Introduction to Essentials of Tahara and Salah Basics of Worship Every Muslimah Should Know

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know either boom de la sala de tomasino do have one more idea. Camila.

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Rosie Abdulla Camila Luca de

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we're in

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Santa Monica have a likeable character who a very common question we all face and I definitely have been asked many times so I took my shower in the morning Can I go and pray right now? And did I do my work correctly? And why it was not correct why people tell me I'm not doing it right so when I'm bleeding What should I do? Is this is my period is this is a bleeding Can I pray? Can I not? Can I go to a mall? Can I enter the masjid? Can I read the Quran? Many questions woman, specially female are faced daily. And these are though it looks like very basic question, but it's the essential of our religion, because if I don't know taking a shower is enough for me to pray or not, then I can

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assume things could be completely not right. And then my solo will not be valid. So very simple topic which a lot of you that borrow

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the pre requisition for my essential work, worship acts, but it is simple but it's extremely important. So we're going to cover and we're going to cover the four school of thoughts in a basic way the simple way that it appeals and it's easy to understand for the ordinary woman starting with the usual that the witch war I can use the pre requisition for my center and especially the bleeding and the period and all these specific issues related to the woman will take questions also a lot of the questions during or after the because that after the course or I mean after the session, because that course usually generates a lot of the questions of how blah blah blah me my bad ground as an

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odd one plus my stomach studies hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen taught me a lot of the related to this subject. So join us in sha Allah and we all will learn me later