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Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The video discusses various stories and events in the Middle East, including the Battle of Kairos in Milan where small groups were defeated and the victory becoming a loss. The speakers also touch on the importance of showing dedication to Islam to change people's lives, including a woman named Imran who talks about dedication to his wife and being a doctor. The video emphasizes the need to show dedication to Islam to change people's lives.
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allowed him to Los Altos sauce with Santa Monica from flight Hello Catherine.

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How are you doing today?

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Give a Hello Come

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here Hey.

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When you do Chico you have to move your head like this

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could you tell me Shala How's Ramadan when you

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are good

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so, today Samantha Anna as the Sheoak they have recited yesterday they started the salt la Milan and today they will complete an MRI. So, Iran is a continuation of Alba Kala and some of the merits of what we talked about yesterday.

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The Prophet Muhammad says that the Ark Zahara when the two glowing ones as Baqarah is in the second saw the third sort of

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two, three and four, and it has altogether 200 is 200 versus so when it is 200 versus yesterday I mentioned is it considered to be from a civil play well, is it considered to be from a mean is it considered to be from

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a 30? Or is it considered to be from a Mufasa? Remember yesterday so therefore

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who said?

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You said first, Candy

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what was the first candy when I'm Candy Man?

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Now it is considered to be from a syrup they want to sever long ones because it's over 100 and above the sword Imran comprises of three main parts.

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The first part talks about Allah subhanho data. The second part is a dialogue between Adam Kitab the People of the Book, and the third part is tarbiyah and defeat to the Sahaba Yeah, and you making the Sahaba called steadfast

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The and also the Baqarah talks about Allah subhanho wa Taala Bernadette to Africa in the cinema,

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asking Allah azza wa jal not to not to make us

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be burden of that which is more than what we can bear. And then sort of battles about comes to take as a continuation, you know, to talk about how in order to have that should as the Sahaba has gone through many difficulties, especially after the loss of bottom of the barrel of oil, and this is one of the topics of thought.

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So I'm sorry, solid Iran so that oedema, brothers and sisters

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various this particular area as at the end I'm going to talk about an area that will change your life.

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sort of add a brand Why is it called a Imran? It is after a woman and what Allah azza wa jal choose a name of a woman and a man and we don't even know her name at the feminine. But what's her name in the books of

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the Bible's and others they call her Hannah but we don't know what they're right now or whatever Allah is just says at any Milan, the feminine were in Milan by why the feminine Pamela, I'm going to put you back in Victor Talking about the Sahaba to talk about the Battle of the baccarat talks about the the battle one of the parts of toxic in Bukhara is a clash between their own or toggled and valued guardians and David, how a small part defeated or a small group defeated a larger group. Same thing happen in Milan whereby Allah has just talks about what happened in weather and what happened in Auschwitz, whereby a small group defeated a larger group, and this would happen in the Battle of

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battle and in the Battle of, but in the Battle of

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something different happened. A 40 People from the Companions led by a man by the name of Abdullah Abu Zubaydah, did not follow or didn't follow the commands of the Prophet Muhammad ISIS, or the instructions of Prophet Muhammad Al Salam, whereby Prophet Muhammad asked them to be in this or to hold positions in this mouth, the mouth of the archers, those of you who will be in Medina, I'm sure you must have visited the mouth of the prophet Muhammad Allah so I'm just summarizing it for you. Prophet Muhammad has ordered

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40 people to stay put those 40 people

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only 10 of them stated put but the third, the rest of them did not follow the commands of the Prophet Muhammad. The victory turned into a loss. The Sahaba were defeated. The Sahaba were injured they were aggrieved they were hurt ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada addresses why haven't told them what as the hero would have

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known in control meaning audiences compartment

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and mystery which is a Yamanaka will have ADA Ness

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says to the habour his men in their hearts, they're hurt. They're defeated. They're sad. Allah is coming here to Mendel hearts. Well that the Hina would attack them. Don't be sad. Tommy said, em says come in Arabic is means a wood, but a deep wound a very profound wound. This is what it's called in Arabic. Allah saying idioms has come from McMaster comma Mizzou. If you're hurt today, people before you he's talking about but they will also hurt they will also defeated when I think in order to include me, em says compact administer calm. So what can a year Moodle libidinous? Those are the days Allah has completely flipped them up and down. Today you're

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happy tomorrow may not be happy to know he may be sad. Today you're healthy tomorrow, you'll be unhealthy, or today you're unhealthy tomorrow you'll be unhealthy. Maybe today you're poor tomorrow you shall be rich and Shabbat in China. This is what Corona in fact teaches us. Some people they thought that they had it all Ukraine thought they were they were protected by NATO. But what happens? You never know. There's this beautiful Nima of Allah Xhosa called an m n n n safety. Safety is a great NEMA from Allah. It's a blessing. You're all safe here. You came here. Some of you are from Syria. Some of you are from Arabia. Some of you are from Kashmir, Pakistan, Allah wherever

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you're from, but you come here to handle that you're safe, aren't you? Right, this is a great NEMA from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So Allah is addressing the Sahaba if you were hurt yesterday, I mean today yesterday the same group were hurt and the ladder is got mending and straightened apart then comes in something beautiful, the why the soil was called at Agra and I'm going to end with this shallow data, an area that will change your life. This message is for the sisters

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and for all of us but I hope the sisters obviously

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I hope the sisters understand Allah subhana wa Tada this is Mrs. Diversity three

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in Namaha swappa

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Allah Ibrahim

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any ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has favorite who he has favorite. Allah has favorite Adam and Noah and the family of Ibrahim and the family of Mr. Avila. I didn't add any upon all mankind. Why would Allah favorite his people, the special people, they must be very special for Allah subhanaw taala, to savor them to select them. But that's how Allah does. He sticks panel to Allah, what a bouquet

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creates, and he selects. At the time brothers and sisters in the history. The Romans created

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brutality, all kinds of brutality at the time came this woman, an old woman, here's a message for the sisters, an old woman who thought that scenes and ready songs can only happen through a man. So she said if I were to hold or bear a baby a son, I shall dedicate my son to serve, bathe and rock this to serve to serve humanity. And she was over 70 years old.

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Technically speaking, those of you who are surgeons or doctors, they know a woman after she reaches a certain age, then she becomes Hallows bear and she can no longer hold on or have babies. This woman was over 70 years old. But she made that dedication sisters can you dedicate and you say well Allah, if I were to hold the baby, if I were to have a son or a baby, I'm going to dedicate my son or my daughter to the habitat

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or to the animal anima some of us all of us don't do this. I want myself to become a doctor.

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As a doctor or engineer or but who may be makes that dedication y'all won't be I want to show my my son or daughter to become animal.

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This is what the wife of Imran This is why Allah has which is naming the soul after her. This lady she had this amazing vision and then she got pregnant

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is called a tomato Emraan Rabine Nagasaka Murphy bought the Mahabharata for the cotton mini in the Catholic cemetery

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and then

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she says Oh ALLAH if I dedicate that which is in my own for your service for a man

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and so then now what are the top be in the world that will help Allah who

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will advocate Okay, were any submit to her Maria harmonium. We're in the arena to her because

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I don't know when she became pregnant that that she delivered the baby then see, he was surprised to see that that baby that she thought he will be a boy

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is a girl got a PhD? She's female. i One of the main why she thought if our two has a main change can only happen to the main Allah who wanted to prove to her that no you're wrong. Change can also happen with men or female. So Allah has just given the birth of men

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as sisters are you happy? Because they only thing that change can only happen with men. no this cannot only happen with men change can happen with learn on women. So Allah subhanho wa Taala listened with Mary and to Mary came home

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at Saturday he said you needed a great woman to have a great man.

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So this is an area can change people's life thinking that yes insha Allah Tada I can do this. I can make the dedication to Allah subhana wa Tada. And you know what happened next? May Allah azza wa jal uses the understanding to really focus and understand the plan and live with the data so that we can be resurrected with

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the people of Allah subhanho wa Taala as

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salaam alaikum

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