Jannah Gems #05 – The One Who Benefits from Self Victimization is Shaytan

Haifaa Younis


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The speaker discusses the importance of self-seve and self-folter in the mental health carrier. They emphasize the need for support in these areas and encourage anyone who wants to join them to do so. The speaker also mentions the importance of seeking help in a situation where one is either lost or has been damaged.

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Bismillah your Walkman you're watching.

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self pity is it sort of it's self fulfilling, and it's also

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paralyzing. And what that means is that when we lock ourselves into a script of victimization, it becomes self fulfilling in the sense that everything that happens to us after that, we begin to interpret it in terms of the world is against me, fate is against me, I am a victim of these vicious circumstances. And then we are going to see ourselves constantly as being weak as being paralyzed by this as being completely helpless to act in any way shape or form. And I want you to understand something my dear sisters, you all ultimately the only one who benefits from this self victimization that we are doing is actually shade on to shade lawn likes to see the believer in a state of despair

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and depression.

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Very important for us to understand, because when we become paralyzed by that self pity, by that grief, by all those negative emotions, what we are doing is depriving ourselves of the ability to act. Because all of us have been have been given an ability to act within certain parameters, even if it's just to literally drag ourselves out of the bed and go and make booboo and make like a team. But if we can't even do that, there's only one winner in that situation and that shape on will that will lay out to the left. And so I want us to understand that and like I said, this is where your support is so important, whether it's your shape or shape or a man that has some training in this in

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mental health support, right? It's so important and hamdullah we have more and more Muslims in the mental health professions. Because there comes a point where Yes, where we can drag ourselves up right but there also comes a point where you have to know it's time to speak to a therapist about this and I write I will add one thing if you allow me a shift like the beautiful dua that Allah surely sought or certain tortoise, Allah humanely now you'll be meaner to me What hasn't? So panela in any time you seek refuge from Allah about something that means that something is going to happen. And what is this drought? The first part of it is your Allah I seek refuge in You, meaning you are

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the one who's going to help me from what I'll have me What hasn't happened is when you are worried something sitting in your chest, and you're so worried about and hasn't sorrow, and when do I feel sorrow is when I lose something, let alone I lost I lose a beloved one funeral in a law run to Allah saladna yopu when he walked when he lost save the use of he doesn't know where is he? What did he say? I scuba co hosting a law, I complain my loss and my sort of to Allah. So absolutely in this recipe, if I want to say it is you seek the help number one from Allah by dwell by turning to him, pour your heart for a week. I can't do this. I cannot handle it. You're the only one who's going to

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make me do it. Literally speak in this way. Plus the support of exactly the community. There is a lot of Muslim psychologists and psychiatrists then in your your family, when you look for people help but number one I will say

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this is a difference you said between us and the other faith what people who doesn't believe because Alhamdulillah I have a habit of meeting a strong rope I can hold 200 level Blimey.