Faculties vs The Heart

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Yeah, think about happening some time puran Manchester, in some of the functional tools, to the commander itself,

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to, for example, karate will say they have got it, but they don't see for ourselves long iron, like they have it but they don't see they have got air, but they don't hear by it the meaning in the heart is not corrected, it does not see with either what it needs to see, it does not use air for the purpose for which you need to use the the heart does not use the mind or reasoning for the purpose it should not clean to sometime unless ohata related into the function of the tools to the center itself. To not only in thinking even seeing Quran relate to the heart just cannot say the seeing is coming from the heart they have got it but they don't see meaning the three but they don't

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see the heart want to see eye to the the things that are not thinking seeing hearing, they are just tools they are basically your like your ministers, the real functions from the heart, if the heart in that right it can misuse the thinking it can have anything you know that have hit it there, no doubt in the scene and farabi clever people amazing when you read the writing so amazing, but the problem is their heart did not kill. So they use their cleverness all the clever ideas you know for you know for something else, to prove something as they spend their time but what whatever. But they also do something very useful because they they use their money also for theater neater, like you

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know human science or like medicine and this and that there will be good. But when it comes to the piety, fear of Allah purity question of the heart de limiters, they don't know how to do, because their hearts are not pure. But since we are worldly, certainly they're very clever people. Even the sinner, you know, maybe in his book as Shiva, we can criticizing but seminars, you know

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what medicine is so clever. And I'll say it in many, many parts is very, very clever. It's clever. All the books anyway. But I'm trying to say is his cleverness is misused by his art not not good. But the prophets and messengers, their hearts are pure. So when they think they think purely, so there's a different narrative total and I agree that they're not clever people they're very very clever people, amazing people, but they did not have this pure heart that why they're rethinking their understanding. They have been misused by them

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you know what, what, what a mind does very similar what it does,

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in I will tell her what it sees. But it's harder than what to listen for example, if somebody wants to steal I will say but somebody seeing You heartless I don't care. I just wanted to go to I will advise to ice I the tool, you use it by to tell that what is doing the mind is a tool used by you. But mine also can tell you by reasoning, that this is what happened the result? You say I don't care about that, you know, just do for with this, I want mind will tell that you know if you steal it, if you're caught, you will problem. But you say no I don't care about that just you need to help me how I can steal mine will do that. To my eye on all these tools. They are so lacking they see the advice

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that they can advise to heart by heart actually heart is so so bad, so corrupt, that you know they do they stop advising because they don't really know what to set advice. So they just listen to what he said in the beginning. Very often they'll sort of Why is this not happening? But if you don't want to listen to the advice the opening alignment the mind and the eye and all the all the tools to listen to you to mine it not independent to do whatever like minded that command minds obedient mind a slave market Mancha like a minister can advise can but at the end of the day What madam King says he has to listen. Is it clear to mind outside wise no doubt about that like it like I I also said to

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the seeds of the apple you walking and then the whole I will sit to you there's a whole but after that he still he wants to know I want to put my my my foot in the hole. What can I say? I cannot stop you. You can put it up to you. I only can say to you that many people do not get lucky they just walk walk. They like it. They insist on that under false way. So all these tools, they are useful for you if your heart is correct. If your heart not pure, you can misuse them. Is it clear