Jannah Gems #06 – The Quran’s Message is One of Hope

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or Allen's message is one of hope. To see the mistake that we make dear sisters is sometimes we read the hold on it to use this term is in terms of fire and brimstone, right? That's a term that's used in kind of Judeo Christian sort of discourse, ie when you read the Hold on,

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we're reading it only with an eye to where Allah Allah is mentioning punishment, right? Yeah, that enough. And we and in doing so, where we make the mistake of not looking at it with that counterbalance of Allah to Allah as a llama.

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And it is the mercy of Allah to Allah that's available in this world for the believer and the non believer. And then of course, it's the mercy of Allah to Allah that is specific to the believer, and the athlete. Ah, so one another. So So part of the process, my dear sisters, is that we have to begin to re orient our emotions. And this can be difficult, I understand this is why being being patient with those who are bereaved is so important, because it grief, it really clouds over the judgments. And then this is just simply because, especially if it's an unexpected loss, right, that there's going to be in the beginning, right, especially if the brief person doesn't receive that

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support, whether it's spiritual support, psychological support and counseling, that in the beginning, because they're in that state of shock, it's going to be difficult right for them to understand what they could have put on in front of them, but still not understand that right? We have to be patient with that person. And we have to tell them that yes, Allah Allah certainly does mention

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the punishment of the Fire and the fate of the disbelievers and the Ashkenazi, but we also know that Allah to Allah's mercy, always what's the word outstrips His wrath?

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And so that when you read the Quran, now we should read the Quran with a view to where we can be locate those beautiful points of Allah to Allah's mercy. And so upon pick a point number one, which I really loved it is that there is a hammer in everything. And it is very hard to see. May Allah forgive me for saying this, but it is true, sometimes very difficult to see the hammer in the middle of the loss, especially in the beginning, especially if it's a loss or sudden loss, but we have to remind ourselves Petr ballon FC here rahama Allah said this was sort of announced a lot prescribed on himself urashima and in a heavy Saraswati sought to samsa had his own posse rahmati several other

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hobby My Mercy, Myra, how am I loving mercy way proceeded my anger. So, one of the things we I think always we have to remind ourselves is nothing This is a punishment. Don't think of it's a punishment. There is a Rama inside this, and I asked a lot when I go see it because I'm clouded by the loss. I need to keep asking Allah show me I know it is there. I'm just not seeing it. Very nice. Just a starting point is that look for the Rama and ask Allah to show you the rock my armbian

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