asked me. So if I don't know any dua doesn't come to my mind say Subhan Allah and feel it Alhamdulillah and feel it

00:45:23--> 00:46:16

a Doha supplication and why specifically in Ramadan number one because of this but actually number one in the Quran what Allah said if you go to Surat Al Baqarah Chapter The cow and you look at the verses of Siam fasting right I already know I'm an equity ballet Kumasi I'm come acquittee ballet living amicably calm all you who attained faith believers fasting prescribed upon you like it's prescribed on the people before you and then the next idea then the next day then Allah said the most beautiful eye and that gives you me and hope what he does settle okay by the only if my servants ask you about me, him Subhana I am near the India colleague. I am close. I am near UI

00:46:16--> 00:47:20

Buddha I wanna die either. I respond to the call of the one who calls me I respond to the supplication of the one who asked me failure study booty let them asked me. What do you mean it will be and let them believe in me, la la mejor shalom. So they may be well guided, da, da should be even better this year. Let's not let let us not let shavonne come to us and put us in the mode of sadness and sorrow because there is no Masjid. That's one of his tricks. We should never succumb to it. We should never let him do that. Allah is everywhere. The jadu takam Qibla make your home's Kibler kubla is the reaction of maca. This is actually what Allah spent Allah asked Satan Moosa after he

00:47:20--> 00:47:22

gave him victory.

00:47:23--> 00:47:30

And a hyena. Illa Musa wahoo and turbo Allah call me Kumar B Mr. Prabhu. We told moose and his brother

00:47:32--> 00:47:36

may called build homes for your people in Egypt.

00:47:37--> 00:48:33

Okay homes Subhan Allah were homebound and then he tells him what Janu to come Qibla and make your home's Qibla meaning direction My home is not directed toward the TV is not directed about to me is not directed to the phone is directed towards my heart, physically and my house while chemo cider and perform Salah overshooting meaning and give glad tidings to the believers. Allah said this was for two hour off let's make it let's make it let's make our homes Qibla let's make our homes small masala small Masjid, that's what Allah wants from us. And part of it is a da da and Doha and da supplication your Allah as Arabic policemen who are like I asked you with every name that is yours

00:48:33--> 00:48:43

some Mater big enough sec. You have called yourself it by it. Our limited human health IQ or you have taught any of your

00:48:44--> 00:48:58

humans that you created you told them our unselfie topic or you send it in your book. I will start at the beginning that if you enjoy it, or you kept it with you is a knowledge of the unseen

00:48:59--> 00:49:58

y'all Allah Ya Allah your Allahu Allah until Hey until que la jolla and believe in our Ramadan make us live to see Ramallah y'all Allah Yahuwah you'll be Rama Tichenor understudies Yahoo working on we're gonna study make this Ramadan best ever make it best ever to every Muslim your ebme open the gates for us. Your gates of Rama is always open but opened us to us to see it to feel it. To have the feeling that we wanted. Y'all Allah give us the bus thermoball y'all Allah give us the best one y'all Allah make our hearts attached to you to your book to your site to your standing in front of you for Salah. Remove the attachments we have for other things, our gadgets, our phones, the TV,

00:49:58--> 00:49:59

human beings

00:50:00--> 00:50:30

The way we look at it to be out your law, so let's make your own biyani make this social distance that you made it obligatory on us for a hikma make it, the social distance result of it. Is closeness to you European in the color cliche in Savannah calm I'll be handing a shadow stuff over to Blake sallallahu ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was happy to see him and kathira Desert como la hora.