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Jannah Gems #07 – Praise Leads to Kibr

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Haifaa Younis

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What is the kibber? And how does shavonne bring us their kibble? arrogance? I think I'm better than other people. That's arrogance. Either because I'm more beautiful. I know more. I'm taller, I'm shorter. I have more children. I'm richer. I have more educated, whatever, I cook better something. I think, by the way, not necessarily. It's true. I think I think I am better than this. You know, what is the common statement of kibble? People say, when somebody gets something, they get a job? You didn't get it? I didn't get it. Why did she take what how come she get it? I'm better. I should have got it. That's a statement of kibble exactly what she wanted. So this is the statement, and

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she's gonna bring us there by

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praising that's why don't praise people too much.

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They deserve it. praise them, but don't praise them too much. And most importantly, don't ask for praise. You know how we ask for praise when we do something. For example, mothers when they cook, right, and they put the food on the table. They are waiting for the praise. And if nobody said anything, so what do you think of the food? Don't ask for praise. But Saraswati Salatu was set out when he saw

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a man praising too much his brother. He said kasanka you broke his back, because you praise infiltrate inject enemy keba I think I'm better. So this is how he works.