Curing Our Faith #06 – Break The Chains

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The importance of shayGeneration and the physical health of one's body are discussed, as it can lead to a slow and painful journey. The speakers also emphasize the importance of learning to grow and develop certain qualities, such as being mindful of one's body and being mindful of one's actions. The segment emphasizes the importance of sh matter on sh matter and how it can lead to growth and expression, as well as a previous narration about a man named Desiree losing a loved one.

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Lao Sato salam ala Rasulillah holiday yo Sofia Jain.

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So as we continue in sha Allah in the journey to cure our faith, cure our hearts understand

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the mechanics of EMA and the mechanics of faith. I actually do want to stop today and recap a little bit, because it's not really about what I may be falling into of just giving too much too fast. The point is to understand we are truly privileged, by having from Allah azza wa jal, this understanding had he not revealed to us the inner workings of that ocean inside us, right? We would never understand we would never know how to deal with ourselves. And so it really is sacred knowledge that must be treasured and must be understood. And so I actually want to recap after discussing that being slow to Salah or slow to sadaqa are signs of an unhealthy heart. Let me try to just summarize

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that again from a different angle today because I feel like it was also a bit rushed in our last two successions

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when NIFA creeps up on the heart, right, and it continues to contaminate the heart. There's a gradual process that happens, right? We said a person doesn't just doubt or disbelieve right away, it weakens first in him the imam right. And that means it weakens in him, his love for Allah azza wa jal, his trust in Allah azza wa jal providing for him his fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala as that weakens, the individual becomes, you know, an easy more so much more vulnerable to be drugged by shaytaan basically, you know, the sell off the early Muslims, they they say duniya hamro shaitan that this world is the the drug or the intoxicant of shaitan when your faith weakens, right? And if

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festering, your focus on the hereafter also weakens, right? It's no longer locked in few in the crosshairs. And so conversely, your focus on this world begins to increase, as if it's the only as if it's the only thing that exists. And as if it's the only worth thing worth living for. Right? So shaytaan intoxicated person with that lie, he's able to and so they become confused, they become bewildered, they become slow, they become locked up from advancing in their journey with Allah subhanho wa taala. And so when Allah calls us to the commitments, especially the fundamental commitments, like salah, like sadaqa, that is an invitation to break those chains off of yourself

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and move forward again. That's what it's about. You know, when we said sadaqa is a glaring proof of your Eman? That's not the only thing it is. It's also a means of purifying your iman didn't Allah azza wa jal say who would mean I'm watching him sort of attend to the hero whom what was the key him BIA take from their wealth a charity? Sisters, please bear with us how much louder Jochem kumana.

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He says take from their wealth a charity that purifies them purifies the greed breaks that chain right that shame that shaitan is holding you back with that has you fastened with and causes them to Ischia means growth you're able to finally grow and develop and cultivate these good qualities in yourself. And you know, the the I O we heard about those people that were just totally consumed by shaitan the people of Luth Allah azza wa jal said in that area, la Maruka inner whom Luffy Sokrati him Yama Hoon, I swear by your life. You know the scholars say this is one of the virtues of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah never swore by anybody's life but his ally salatu salam

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due to the honor of his blessed life. salAllahu alayhi wasallam I swear by your life on Muhammad, those people have looked fee said karate him yam Yama Hoon. They are in their intoxication shaitana intoxicated them with the desires of this world. They are in their intoxication. Yeah, I'm a Hoon wandering aimlessly. You know, when it's hard Allah forgive me on it when you have an animal on a chain. I don't mean to apply this exactly to us. Right? We honor the human being. But when he's on the chain, he can't move forward. And if he tries to move forward, he goes right and left, right. Allah saying in their intoxication, they're wandering aimlessly and the other ISS, Len tenerlo.

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burrata Twinfield commitment to hipbone you will not reach righteousness until you spend from not all from what you love. It's as if righteousness is right in front of you. What

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You're not able to reach it because the chain is holding you back. And the way to break the chain is what

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to spend from that which you love.

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And by the way from not all and that which you love Allah didn't just say spend from your wealth, because spending giving up sacrificing commitment, right, sacrificing some of your rest because it's Fajr time sacrificing some of your lovely love of money because it's sadaqa time that's the idea from all that you love. This is how you break the chains. And I'll mention to you one more narration or close

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unison with me Sarah Rahima. Hola. He clarified to the people a very common misconception. He said Les says disease ahead that will fit duniya bitter Harryman halali Allah Allah Tillman, you breaking the chains off of you regarding dunya regarding this material world and the allure of the magnetic pole of this world, he said this is not by calling anything Allah who made halal haram No. And it's not just about like throwing your money in the garbage wasting your money, because that would actually be haram also, it's haram to waste money. Right? You know, chef came out and Mikey I always remember when I think of this narration. He says a brother came to me once and said, Should I just

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throw my laptop in the garbage? I said, Why did you throw your laptop in the garbage? He said I felt like he was keeping me from Allah azza wa jal. He told them listen and the next time something is keeping you from Allah bring it to me. I got you. Right that's not the idea right breaking the chains on dunya is not about making haram not Allah made halal and not about throwing money away squandering wealth, then he gives three really good definitions about whether your chains are broken or not, or at least somewhat broken. If you're not fully in shape ons, fasten the grip. He says in Amazon has to fit duniya you breaking the chains on dunya is for you to be more confident in what is

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in Allah's hands than what is in your hands. And Hakuna Alfa calling mafia, the alpha fee mafia dilla mafia dick. And that obviously will translate into spending Allah is gonna keep spending on me, the one that I have is from him anyway, I'm more confident than what he's holding for me than what I'm holding for myself. That's the first one he says but there are others. It's not just wealth. He says one takuna feeling mercy, but he was in them to sort of be herself and for you to be in times of calamity. And even if you didn't go through that calamity to be equal. What does that mean? That doesn't mean that you're going to feel the same that day you have a baby and the day you

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lose a loved one. It's not good. That's not the meaning. But he's saying you will not be deterred from your path, right? It's gonna there's gonna be happy moments and there's going to be sad moments. But you've broken the chain. If it's not holding you back in your straight path to Allah azza wa jal, that's the second one for you to be the same in your commitment to Allah, regardless of whether it's hardship or times of ease. He says, this is the tough one. The third one he says that you've broken the chains, and he Hakuna mad. The Hellcat was that muka feel happy so up, that you see those who praise you and rightfully criticize you equally. Why? Because that means you're not in

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it for dunya. Right? That means you're not bent on promoting yourself and your reputation and your best image of yourself and performing in people's eyes. Whether they're praising you, or whether they're criticizing you with justification. It's all the same to you. Because you're not obsessed with this world. You're not an abductee of shaytaan. In this world, you've broken the chains. So may Allah perfect our faith help us you know, burn with our faith that chain and break it in sha Allah azza wa jal and never to allow any fat to contaminate our hearts and keep us vulnerable to the traps and plots and chains of shaytaan Allahumma Amin called the holy heart that was the former Hollywood

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