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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi gives profound explanations on chapters 24 till 27 from the book – Kitaab At Tawheed.

Chapter 24 deals with the topic of sorcery or As-Sihr. The topics on which light is shed are – explanation of the verse in Al-Baqarah (2:102), explanation of the verse in An-Nisa (4:51), the meaning of Al-Jibt and At-Taghut and the difference between the two,sorcerers or magicians being disbelievers (Kafir), the sorcerers and magicians should be executed and no repentance is accepted and similar topics.

Chapter 25 deals with the topic of the types of sorcery. Here we get acquainted with the following topics:

  • Al-lyafah, At-Tarq, At-Tiyarah are three kinds of Al-Jibt (sorcery).
  • Al-lyafah, and At-Tarq are explained.
  • Astrology too is a kind of sorcery.
  • Tying knots and blowing over them is also sorcery.
  • An-Namimah (tale bearing, backbiting) is also a form of sorcery.

Chapter 26 deals with the topic of soothsayers and the likes of them. here the following points are considered:

  • Belief in a Kahin and faith in the Qur’an cannot coexist.
  • Declaration that to do so (i.e. believe in a Kahin) is disbelief.
  • Mention of the one whose fortune is told, of the one for whom an omen is sought, of the one for whom sorcery is done.
  • Mention of the one who learns Abjad (use of alphabet in soothsaying or astrology) and the difference between the Kahin and the ‘Arraf.

Chapter 27 deals with the topic of curing through magical spells (An-Nushrah). Here some of the topics that come to the fore are –  the prohibition of An-Nushrah and the difference between the prohibited and what is permitted for the removal of such problems.

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