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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the meaning of "branded bravery" in the Bible and how it relates to the actions of the Prophets. They also mention a recent video about a man named Alarise who claims to have been a brat and apologizes for his actions. The speaker suggests that the meaning of "branded bravery" is not just a consequence of actions, but also a consequence of words and actions.
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We no longer see her to be advice and good counsel. But the reason I see her is called advice is that when someone advises another, the idea is that they

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advise them and counsel them sincerely, purely with a pure motive, and they wish the best for them. And thus, with sincerity, with purity of motive, and distilling the best that they have for them, they offer it to them as good counsel and advice. That's why Mercy has called Mercy her otherwise the original meaning of nuskin Mercia is sincerity and purity. Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah says, Yeah, you and Alena on to it Allah He told within the sutra or believers, repent Unto Allah and Nisour repentance meaning a sincere repentance, an honest truthful and sincere repentance. So when

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in the Quran and Hadith the word pneus means wishing well wanting the best having the other person's best interests, their welfare, at heart, being altruistic in the purest sense, that is the meaning of Messiah. So the Prophet alayhi salam said to his people, what unser Holcomb and I wish the best for you. I wish well for you, despite their giant torrents and persecution after him the prophet who that day has said the people said the same to him.

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In Allen Iraq if you suffer hatin we're in none of them, look, America, the mean, his people said to him, we see you in foolishness. You are a fool.

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And not only that, we're in an unassuming criminal Academy, we believe you to be one of the liars

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who that is sedans responds to his people, the people have an

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ollie up on me. Oh, my P. Lisa visa. There is no foolishness in me. What I can never assume or have been I mean, rather, I'm a messenger from the Lord of the worlds or the liberal communist, the rugby or analog nurse. I mean, I convey to you the messages of my Lord, and I am a trustworthy, sincere good counselor to you. Again, a sincere wellwisher for you, despite your towards you calling me mad, a fool, a liar. rejecting me, I continue to do my duty convey the messages of my law to you. And remember, I wish the best for you what an alumnus.

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The Prophet Muhammad is around the Prophet sallallahu that is Salam, Prophet Saudi hunay his Sudan Shoaib alayhi, Salam lockouts, all of them saying similar things slightly Hyundai has said for the welder and

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what are the common blocked Omnicell that are up do you want to start to like them will actually lead to a bone and now so when it's when they were punished, he turned away from them and said, all my Pinnacle indeed I did convey to you the message of my law when I sat down and I wished the best for you.

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But you do not like those who are sincere towards you and wish the best for you.

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And the Prophet shea butter histogram said something very similar for the world learn what are the calm and look to come Risala rugby you want to look for kg for Asada calming caffeine. He turned away from them and he said on my people. I did indeed I did convey to you the messages of my Lord.

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And I was sincere for you pure for you. I wish the best for you. But how can I grieve over a disbelieving people? So Allah subhanho wa Taala quotes from all of these messengers it was the latter was salam in the Quran. As to how, despite the persecution, the rejection, the tones, the jibes, the insults of their people. They continue to show them love, concern and compassion. And despite everything, when a saddle lecan

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What am I what another massive I mean, what unser Holcomb I seek the best for you I wish the best for I have your welfare and your interest at heart. If that was the case, with all of the former prophets alayhi wa salatu salam, then, knowing that the greatest of all of them the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam we can just imagine

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Imagine how great his love his concern, his compassion

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for his mother was and how much he sincerely and passionately wished the well wished well for this ummah and had the interest in the welfare of this ummah at heart